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I am contacting your regarding fraudulent activities under the HARP program by Chase Bank. I have a mortgage with Chase and was approached by them in January to refinance under the HARP program. I was told over the phone that the loan would be easy and a non-income verification loan. I explained to the chase representative at that time that I just moved back to my house in Northern AZ, that was a rental, in November of 2011, but would welcome a break on interest rate through refinancing. I submitted the processing fee of $395.00. From January til now, I have been harrassed by Chase via email and telephone, and have spent many hours trying to get my loan processed. On June 27, 2012, I received a letter from Chase notifying me that my loan was denied, sighting length of employment as reason for denial. I explained to the Chase representative at our initial contact that I just moved from another state, so, of course I have obtained new employment. through a new employer. I have been employed in my field of Nursing for 15 years now. I am currently under contract for a very lucrative assignment in my field in Northern AZ. I have been treated badly by Chase bank. The representatives of Chase knew my situation at the beginning, and should have advised me from the beginning that I would have difficulty obtaining my loan due to the move. Instead they took my application fee and kept me from refinancing for 6 months. They are engaging in fraudulent business practices, and are taking money for services they clearly must have been aware that they would be unable to provide. Please help me to seek justice, and truth in lending for all people doing business with Chase.


Tina Marie Husak RN BSN LNC YT

Copies of this complaint have also been submitted to the FTC and AZ Comptroller of Treasury


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      Feb 03, 2016

    Chase has lied to me from the very beginning of the /harp program that I would qualify for. .I lost my home that my husband built for me and my 9 children just before he ruined mine credit..I am still struggling with renting different homes..I Want justice to what happened here..I begged chase not to foreclose my since they screwed me over...please someone talk to me and let me know what legal actions I can take to correct this terrible banks won't give me a chance for a new mortgage !
    Where do I go for help?? You can email me at [protected]@yahoo.Com

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