Chase Credit Cardlate fee and interest on late fee. not honoring 6 months no payment plus 0 percent financing

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I made purchases on May 17 for 543 dollars at toyrus. I opened this account because they would give me 10% off, plus 0 percent interest and no payment for 6 months. I mailed a check for 543 dollars on July 1st. They are saying that they recieved it on 4th of July, dont know how and since payments were due on July 2nd, they charged me a late fee of 39 dollars on July 3rd. I assumed my account was paid in full. I got a statement today, 08/12 saying that I am late again so they charged me a late fee. Late fee and interest on their Late fee. When I called them, and asked about te promotion, they said that only purchases over 199 qualifies. Well, mine was for 543 dollars but they say that toyrus charged 2 seperate times, one for 399 and one for 145. I don't know why they did this but I had no idea or info about it. Anyhow, they refuse to waive the late fees and they talk to you in a disrespectful manner. I spoke with a lady named Crystal. Extremly rude. It took her 30 min to agree to transfer me to the supervisor. All she would say is that I am your account manager and I am handling this. Finally another lady got on the phone, same attitude. Probably was not even the manager. They refused to give me any info about any dept or agency where I can file a complaint. You can complain at I am closing my account and paying the late fees. This is why the banking industry is in trouble. Its best to do business with small banks in your hometown.


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      Aug 28, 2009

    I also opened a credit card with Chase under the promo offer. I have never missed or been late on payments and have paid over the amount that was due each month. in my statement this month i was informed that my promo offer was canceled and i was now being charged an interest rate of 220% because of a late payment. I KNOW my payments were made on time, I BELIEVE the payment was held by Chase in order to justify their rate assault on me.

    I plan on paying off this bill this month, along with the fraudulent interest, but if they do this to thousands of customers, just think of the profit they make.

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      Mar 04, 2011

    I dont' get it. I own my own company and if I tried this with my clients, I would lose them all. I had Chase on auto pay so that every month I would be sure to pay them and not get any of there late fees. I got charged a $25 late fee because my auto pay was under $1! Now with that being said, I have good credit, over 700. They jacked up my interested rate to 29.9% because of the $1. So, I have it down to $7K and I am patiently waiting for a small windfall so I can pay them off and never do business with Chase again, when suddenly my $255 is not enough. With no purchases on my card they said my payment was $280 with a lesser balance than previously. I called the poor excuse for customer service line and was told I would have to wait 10 minutes. OK, 10 minutes is not that long, but I was already annoyed. So, I tried to email their CS contact me and it would not go! Chase, if you are listening, there are enough of us who are pretty sick of you. I feel better now.

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