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Chase / late fee fraud & otrageous apr increase

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:

I had a credit card with Washington Mutual for over a year and a half. When WaMu went south, I took my money out of the bank and opened up an account with Wells Fargo. I kept the credit card, which was taken over by CHASE. Well, I had not missed a payment in over a year and a half. The payment date was changed and because I pay bills online, I happened to miss the payment date by five days. When I looked at the bill I decided to call CHASE. I explained that as a loyal customer to WaMu, I was not currently working could they waive the late fee of $39.99 off of my bill.

Long and short. I talked to four different customer service reps. Each one was a supervisor of the last one I spoke to. I explained my situation and that I had never been late, could they waive the fee. Each time I was told that the Terms of their Agreement are clearly stated and they do not under any circumstance waive fees. At this point I am steaming mad. I then look down at my statement and see that my APR went from 14% to ARE YOU READY FOR THIS - 29.99%!!! Are you f-in kidding me?

I then remembered that the nice gentleman at the bank just last week said I was approved for any credit card transfer for a 0% fee for six months!! So, I proceeded to let them know that "when I hang up this phone, I am driving down to my bank and giving my bank my business, because what you are doing is a FLEECING of AMERICA! This is a LATE TRAP! Told them I work in the media and I was going to take part with the rest of American's to boycott and tell the world that CHASE is a FRAUD! I'm making every effort to make my payment on time and the ONE time I am late because of confusion on my payment date - THEY RIP ME OFF!

Went to my bank where the nice representative Lana helped me to transfer my balance to a card at my bank. It took me all of 20 minutes to hang up my phone, get in my car and drive to my branch...smiling the whole way.

Then as I come out of the gym, I see a guy holding a sign at the Corner of Topanga/Ventura that says something like this "CHASE doesn’t keep promises" with a website...

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  • Ry
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    The same thing happened to me. When I called I couldn't even get a supervisor to talk to me on the phone. So I did the same thing. I transferred my balance to another card with a promotional 0% APR. Then after it went through, Chase had the nerve to send me an e-mail saying I could transfer the balance back for 0%. I had 3 cards with Chase I am going to cancel all of them.

  • Cr
      2nd of May, 2009
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    Samething happened to me. Chase credit card customer reps are rude and useless. Unfortunately I can't close my accounts with them because I am in the middle of a mortgage loan process. But when that is all said and done, I will definitely be closing my accounts. I'm sure this is happening to alot of people. This can't be right. Someone should open a Civil Lawsuit against them.

  • Jo
      16th of May, 2009
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    They are all the same. I am having the same problem with Target National Bank/Target Visa, will not give exact due date, say it fluctuates, then one time I paid it electronically and the date changed by one day and then they threw a 39.00 late fee on. I called and they said they would remove it one time and to pay my regular payment, which I did, but they never removed it and so they threw another late fee on the next month on the late fee they never removed. Currently, even though I have only had one payment late, by one day and was told they would remove the late charge, they are showing I have a balance due of $175, all late fees on top of late fees, no payments late or due. They are nothing but a bunch of immoral, unethical, sociopaths who would sell their soul to the devil for a dollar bill. No hope for any of them. Best thing to do is pay all your credit cards off and don't take out anymore, EVER. Also, would not hurt to sue the crap of them in the meantime. These people and their companies are trash, absolulte trash. I have two business degrees, my bachelors is from a Christian University, I would not work for one of these crooked companies for a million dollars an hour, I truely do not know how they sleep at night, ###.

  • N5
      18th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Listen to this folks:
    I am not only pay chase card payment early but I paid extra for each payments, in another words, I have credits with chase credit card. On March 2009, chase mailed me a check $379 dollars for over patment which I normally payment them $500 dollars each time for later use. Because they my payment back, on April 2009, I had late fee charge for $15 dollars. I called telephone center spoke to account supervisor to reversal the late fee, and she said "NO". I told her "Chase doen need me anymore, $15 dollars is nothing. I had a bank account with WAMU with $95, 000 deposits which now is CHASE. I went to CHASE bank close my bank account. I called tem to close my credit card and send the credit balance back. "Goodbye to CHASE" I will not to have business with you any more. In fact, I had mortgate with CHASE and I paid it off 15 years ago. I have been with Chase 25 years, till this happened.
    "CHASE management team is very short-sighted, eventually will drive this company to drain"

  • An
      22nd of Jun, 2009
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    Target Visa added late fees on top of late fees resulting in overlimit fees on top of overlimit fees when they knew I was unemployed with no means whatsoever of making payment.

    I told them I have charged-off their account and will not pay them, I've written them of as a non-payable debt and they will never be paid.

    Thay tried next to file suit but could never locate me, as I was not legally required to identify myself, I simply said I was not the person they were seeking, they went away indicating "incorrect address".

    Case was dimissed with prejudice due to unserved status on complaint.

    Dumb jerks. I recommend everyone refuse to pay them, not much they can do.

    Also after this hassle, never, NEVER use your real SSN# on credit applications. Make one up. As long as the name and address is correct it's legal as you are not stealing someone's indentity. There are duplicate SSN#s in existance, therefore making one up is fine. This can help protect you from the crooked credit card companies later, as an example, they can not find where you work if they do not have you real SSN # because you are legally ONLY required to use your real SSN # for bank accounts, employment and govenment taxes.

    You are NOT required to use your real SSN # for credit applications and after the abuse by Target, I will never use the real SSN# again for a credit card. I recommend everyone do the same. Turn the SSN # into something useless for the credit card companies.


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