Chase Enhancement Services / payment delay

United States

The protection services associated with a lot of these credit card companies are outside 3rd party companies and for the most part, they suck!!!

I was stuck on the other end of the US due to a snow storm. Had to get a car rental, hotel, food and wait for a flight out the next day. Used my Chase Presidential plus credit card, and submitted the claim which includes reimbursement for losses under their so called trip protection program. Was forwarded to their hired out company --enhancement services.

They tried every angle in the book to deny the claim. First, they wanted the actual reason as to why the flight was cancelled. I get a letter from Continental that day stating they cancelled the flight in writing and signed on Continental letter head. Result - claim denied because the reason for the cancellation was not given. I get back on the phone with this company and ask what would be a reason as to why a claim would be denied for a cancelled flight - funny thing - they couldn't give me a reason because every cancellation from weather to thermonuclear war is covered.

Then they try to deny my food bill because I did not have the actual itemized receipts of what I ingested. Thank God everything is computerized so getting the info from the restaurant after the fact was no issue.

2 stikes = now they try the - you used continental points for a part of the trip and now you have to prove that the points earned are from using the actual chase continental presidential plus card. Are you [censored] kidding me!!!? You work there I say - how the hell else were the points in my account when this is the only card I have with continental - look it up!!! They then ask me to get written confirmation that every charge I made that accounted for a point was from using the card... WT[censored] I say you call and I have to ask to speak to a manager who was unavailable.

Had to get Continental on the phone, Chase on the phone, managers on the phone, hotel employees to confirm my stay on the phone, restaurants on the phone etc... Just to get this thing through for final review and it took months. Was finally able to get my money for a Chase card that I spend $375 a year for the privilege of using. Chase enhancement services was kicking and screaming all the way and made the whole process next to impossible to utilize unless you were willing to spend A LOT of personal time. Most people would give up and walk which is what these companies hope you will do. A lot of aggravation and wasted time from a company that promises service but promotes sneaky cost saving practices such as this.

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