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loan modifications

We have working on a loan modification for atleast the last 5+months. to get nowhere with them. Keep getting told that some piece of paper filled out still isnt right.
we redo the papers. refax, still nothing supose to call every week, inturn we to get the same answer all the time. that we need to submitt the packet which we have send every week again and again to get nowhere.
every month that goes by they keep tacking on late charges and so on.
foe the time that we have been filling these documents like they ask. the mortgage gets further and further behind. they will not accept any payments in the mean time. so now we owe 14, 000 accoedding to the so called people you do finaly get on the phone only to be transfered to a number that disconnects you.
if there is 400, 000 people who have recieved this so called loan modifications, where are they.
we have recieved a letter to start the forclosure, a hearing is set for the 14th of this month.
and sale is set for the 24th of november.
well isnt that nice of them.
constantly being tossed around from person to another, all the answer you get is that they no nothing about the loan modification, or another says the file was closed. then they say they will expidite the paper work, ya right. to who. no one.
that person you talk to at that time, then you cant never get ahold of them again.
then you get another person, here we go again.
there are people on here that have had the same ordeal with chase.
they have already said all that i could say the same about this so called loan modification. it is a big joke and a scam.
after all the BS. they pu you through.
they can sure file there papers quick though.
i have hired attorneys for this matter. for i am not going to let them have the pleasure of saying another one bites the dust.
chase is a legal scam. they have no intention of helping those who need it.
where are these people that have had there help.
chase has an add. where are these people. are they real or fiction.
they are here to help take your home from you when you are doing as they ask to get this so called loan modification.
we all need to stand together.
we cannot let these banks get the upper hand.

  • Li
    lisa1212 Dec 23, 2010

    I was approved for the MHA program in March 2009. When I did not hear anything else from Chase, I contacted my congressman. In July, I was notified by letter that I was in fact in the program. Although, it took my Congressman's office for me to receive the letter. I was to be reviewed in November '09, having made my payments in a timely fashion. Of course, I was still receiving foreclosure notices. When I did not hear anything from Chase, I phoned in Feb '10 to inquire why my loan had not been modified. I was told I was kicked out of the system for not making the November payment. When she found I had made the payment, she placed me back into the program. They needed pay stubs and bank statements which I faxed the next day. I received another "Congratulations letter" for being in the program. I called in May to ask what in the world they were they doing. They then said they had not received the info requested, which I had confirmation but sent again. Also to ignore letter and continue payments. Now, after 18 months of payments they want to foreclosure on my home. I was told tonight by a Hope counselor it was because I have equity in my home and "they can make more money." I swear he said this to me! . Nevermind that I put down $60k on my $126k townhouse before the recession hit and made my payments religiously nor the fact that I made every payment for the last 18 months being in the program. My next step is to sue for fraud.

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misapplied funds caused me credit reporting errors

I was selling my home and it was closing on 21 July 2010. My payment was due 15 July, so I waited until closing since the payoff was sent for. The closing was pushed off until 31 July. I called Chase and told them the circumstances and they told me that if it didn't close, that I could spread the payment missed through the next six months and that my next payment wouldn't be due until 1 September. I said OK, let's do that since I was selling anyway. The sale fell through. I waited a week into August to find out if the buyer was going to figure out alternate financing. During this week, I was called several times by Chase, sent a foreclosure notice and they even went by my home and put a sticker on it saying it was vacant and charged me over $100 in fees. With all of this harassment, I decided not to wait any longer and made my catchup payments for July & August making me current. The harassment didn't stop. I couldn't figure out why until I received September bill and they didn't apply my payment to the Mortgage payments. They put it into principle only payments and had me as 2 months overdue. On 17 August (two weeks after my payment) they sent a negative notice to the credit reporting agencies that I was 30 days past due. I have perfect credit. They messed up my payments and I've never been late on any payments EVER! Why are they allowed to do this? Why can't I do anything about it? I'm not someone who is a credit risk and now my credit report shows that I am. If I could leave them, I would, but I'm stuck. I don't want to pay several thousand dollars to finance with another bank who may eventually sell it to Chase again!

Damage Resulting
They damaged my credit report and stressed me out a lot. I'm serving in the military and was in the middle of a permanent change of station while this was happening. It wasn't like I was being a deadbeat.

sold mortgage

On Sept 16 I received a letter dated Sept 13 telling me that my mortgage would no longer be handled by Chase Home Finance as of Sept 30. Starting on Oct. 1, it would be IBM Lender Business Process Services, Inc. I called Chase but they were unable to answer why this was happening. I finally reached a person at something called "The Specialty Group" who I was told was handling my situation. She was less than helpful and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she said "they don't know either." She would not transfer me to anyone. Does anyone know why Chase is selling off mortgages? I had to declare bankruptcy two years ago due to the financial crisis. I applied for a loan modification and have been in that process since May 2009. My original mortgage payment was $1910.10 per month. My loan modification payment was $1860 per month--- a whole $50 difference. Anyway, I have only been late once. I have lived in this house for 20 years and don't want to lose it. I am worried that IBM is some sort of hatchet outfit that Chase dumped all its "high risk" loans on. Does anyone know anything about IBM Lender? The name of it even sounds scary!

escrow and tax error

I refinanced my loan with Quicken Loans and closed in May, 2010. They sold my loan to Chase in June. I received a "annual escrow balance" statement just before my 10/1/10 payment was due to be taken out of my banking account. The statement was dated 8/26/10. Chase had determined that I was to pay a $682 tax payment on 12/10, so they raised my payment ~$100.00. I called Chase and was referred to their Tax department. I told them that I had homestead exemption and I pay "0" taxes. Jessica of the tax department, told me that Quicken Loans had given them the tax amount of $682. She said they would do another tax analysis. I called Quicken Loans. Derrick in Client Relations at Quicken Loans said that Quicken Loans did NOT give them this tax amount. Quicken Loans has on record that I have homestead exemption. I called my Parish tax office, even knowing the answer, just to cover my bases. I still have homestead exemption. No surprise there! I called Chase back. I finally asked to speak with a manager. He said that they had "no idea" who put in that amount for my taxes or where the amount came from. They apparently have no quality control what so ever! He said that "anyone" from their tax department could put in any amount for my taxes, and they would have "NO" idea who did it, or why. I told him that he was not giving me much faith in their company. He did not apologize. He did not say that they would improve on their methods so this would not happen again. I asked if possibly this was a fraud attempt by someone in their office. I said that numbers do not magically appear on someone's account for no reason. He assured me that it would be "automated" from now on, and that I would receive a new escrow statement. What have they been doing before the "automation"? I have never heard a company representative sound so unaffected, and attempt to treat me like I am a ###. If they cannot track down who put in this bogus amount into my account, this company needs to overhall their entire tax department. As I have read here, this problem is not new either!


Chase bank mortgage department is the worse they are thieves, they offered help for my mortgage and at the end they denied everything and i ended up with attorneys fee and everything else also with a letter taking me to court and almost loosing my house. they lie and they are thieves. this is the worse bank in the usa and they should not be operating they are not helping the people they are destroying the people.. THANKS OBAMA GREAT JOB MY FRIEND.

  • Je
    jenny cst Oct 02, 2010


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  • Je
    jenny cst Oct 02, 2010


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  • Je
    jenny cst Oct 02, 2010


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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 02, 2010

    It makes you look less credible when you keep replying to your own post.

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refusal to open another account

I went to the Chase Bank in Riverdale, GA earlier in attempt to open a 2nd checking account since I already had one plus a savings account. I wanted a 2nd one for my own personal reasons but I only got the 3rd degree about it. The banker, a woman whose last name was Guerrero, I don't remember her first name, kept asking me what it was for and saying her manager didn't see the purpose of opening up another checking account like they were my parents or something. I didn't get why I had to tell them my personal business. I mean was trying to open an additional account and therefore giving them more business and I get interrogated about it like a criminal. You would think I was trying to get a million dollar loan or something. It made me feel incredibily uncomfortable like I was doing something wrong when I was merely just trying to open an addtional account. I mean seriously I have opened more then one checking account at other banks without them attempting to get into my personal business and countining to ask why and what I was going to use my account for (which was none of her business) instead of just opening the account. It's not right and as a customer I shouldn't have felt that way. After my pending transactions clear up I will be closing my account and going to another bank.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 01, 2010

    They should have just said "no" instead of asking you specifics, though I think it's required to ask why in case you're looking for a business account or something.

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  • Wh
    whocares1111 Oct 02, 2010

    Did you have a coupon for 100.00? If you did they probably figured you were just opening it for the money.

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repo of car

Complaint detail I was laid off on feb. 21st 2010. And I got behind on my car payments. Making minimal...

cancelation of debit card

I read in the newspaper that aldi grocery store had a computer breach, where debit cards were affected, and I...

unauthorized access of safety deposit box

I am a victim of a very nasty and insidious form of identity theft that went on undetected by me for many...

unauthorized debit card transactions

Had six charges of unauthorized activity and as soon as I noticed them, notified the bank and explained that...

making home affordable

This October will mark one year sending over 200 pages (faxes) to Chase. I have not worked since 2008, my unemployment ran out last April. Chase still has not modified my Loan. As of today they want more documents. In June they denied me because I did not get a letter from my state agency proving I was out of unemployment! I had to pay $200.00 to a lawyer ( that really did not help) to start the process all over again. According the Making home Affordable rules they are supposed to make it happen within 30 or 90 days. The problem is they have no legal ramification if they don't do the modification.
I called the US Treasury in April - Chase has not contacted them! The Treasury has my complaint and its at the supervisor level ! They can't do anything until Chase calls them! I told Chase to call them and they told me we more documents. !!

My House is not behind, never has been. I'm 100% on my family. This whole process is a scam. I need some good lawyer or someone to help... OHh.. I called the 1800 hope, they send you to a agency that will help you call Chase.. They have no real power! One agent said the bank should do a HARP over the phone after all this time.. We got discounted. The agent counselor has not called me. ! I called the supervisor yesterday so far no call! Chase gives you the run around when ask for the HARP modification. I need help..

misappropriation of funds

Chase Home Finance, LLC has been trying to bully its way into foreclosing on my property. I have been making my monthly payments without missing any. I began getting letters that my account was delinquent. They stopped accepting my payments in June 2010. In late June they gave me an ultimatum to pay nine months in arrears or they will foreclose. Although I knew I was up to date on all my payments, I sent them a cashiers check for ten months instead of nine. They cashed it, but did not post it. They returned a second cashiers check for the month of August 2010. Thank God that I keep records. I have Chase Bank receipts for the last three cashiers checks payments, and I have cancelled checks for all my previous payments.

I wrote my Congressman over a month ago. I finally received a call from a Chase representative in response to my congressional complaint. This person was very diplomatic and listened. (As opposed to all the other representatives that made my life miserable over the course of months.) This person acknoledged receiving my hugh payment which covered ten months, but did not know why it was never posted. This person also said that they were aware that an August payment was returned to me. This person said that Chase will post my payments and that I had overpaid. Wow!!! Unreal!!! Where did this come from? God provided!!! I enquired as to my last 9 payments which were not posted. I believe Chase committed Fraud by cashing these checks and not posting them. I will check with my lawyer!!!

collecting escrow, not paying bills

Chase Home Finance. Let's face it, none of us get to choose our Mortgagee - they get sold so often, you end up with what you get. In my case this was Chase, unfortunately. At some point in the past 6 months, they just stopped paying the insurance (for which they are collecting via Escrow). Several calls to them gives me the run-around. In summary, yes, they are collecting insurance into escrow. And no, they are not paying insurance. My question is why??

They were kind enough to suggest I should be happy and consider this "an interest free loan". Excuse me, I'm the one giving them cash up front for bills they are not paying!

I eventually had to pay for the insurance to get my house back into the safety zone, since it had been cancelled. All the while, I'm still paying Chase for the insurance as well.

I requested escrow be released and to pay taxes and insurance myself, so I don't have to pay for these things twice. They denied my request. So, I'm basically getting robbed every month by Chase Home Finance, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Stay away - if you can.

failing to release homeowners check for ice storm damage

I had ice storm damage to my home in feb. 2010. My insurance company inspected the damage and issued a check, which I had to forward to chase. To this date, they are nitpicking and giving excuses as to why they have not released the check so that I can get the repairs done so that no one gets injured from the porch roof that is practically falling down. Since then, I have had large amounts of water that has came into the basement which has rusted my gas line and resulted in a major gas leak in my home which cost me another 1000.00 dollars. I call chase on a daily basis, and everytime I call, they have a different story or excuse on where my check is. The damage to my exterior and interior is getting worse with each rain storm that comes through. I have followed all instructions that was stated in their packet. The letter in the packet states that once they receive all documents, that the first 10, 000 dollars will be released, now they tell me that only half of the check will be released. Half of the amount that they claim they will release, will not cover the exterior damage. I am fed up with calling them and getting a different story each time. I just want my repairs done before someone gets severely injured or killed by the roof that is ready to fall since it has gotten worse. I was told that once they receive all documents the check will be released in 3 days, now they are telling me that it takes 3 days to process. This is definately fraud, and something should be done about this. This is a nightmare and has gotten me totally frustrated and stressed

  • Kh
    khloee13 Sep 14, 2010

    they will only release the money to the contracor or company who is doing the repairs...they will not release the money to a homeowner. They have it set up like this because homeowners where spending the money and not doing the repairs. Find a contractor who specializes in working with insurance repairs and he/she will know what to do

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chase deceptive practice

I'm the holder of Chase Freedom credit card account #5401 xxxx xxxx 8631 since Mar 2007 and never miss a payment. My credit line on the account is $15.000. The main reason I use this card because Chase named it Freedom and it has unlimited 1% cash back.

On August billing cycle, I use the card for merchandise purchase total worth $60.000. I then made all the payment at Chase bank in cash before I reach the limit so I can keep using it.

Chase closed my account on August 16 and send me letter saying that because I using the card and built up too much rewards. They decide to close my account so they don’t have to pay out my rewards. They also said my credit is no good and I’m not experience to handle debt. Total rewards around $600 for the billing cycle plus another $100 from last month billing cycle. My credit score have no marks, and over 750 in FICO score.

As of August 28 billing cycle, my account has $14.485, 88 in credit balance. I had been contacted Chase 3 times since the day account was closed for the refund balance on my account. The answers from Chase I'll have to wait for them to verify the payment which all was made by cash, the payment not clear, blah blah and they don’t know how long it take to complete. It's my money and they keep it without paying any interest.

On August 31 2010, I contacted the BBB and Attorney General Office for help. On September 02 2010, Chase mailed out the refund check for $14, 485.88 and I deposit the check on my bank account on September 07 2010. On September 08 2010, they made the stop payment on the check. The check returned non sufficient funds and there overdraft and other NSF charges on my checking account and other people accounts that I wrote the check for them.

I contact Chase executive officer Elisabeth at [protected] ext 7185 for answer and she told me to wait for another 60 days for them to verify the credit balance on my account with other merchants that issue credit back on my account. This is unacceptable and breaking the law. She told me that I have no other choice and have to wait at least 60 days from September 10 2010 for them to start issue the refund.

As of today September 20 2010, the credit balance $16, 098.94 on my account and they keep holding on my money. And also they making my checking account and other people accounts incured overdraft fees for their stop payment on the refund check.

They acting as a giant commercial bank and they decide what ever they want to do. It been a lot of hassle to deal with them and it was my money and all they have is to return it to me which they did not.

I found the link below which answer about consumer loan refund from Controller of the Currency Administrator of National Banks saying they must refund the money within seven business days. 

Chase using deceptive practice to bailout my rewards, now they try to bail out my money. This could result ruining my whole family financial cause by holding on my money, I'll make sure they responsible for it.

Time to switch to local banks and credit union.

  • As
    ashleyachee Sep 11, 2010

    Wow that is messed up...HOWEVER, I don't understand why they just "closed" your account.

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  • Mu
    mumbaicalling May 06, 2011

    As an ex employee - Paying large amounts in cash is a very big mistake. Federal Law states that the bank need's to finds out where the cash came. For all they care, your cash could have come from the Colombian drug cartel or Islamic terrorist.

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rip off

I was looking for work at home opportunities and somehow this Chase Morgan Marketing got my debit card number. Many sites ask for info and then at the end of the process they tell you how much they cost, so you cancel, but somehow they got my numbers anyway. I was charged $87.42 and calling their number [protected])or emailing them ([protected] produced no results. I don't know what city they are in and it makes me think that there has to be some way to prevent such scammers from operating since I see this same outfit has been doing this for some time now and its still going on. I called my bank and they were kind enough to refund my money and I had to change my debit card number to prevent them from charging me again. Watch out for "Work at Home" opportunities and NEVER give out your credit card numbers to any site over the internet unless you KNOW they are legit. Thank God I have a bank that understands these things.

  • Ma
    marietta de leon Nov 17, 2010

    i was looking for a work at home opportunity and i came across this website totalworkathomefreedom and was convince about it and asked for $4.77 to start with so i authorized that amt. but after aweek this chase morgan dexso i don't even know this company did anauthorized transaction on my debit card in amount of $87.42 and i did a research finally found a ph# 302-397-2536 but it's a recorded voice you can't leave a meassage so i emailed still no response. I don't where they got hold of my debit card so i reported it to my bank to dispute the amount.

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  • Ma
    mary ann talarico Dec 15, 2010

    you tell us to go here if we need help, well the only hepl I need from you mis to to return the money you took out of my account without my authorization
    now I havae to go and make a police report to get the bank to refund my money would it not be eaiser if you just did that. But you also set up a phony web site [email protected] that does not work. It sad that you have to take advantage of people, when work is hard to find and money is thigt, you kepp getting richer from our hard earn money that you take illegally. Im sure there are many out there like me that are a fixed income and thrying to find a way to make money at home because it is easier then to go out and work
    I hope that if you get enough fraud charges aganist you ths site will be shut down so more people will not get taken advantage of

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  • Ma
    Mary Bash Dec 31, 2010

    Wow! The exact thing happened to me. I think it is definitely time for a class action law suit!

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  • Ma
    Mary Bash Dec 31, 2010

    Any one know a good attorney?

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  • Am
    amy12 Mar 28, 2011

    I had the same thing happen to me, it is good to know that they won't give your money back, just hopefully my bank is as understanding as yours and will give me my money back, even if I have to change my card number. Thank you

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  • Jo
    Joscelyn Dye Apr 05, 2011

    I paid 9.00 for the disk because it was the shipping and handling. And I looked a week later and my account was charged the 87.42 also I am not happy with that because I called the number and I didn't get any results. Now I have to call my bank and have them try to do something about this because that is ridiculous. I will not be doing this again. It website also took me through other people to do the home business but I denied it.

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  • Sz
    szzupise Apr 22, 2011

    Perhap you would like to try 'Paypal' the next time you purchase or wish to be paid online. It has been pretty safe for me & I believe most users. As for the search for work from home business, I can share your sentiment as I have been looking around about it for a fair deal & also lose a fair deal of money myself on scam sites too.
    You may wish to take a look at this program below & see if you might find it interesting. The money-making part is needless to emphasize so lets hope we all can do well enough soon to retire early.
    Check this out;

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  • Ca
    carla in kansas Apr 27, 2011

    i just signed up for this too and i cannot get no response or an email, and i know they know im pissed cuz ive left messages on the answering machine. I demand my money back and i agree we should actually sue these guys.

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  • Te
    Terica23 May 13, 2011

    I have tried contacting the company via email(s) and all of the phone numbers associated with the account and I too have had no response. I have left messages on the personal voice mails and also tried contacting the main office managers numbers that I was given after trying to withdraw funds from my account and found out that it was totally empty. These people had made 3 un-authorized transactions and I have yet to be notified or able to contact them to question them concerning why. I'm un-employed and in need of work as everyone else desiring to find legit jobs who applies and this is totally un-ethical, illegal, and down-right hateful. Trust me when I say that if we all are not compensated, their judgement day still awaits! I'll just continue to pray for your soles.

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  • Da
    Danita Teter Jun 15, 2011

    I was ripped off. I want to taken off yor books & never charged.

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unlawful practice of charging interest on the 1st statement

Chase issues credit cards for Pier One. I have a platinum card. I charged $102.66 and paid the amount in full by the due date (through online banking). Chase did not credit the payment until the following day and then charged me a late fee of $10. This past month I charged $765.89 and just received the statement today with a due date of 9/27/2010. There is an interest charge of $8.94 on the balance owed!!! How can one have interest on an account paid in full the month before and then have interest on a new balance not yet due!!! There is no way you can ever pay off the balance as it will continue to accrue interest!!! Predatory credit practices that supposedly were outlawed. Chase should be put out of business.

  • Ct
    CTJ Sep 07, 2010

    You did not pay your balance in full prior to the due date (charged a $10.00 late fee). Interest accrues based on whether you have a zero balance on the DUE date, not the statement ending date. The interest charges are for the initial charges of $102.66 and unless you pay your full balance now owed by the DUE date, you will have additional interest accruing on your current charges.
    It is important to remember when paying online that you submit your payment prior to the cutoff time (usually 2 or 3pm Eastern time). If your payment is submitted after that cutoff time, you are officially LATE and interest applies from the date of purchase. The only way to avoid any interest charges is to pay the full balance prior to the DUE date.
    Scheduling automatic payment through your online banking system helps to avoid these types of mistakes.

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  • Su
    Susan Dillinger Sep 07, 2010

    Sorry to both of you. I paid via online banking and they received the payment by the due date.
    The interest was on the new charges not what was paid in full the previous month by their own account at chase. I am not a dumbo who does not understand the billing cycles.

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  • Ct
    CTJ Sep 08, 2010

    Then why were you charged a "late" fee if your payment was received on time??? Something just doesn't add up
    correctly. Either your payment was late or Chase charged the late fee penalty incorrectly and should be refunded.
    No interest should accrue if your payment was posted appropriately on time.

    From my perspective, Chase is billing you appropriately and they are in no way employing "predatory credit practices". Sorry if you are having difficulty understanding that paying online on the due date but after the cutoff time does make your payment late ---

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  • Su
    Susan Dillinger Sep 08, 2010

    Since you can not see the statement or the online banking info or the emails back and forth between Chase and me, I understand your lack of belief. Chase has finally taken off the late fee after their own records do not jive with their statement (two different received dates) and also the interest charges on the average daily balance on what I charged this current period. I'm over this company as this is not the first time in the last few months this has happened. I believe their hope is people will not read their statement carefully and they can get away with extra charges. Anyway, I am now resolved and I will no longer use the card. I only used it to earn rewards certificates at Pier One. It is interesting to read the emails back and forth as they assigned my email to a different person each time. No consistency of answers and when all emails bundled as one and asking them to please explain, suddenly all charges are taken off.

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not a good mortgage co.

Everybody who is saying the same thing is not lieing look this company is trying to sell people loan to other companys they no people are in need of threr home they don't care the rep ;s talk nasty to you and tell there supervisor somthing you did not say in a whole new different way if you need the law get it too many people are saying the same thing they are trying to get money for your home and not give a dame about you they are rude, you can't trust what they say and they will put you in foreclosure they made a agreement me on the phone went back on there word'chase is not a good mortgage co.


My daughter has a student loan with jp morgan chase. she is still attendng school. she has spoken to them
quite a few times already and has sent them the information and documents they requested. We are being
harassed. Chase calls from all different tel#s every day morning, afternoon and night. Weekends and Holidays.
I am so nervous and my daughter is so nervous. I have hives and had to seek a dermatologist. My daughter hasy
Crones Disease and Ulcerated Colitois and she is very nervous and it is making her conditions worse...
It is against the law to harass us and please help us to have them stop and we want to be compensated for
our health issues that JP Morgan Chase has given us..

rude and slow

Mariya Cremer of Chase63090 Amboy Road was Rude and slow and would rather flert then noterize my paper. She made me wait 25 minutes just to noterize a signiture

  • Yo
    yourfault Dec 14, 2010

    25 minutes? Are you sure? did you learn how to count before you dropped out of grade school?

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  • No
    Notmyfault Dec 14, 2010

    I'm sure he went to grade school but couldn't pay attention with all the flerting going on.

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