Chase Credit Cardsent us promotional check to write, cancelled it on us after we put it in the bank.

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We had just received a promotional low interest check in our last statement to use on whatever we wanted to. WE never were late on a payment and had a 15, 000 credit limit available to us on the statement they gave us.

We wrote a 1, 900 check to our checking acct. to cover some bills we needed to pay. We wrote checks from our banking acct. paying these other bills.

After we sent out all these other checks, Chase cancelled the check for 1, 900. We were led to believe we had up to 15, 000 to use, then Chase calls and says they decided to drop our credit limit to 1, 200 after being with them for years and never having bad credit.
They tell us this after we wrote the check, way under what our credit limit was in the statement.

Their explanation is that they can lend money to who they want and they can change credit limits at any time... (That's just not right.)
Go to HelL Chase... We're done with you!!

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      Aug 25, 2009

    I too had $2, 500 available on a $12, 800 credit line, which I was encouraged to use to pay off other cards.

    I had unexpected expenses that drew my checking account down. On 08/14/09, I called Chase to see about getting a $800 transfer check to my checking account to tide me over until payday 08/26/09, I was told that I could not make a transfer to my checking account, it had to go to a credit card. I then asked them to transfer $800.00 to pay a credit card payment, which was due on 08/24/09. I was told that it would take 5-7 days for the transfer to be processed. I was also told the transfer could not be canceled. I asked if the transfer was accepted and they said yes, but it has to be reviewed and I will be notified by mail if it is declined. Great, now I have a transfer that has been submitted, but I don't know if it is actually approved and it can't be canceled. I called again on 08/21/09 to confirm that there was not any problems and the transfer was being processed. I was reassured that everything was okay the transfer was being processed. On 08/22/09, I received a letter in the mail stating that my transfer had been declined and my credit line reduced by $2, 200.00, because I was close to my credit limit. To me it wasn't close to the credit limit, but now it sure is. Now it is too late for me to make any other arrangements until 08/26/09, and I will now get a late charge for not making my payment due on 08/24/09 with the other card company.

    CHASE Sucks!

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      Oct 07, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. I have never been late with payments. They sent me promo checks with low interest told me to use before Sept. 30. I used the check and got a letter after the fact that they couldn't honor it because they just reduced my credit limit.

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