Chase Home Equity Line Of Credit / watch out - they do nasty things!!

CA, United States

Be aware if you're dealing with Chase line of credit on your home equity account. To make a long story short, if you want them re-instate your original equity line, you will ask you to submit an appresial report -at your own expense-. If the reported value comes a $1 short of the original price set from the agreement, you won't re-instate, not even a half way. Given that the housing market in Mountain view, CA has dropped barely 10% for the past two yrs. They reduced my line of credit from $430K to $250K and that's more than 40%! given the econ condition, I thought that was NOT a completely unreasonable things to do so I let it go. Yet, when I called Chase, they said not only they will not increase the limit back to it's original amount, they would most likely -block- the whole account. I get very mad and cash out the entire $250K in the same day. Then 3 days later, they sent me a letter saying the credit limit was on re-instated at $250K. Given that comfort level, I wrote them a check for $100K to put the money back. The check was cleared in 20 hrs from my bank. quick, i said. guess what happened to that $100K? it disappeared from the available credit! This means every penny they paid them, they will just swallow it w/o giving you back. So if you think of keeping you line of credit, you'd better cash it out and never pay them back! Let the bank burn!!!

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