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Chase Home Finance


is there a lawyer who will file a class action case against chase home fiannce?

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Chase Home Fiannce
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After reading all the complaints here against chase home finance, I would love to know if there is a lawyer who is willing to take on a class action lawsuit against chase.

I have been attempting to get things settled with chase who drag their feet and mislead me every time and lie to me and my $153, 000 mortgage of 2 years ago they are now claiming is $163, 000 and I have paid them almost $18, 000 in the past 2 years. Now does that make sense? And all they want me to do is keep refiling paperwork for a modification. I have done 3 modifications in the past 2 year and each time they drag their feet, do not accept my payments telling me they are not necessary while they are attempting to work out the modification, and then add late charges and such for not making payments the months they take to work on the modification.

What I have done so far, is contact my us senator. Maybe if we all contact our senators, maybe they will look into what chase is doing with those bank funds???
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N  15th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
We too have had too many problems...from escrow to modification...all the reps are liars...I think they are taught to lie in training classes...we may lose our home now...we made all 3 of our modification payments 3 months ago and have received 3 different payment amounts since then...I want to sue the crap out of them...this has caused my family so much stress...this all started because our child became very ill...a couple of the reps actually had the nerve to tell me it wasnt their fault I got into a mortgage I couldnt afford, , , I had to set them straight and say I hope that your child NEVER goes through what mine has been through..we live in Maryland...my email is adschwing@msn.com///if anyone finds an attorney to take this please email...I have all the times and dates and names of everything...I am starting to look now for an attorney here also!
N  17th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hey Everyone!

First off, Kippy, Thanks for the information. I have contacted the attorney in Kippy's article and waiting to hear back from him. I have contact a couple others and waiting for a response. I think this has gone far enough. This is my third time trying to get a modification finalized with Chase and I am waiting to see how much my loan goes up because they want to add their costs, interest and attorney fees.

Pray we find some attorney who is willing to help the U.S. citizens to protect our homes! According to philosopher John Locke we have the "natural right to life, liberty and property". Sound familiar, yes, Thomas Jefferson wrote in our Declaration of Independence as, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

I think we need to write a NEW Declaration of Independence from these "bail-out" Banks! We have a right to our property and our happiness!
N  17th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes

If you want to pursue the case against Chase, this is the attorney you need to contact.

Mr. Callister at mqc@call-law.com

or call him at 702-385-3343
N  18th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Mdcm53 hey. I talked to someone from Mr. Callister's office. They told me in order to be apart of his class act suit you have to live in Nevada. Which really is a shame..
Right now I'm fighting with Chase trying to get them to put a comment on our credit report that we were in a modification trail period..So far they are telling me they can't do it.
I'm truly starting to feel...CRAZY...Chase is the biggest nightmare we've ever gone through. I truly hate Chase Banks!!!
N  18th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Mdcm..oh please let me know if you hear back from Mr. Callister.
N  26th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm hearing on the news right now that the Whitehouse is working on a new plan to help some of us. I'm thinking our home isn't worth what the balance of the mortgage is.
Under water is what that's called. Call your lender and ask them about this. I doubt we'll get very far..but hey it wouldn't hurt to try one last time..
Good luck to all of us!
I wish all of you would write to all the media channels..Let them know it's not the Whitehouse who has ruined us..It's the banks not following the rules!!!
A  30th of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I too am interested in joining a class action lawsuit against Chase Mortgage. Chase purchased my loan 4 years ago and it has been an ongoing nightmare. My mortgage is not PITI yet Chase added a homeowners policy to my account without notice and put my payment into a "suspense" account instead of crediting it toward my mtg payment. My insurance agent and I made numerous calls and many binders were faxed to Chase during an 18 month fight. I finally won and the money that they insisted I pay them was refunded to me. Within months Chase struck again. I mailed my payments in, the checks were cashed but never credited to my account. I argued, sent copies - everything to no avail. Three months of payments were sent and none credited to my account. Finally, I was informed that the payments had been credited to another customers account. I was told that I had to write a letter to that customer asking them if I could have my money back!!! I had to wait until they responded before Chase would credit my account. Incredible! It took another month to get the payments credited and get my account back into good standing. FOR THREE WHOLE MONTHS - until they struck again. This time they up and decided to pay 3 years worth of property taxes that had already been paid. I was furious. They did not even notify me before or after they added over 400.00 a month to my payment. I told them they were crazy and refused to pay. I contacted my local tax office and they advised that they had sent the money back to Chase the same day they received it. Chase however refused to credit it and continued to put my payments into another "suspense account." I refused and my mortgage went into forclosure. I finally gave in and paid all of the money that they demanded. It took another 4 months to resolve the issue. All was well for THREE WHOLE MONTHS then when making my payment online I was given an error message so I called to make the payment and was again blocked from making a payment. I went to a nearby Chase bank and where they stated that they could not take a payment either???? They informed me a "code" had been placed on the account that prevented me from making a payment. They contacted the mortgage department and eventually Chase Executive resolutions department contacted me. They accepted payments from me but it took over 4 months to resolve, all the while I had to make payments directly to them. Then I started getting strange letters from Chase stating I owed thousands of dollars and my account was months behind. One letter stated that they had received my payment and then reversed it at my request? Another stated I had defaulted on a repayment plan --WHAT repayment plan? Each time I called chase and no one could explain these letters. Then a month ago a letter arrived that said that I had 600 dollars in a suspense account and advised me I needed to advise them as to where I wanted to to be credited - escrow, payment sent to me? What? I called and the rep encouraged me to use it for my next payment. I refused, stating that i wanted to know where it came from - I was intimately familiar with chases mistakes and I was not going to do anything with the money until I knew where it came from. Weeks later a chase customer service supervisor advised me that the money was refunded to me as a result of overcharging of fees associated with the forclosure threats and payoff made a year ago. I insisted that i have it in writing. She agreed and advised me I had to make a decision on how to use the money or Chase would do it for me. I chose to use it towards my next payment. GOOD RIGHT? NOT! Two weeks later I received a notice that I was late on my account because I had made a partial payment. Now Chase insists that the so called "credit" was acutally a mistake and that the money belonged to Chase not me. I HATE THIS COMPANY. They create a problem, cause your payment be late, damage your credit and it never, ever ends. Its like being in a twilight zone. AND NOW - Chase corporate sent a letter advising me that there would not be an escrow account added to my account ever again. NOT - 43 days later I noticed an escrow account had been created and moreover it had a balance of 3, 300!!! I called - very furious. They sent me a statement that showed an "escrow misc. dispersement had been made" Misc??? TO WHO, FOR WHAT?? That has never been explained--they are still working on it. In the meantime I am expected to pay or ELSE. Chase abuses consumers by continual incompetence and using suspense accounts, manufactured escrow accounts and maliciouslly damaging credit. Its like being held a gunpoint. Someone needs to do something. I have filed a complaint with the OCC and it is likely just one of thousands that just sit there. I really want to sue this company - I have a paper trail documenting everything. If anyone is interested please contact me at lisjinx@gmail.com.
N  31st of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
I just received this. I will be telling them my story, I hope you all do too.
A  3rd of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have also been SERIOUSLY abused by Chase Home Finance. Starting in August 2006 (that's as far as my bank can go back) Chase took checks as ACH, Check, AND a second check for several months. When I put a stop to the to the ACH conversions, Chase continued to take checks multiple time BY PROCESSING PHOTOSTATS and blaming me for sending them in. I took out a line-of-credit to pay the extra Chase charges assuming that EVENTUALLY someone would be interested in resolving the problem. I have now made 190 EXTRA payments and am in foreclosure because Chase is illegally taking multiple copies of each check, but when I send them to investigate, they need only find ONE credit to justify the NINE times the check was taken from my checking account. Chase only follows the law when it is convenient and to their advantage. They KNOW that a check can be processed only once, but that doesn't stop them from taking it from my account NINE times, then using the fact that a check can only be processed once to hide behind and only give me ONE credit. Chase owes me $169, 742.20, which would more than pay off my entire $129, 000 balance, but insists that I pay them another $134.720 just to talk to a representative to resolve the foreclosure. Foreclosure is for people that are NOT paying their mortgage, not ones that pay ahead. Each month Chase takes three payments, yet none has been credited to my account since July 2009! I have tried to find a lawyer to take the case, yet they have decided that if I am stupid enough to pay that much more than the loan AND work on trying for a resolution for over 45 months, I must be crazy. Chase has had the house broken into on numerous occassions because I am "suicidal" for wanting my $169, 742.20 dollars of uncredited payments applied to my account. They don't understand double entry bookkeeping. When they take money from my checking account it has to go somewhere, and a payment reversal to my mortgage just doubles my problem AND theirs. Last week I finally contacted the Secret Service. Photostats of checks are considered "counterfeit currency". I am after criminal charges.
Additionally, when I started processing the payments (they demanded and are extra) by Bank Check, they would photostat the bank check send the original back to me and process teh photostat. I (not realizing what was going on) would see the original and mail it back assuming they hadn't gotten the payment. They repeated the procecure several times on each check and have mandated that I pay my payments exclusively by original bank check ( so they can continue to process the photostats?). They have also refused to post ANY bank check to my account, but are glad to post reversals when the "duplicates" are returned. In December 2009, I started the month "current". Chase processed five checks, which all cleared my bank account, but htey processed them all as reversals. They have not posted anything since. In December 2009 alone, I lost 10 payments, five from my bank account and five on my mortgage, as they are now looking for a July 2009 payment.
I have determined that someone inside Chase is living off me and has been since 2006 at an average rate of pay of $3772 per month and Chase doesn't even care. I had my checking bank trace 15 of the payments that Chasew said they "never got" and they were tracked into Chase. Interestingly my bank banks at Chase, so we are now having the added problem of getting the documentation (Cleared Bank Check Copies) from Chase Bank to document that I have been making my payments to Chase Home Finance. This is clearly iver control of the problem. Also, Chase has opened numerous "investigations" that demand bank statements, but Chase refuses all bank statements that do not agree with their bookkeeping, even telling me that ALL THE DUPLICATE CHECKS MUST HAVE A REVERSAL, something my checking bank could not do just do the numbers...how many banks would reverse four copies of a check taken five times in one day...that's where we caught it.
At this point my $143, 200 loan has cost me $587, 587.16 and possibly the house. It didn't start out a Chase loan, but it has become a Chase nightmare. This is absol;utely not what was in my disclosure statement at closing.
N  3rd of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Wow your story is AMAZING..I didn't think I could see a case any worse, but yours I would say takes the cake. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
So not one attorney was interested in helping you? What Chase is doing is CRIMMINAL. There has to been someone out there that will help us.
Please keep in touch with us...Did you send your story to the link above? If you haven't please do. I'm sending my in today.
Thank you for sharing your nightmare with all of us. Please don't give up!!!
N  21st of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi all, I to have been trying to get a mod from Chase for 2 years now. My husband and myself lost our jobs, I called them right away and explained my situation. They sent me a package to fill out and send back to them for the mod. I did everything I was told to do, they told me it could take a couple months but we would get a forbearance payment that we had to make for 3 months. It took 7 months to hear anything and I paid all payments, called them and they told me to wait to hear back from them to see if I qualified for the mod. The next time I heard from them was a cert. letter stating they were going to forclose on my home. I called them and talked to someone, by this time I was 12 months behind on my mortgage. They sent me to a site on there site for the NEW mod, filled out all the paperwork. Just to get a letter DATED the same day I talked to them telling me I was denied for the mod. because of how late I was. I called back up and asked how they could deny me without recieving my paperwork first and they told me that when I called that I was already to far behind. When I told them they were the reason they denied any of it and told me I was to have kept paying the amount they set me up on with the forbearance.
So if anyone can get a lawsuit going please let me know. I have my home up for sell now but once again they told me I had to fill out more paperwork so I can go through a short sale to keep me from going into foreclouser.

my email is
A  8th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Reporting Mortgage Fraud
By: Kirk Haverkamp - MortgageLoan.com
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So you got ripped off. Or, at least, you think you did. You paid $3, 000 to a loan modification company to solve your mortgage problems and they were no help at all. Or to avoid foreclosure, you temporarily signed your home over to someone else, but now they won't let you get it back. Or maybe you just want to file a complaint against a lender or real estate agent for something that, if not downright illegal, was definitely unethical, at least in your eyes.

If you think you may have been a victim of mortgage fraud, or simply think you got a raw deal in a real estate transaction, it helps to know where to complain. There are a variety of federal and state agencies that investigate and prosecute mortgage fraud, while others specialize in investigating complaints against licensed entities such as banks, credit unions, real estate agents and others.

Complaints about mortgage frauds and predatory lending practices have grown as the economy has soured and increasing numbers of homeowners face financial strains and even foreclosure. And government agencies are taking mortgage fraud increasingly seriously, with new investigations and prosecutions by federal authorities and state attorneys general announced almost weekly.

Depending on who you contact, different agencies focus on different outcomes. The FBI and state attorneys general are likely to be focused on serious cases that merit criminal prosecution. Banking, financial and real estate regulatory bodies will likely be focused on disciplinary actions related to a license or charter. Other groups may not have enforcement powers, but can provide useful advice for dealing with mortgage fraud and predatory lending.

Reporting criminal complaints on mortgage fraud

Here's a list of some of the agencies most commonly contacted to report mortgage fraud or predatory lending, and some suggestions on when to contact each.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): White-collar crime, including mortgage fraud and other economic frauds, is one of the FBI's top criminal priorities. In general, the FBI's interest will be in deceptions used to influence a transaction involving a financial institution. To report suspected mortgage fraud, contact the FBI field office nearest you.

State Attorney General: Along with the FBI, the office of your state attorney general is the other main agency for reporting criminal mortgage fraud. Many state attorneys general maintain consumer hotlines for reporting economic crimes or complaints, some of them devoted specifically to mortgage fraud.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC): The FTC doesn't investigate individual cases of mortgage fraud, but does have a keen interest in pursuing it systematically. Reporting individual cases may help them identify patterns of wrongdoing. It has a particular interest in mortgage frauds that involve identify theft.

For less serious complaints about lenders and others

For less serious complaints that may be unethical but not rise to the level of criminal action, you can file a complaint with any of several entities that license or otherwise regulate financial institutions. These commonly investigate complaints and may issue sanctions against offending license holders. These include:

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC): For complaints involving national banks.

National Credit Union Association (NCUA): For complaints involving federally chartered credit unions.

State Department of Finance or Banking: Most states have a department of finance, banking or a similar name that regulates state-charted banks and credit unions, as well as mortgage lenders and brokers in that state. Contact them to file complaints against any of these.

State Real Estate Commissions: Most states have a real estate commission or an agency by a similar name that regulates real estate agents and brokers. Some also have a separate board to regulate appraisers as well. Contact them for complaints regarding licensed professionals in these fields.

For advice and assistance on dealing with mortgage fraud

The following agencies have no enforcement power, but can offer advice or other assistance:

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): HUD has extensive information for consumers on avoiding mortgage fraud, as well as a nationwide network of counseling agencies that can advise consumers on a variety of financial issues related to home ownership for little or no cost.

Better Business Bureau: The BBB doesn't have enforcement powers, but strives to persuade businesses to do what's right. It can be helpful in dealing with legitimate businesses who are concerned about their public image. They have numerous local offices across the country.

Center for Responsible Lending: A nonpartisan research and advocacy group working to eliminate abusive financial practices, it offers a variety of consumer resources for dealing with mortgage fraud. National Fraud Information Center: An agency of the National Consumers League, it primarily targets frauds against the elderly.
A  9th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been experiencing the same situations as all of you. I have been paying my trial mod payments, and I called Chase just to see how everything was going, only to receive the worst news. Chase states they requested more information (more than the 200 pages I have sent them over 5 times), and that the 30 day deadline passed, so all my paperwork has been shredded and I need to start over. they want me to fill out an application and start over. But do I continue to make my Modification payments? I hate Chase. Lets Sue them.

A  14th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
Looking for a law firm that is willing to take on Chase Home Finance. We are willing to join a class action. We have been trying to get a permanent loan modification now for a year and a half. Chase has stone walled us, lied to us abaout our application for the HAMP program and tried to stick us in their in house modification program that required our house note to increase 90+%. We have filed a complaint Against Chase Home Finance with COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY ADMINISTRATOR OF NATIONAL BANKS and other Missouri regulartory agencies..

PLEASE, PLEASE Contact us at the following email address and we will provide detailed information we embodied in our complaint against Chase and the various things they have pulled on us relative to our modification application: gmcfad@yahoo.com.
A  11th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
we are having the same problem! been applying for the mod for over a year now... still the same crap about expired paper work... and we'll contact you... now we are getting letters from an attorney in the state saying they are going to forclose on our house in a month... which has been going on for about six months now... now we owe over 12, 000 $ more on our mortgage... and our house isn't even worth that additional expense... been going through everything that everyone else has been going through... actually they told us we could start the trial period... (well the first trial period they never even notified us about so we missed it!!) and sooo the second one we sent the payment in and not to mention this is a year 1/2 later... and then they deny our payment... all of a sudden we didn't make enough money... but earlier that day that we sent the payment in.. we just spoke to a representative...

i want to sue... they are frauding us of our time, money, and adding extra expenses because they cant get their crap together!

A  2nd of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
This company has been screwing me for so long. I need a new jersey lawyer. Does anyone have any info?
A  21st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
To Jonanthan Copeland re Class Action Lawsuit against Chase.

I sent you an email relative to class action lawsuit against Chase you are trying to generate. Please send me info on attorney who is handling the case. We would love to participate. gmcfad@yahoo.com
N  27th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I used chase home finance to purchase the family farm about four years ago. Three years into the contract my mortgage jumped from 345. to over 600. I contacted chase and asked them what was going on and was told they had put insurance on my property for the previous year and wanted there money back. Chase did not notify me nor did they increase my mortgage payment to reflect the insurance increase until the year was up. I have not seen any paperwork to indicate there was insurance provided . So...I decided to go with the extra 300.+ each month and sent a money order for 250. three times a month for a tatol of 750. a month. Now I am not a rocket scientist but that would be 150 a month more than requested so why are we in foreclosure . I have received payment request from chase, sent them the full amount requested and had my money sent back with a letter of insuficiant funds AFTER chase just asked me for the money. I have and still do call chase on a weekly basis and will be transferd more than three or four times with at least three diffrent quotes as to how much money it will take to pay off the forclosure and reinstate the loan. It has become very clear to me that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I have only mentioned the forclosure part so in brief this is what Chase has done for me.

The abstract on my mortgage agreement is not the property I bought.
My father sold me the property but chase is holding him responsible for the payments.
I have sent chase more money than asked for but still found myself in forclosure.
I have received request from chase for payment only to have the payment returned.
I have tried to contact chase but only get the run around and no two departments can agree as to what I owe.
So, now you have my story as it goes. I will be in contact with a lawyer today so fel free to contact me and I will let anyone whom is interested as to how my case is going and if my lawyer wants to represent all of us.

A  1st of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well, we would joing in from Texas. WE have been foreclosed on and had our home sold by Chase Home Finance. We were in the MHAP and were told we would not have our home foreclosed on...wrong they did. They did not even tell us, we got a phone call from a friend on 9/2/10 and they were selling it on 9/7/10. We have just received our vacate notice, contacted their attorney and them, to no avail, cannot get a copy of the form signed by Chase asking their attorneys to foreclose. They have more indians in the pot and not one knows what one from the other is doing. I hate Chase bank. Would love a class action lawsuit.
A  4th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I am strongly considering a lawsuit against Chase because of their reprehensible conduct towards me, specifically the way that they are withholding the disbursement of money that my insurance company authorized in order for me to make the repairs to my home. I suffered significant water water damage due to a collapsed underground cast iron pipe and water backed up into my home. I lost the use of water in one half of my home as a result. I have complied with every single requirment outlines in Chase's Loss Draft Procedures but they still managed to find something wrong with the documents that I submitted.
I have clear and convincing evidence that Chase is intentionally coming up with ridiculous excuses not to release any additional funds from the insurance claims check to me. Chase’s conduct is reprehensible and contrary to its own correspondence in which it stated that “Chase may monitor the repair process and administer the disbursement of funds to ensure that the property is repaired to the same or better condition.”

I have reached a point where I have insufficient funds to complete the remaining work that needs to be done to repair or restore my house back to normal. I have exhausted most of the funds from the first check installment by repairing the plumbing. I provided Chase Loss Draft with copies of the checks that I have written to pay for or to reimburse the expenses that I have incurred up to this point, as well as copies of the contractor's W-9 form, contractor’s waiver of lien, mortgagors affidavit. I also provided Chase with a copy of the permit that the contractor received prior to commencement of work, which was more than what was required under the current Chase’s Loss draft procedures. I did so in order to demonstrate that everyone involved in this repair project is performing in compliance with the law. I have insufficient funds to have concrete layed over the dirt that covers the new pipes, insufficient funds to install new tile over the affected areas and insufficient funds to repair the bathroom. Consequently, work on the repairs has come to a halt and no further repairs can be made without more money.

Each and every Chase Loss Draft specialist that I talked to, and there is a different person every time I call, advised me that no further action can take place until they receive a legible copy of the W-9 form from the contractor. I have repeatedly faxed to the Florence, S.C. address, the W-9 form. I retained the fax confirmation each time I sent the form. Nevertheless, different Chase representatives have told me that the faxed form is not legible. In response to that claim, I mailed the original W-9 form to Chase Home Finance LLC, Lost Draft Department, P.O. Box 100585, Florence, SC 29501. However, each day that I followed up with Chase to confirm receipt of the original W-9 form, I was told that they had not received the original W-9 form even though they confirmed that I sent it to the correct address.

I am, therefore, left with no other recourse but to present the above referenced documents to an attorney as proof that I have complied with all of the Chase Loss Draft Procedures. Chase is unlawfully withholding the insurance money from me.

I did file a complaint with the Chase Corporate Office and reported the unconscionable conduct of its Loss Draft Department .

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