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Chase Bank / overcharged

1 Wilmington, DE, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-945-2000

I just found out, as apparently other have as well, that Chase is now charging a $10/month 'service' fee on top of what they agreed was a fixed low interest rate (3.99% in my case). This effectively raises my interest rate to about 5 1/2%. In addition, they have increased my monthly payment almost three-fold (which may make it difficult in the current economic climate for me to qualify on debt to income ratio in refinancing my home--to take advantage of low mortgage rates). Their ploy is that they will take away the $10 service fee and reinstate my previous monthly payment amount, if I agree to double the interest rate on my outstanding $8, 000 debt to 7.99%!

They claim the are following the letter of the fine print in the agreement, but it is clear to me that they are ethically and most likely, legally, violating the agreement as it was initially publicized to me, in order to get my business. This is clearly fraud.

I am very interested in actively pursuing this matter--not only for my own self-interest, but because it is time for us hard-working American people to stand up for our rights in the face of corporate greed and rip-offs. Banks like Chase can take bail out monies (our tax dollars), distribute some of the funds to their high paid executives, use the monies to buy pharmaceutical companies and the like to increase their profits, and still continue to hoard money rather than providing loans to hard working American people who need money to get buy during these difficult times. On top of it all, those of us who are responsibly paying off our debts, are now finding the rules being changed by Chase in mid-stream--in order to further bail this Bank out of its own difficult circumstances.

Maybe we should be charging them a service fee whenever we make our payments on time, and deduct this service fee from our principal balance!!

I hope some socially responsible lawyer will contact me and others to start a class action suit. I will also be contacting my local Congressperson whom I know will be very concerned about this matter, and looking into other avenues for recourse--not just to help myself financially, but to take a stand against such unilateral, unethical and illegal corporate actions.

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  • Sa
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    I am sick to my stomach today when A bank who gave me an offer for the life of my balance for 3.99% if I transfered a balance to them. I accepted this term and was also offered to 'write myself a check' for the life of the balance of 4.99%. I accepted these offers a few years ago and used some of the money to pay off another loan and do some work to my home.

    I now have a balance of $9, 000.00 of which I have always paid more than the minimum payment and always paid on time. I was sick to see my January statement show double the minimum payment plus an $10.00 transaction fee! I called and was advised that Chase changed the terms and I could stay with the current terms or accept an offer of 7.99% until January 2011 after that it will be variable!

    I advised her I have NEVER not paid on my account and have always paid on time. I don't understand how Chase can just change the terms of what I originally accepted and I stayed within the terms of the agreement. I was basically given the option to pay the $10.00 fee every month with 2% of the balance for the minimum payment or accept the 7.99% offer.

    I have great credit and have never been late or not paid Any bill! I am getting penalized for being a good customer and paying my bill!! I guess they are not making enough money on be because i have not been late so they could not change my apr but went ahead and did it any way!

    I had no choice and accepted the 7.99% but will be shopping for a new company to pay that off! stay away from Chase! They will change the terms when they do not make enough money off you. I will NEVER do business with Chase ever again!!! All I can hope is that there will be some great class action suit against them!

  • Bi
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I searched the internet for the best deal on visa card rebates and found Chase Bank USA, N.A. offered a 3% rebate on visa card purchases. Or, at least, 3% on your top 3 spending categories for the month. The rest of the purchases provided a 1% rebate. This sounded like a great idea to me, after all, I have an excellent credit rating, always pay my balance in full by the due date, and Capital One was only giving me a 1% rebate, so why not? I applied at Chase and was immediately approved and obtained a $9500 credit limit. This was several months ago.

    Well, I decided to redeem my 'points'. I got onto my account on line and was having trouble finding out how to 'redeem' my 'points' online. They had plenty of ways I could redeem my points for purchases from company's such as blockbuster, red lobster, the gap, starbucks, avis, sea world, ect...however, I could see no way to apply my 'points' as a credit or 'payment' towards my current monthly visa balance as I have always done with Capital One. No doubt, red lobster and star bucks are fine company's, and I sometimes purchase things from all these company's, however, I just wanted the 'points' to be applied as a credit to my current balance.

    After much searching for a phone number and waiting for someone to talk with I actually got through to a 'live' person. Be advised it took me almost 15 minutes of searching on the chase cc website for an actual customer service phone number. My 'customer service representative' acted as if she had never heard of any one applying their 'points' to their credit card balance before. I felt as if I was talking to someone from the planet vulcraft who had never heard someone ask for their 'points' be applied to their balance.

    Well, after much confusion this fine customer service representative advised me that she would have to transfer me over to a 'specialist' who could see if she could provide me with a 'points' redemtion plan like I was talking about. After more waiting I finally accessed the tremendously overworked 'credit card specialist' who was paid to hear my sad story of how I didn't want to use my points to buy over priced stuff from stores who paid CHASE to have their company associated with them. I just wanted to use my 3% rebate 'points' to be applied to my account.

    The 'specialist' acted like it was hard but that she could now understand me. She now seemed to comprehend that I just wanted the 'CASH BABY'. She warned me it was a difficult proposition and that it might take them a few months to get me all the particulars worked out. She never did mention the name of this 'new plan' but I was confident I was on my way to receiving my promised 3% rebate which could be applied to my balance. I evidently didn't look look in the right spot on the application when I enrolled in the CHASEFREEDOM plan and I evidently was interested in their 'cheapo plan' ... you know, the one that lets you simply apply your 'points' to your credit card balance?

    So the specialist evidently did her job because after a few weeks I received a REJECTION LETTER from CHASE Bank stating that I was denied access to their 'Visa Signature credit program' because I have too many loan accounts opened. This is hilarious to me since I have practically no debt and an 880 credit score. This is from the same company that approved me immediately with no questions asked 6 months ago when I didn't realize that I was enrolling in the plan that offered 3% back on overpriced items from vendors that CHASE bank has an advertising revenue stream with.

  • So
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    Call and get a sup. You only need to xfer to the Chase Freedom - Chase program. It's done in three days.

  • Du
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    Because of company layoffs I now work for a job that pays only 2/3 what I was making, there simply aren't any other jobs available. I've been surviving my Mortgage payments by depleting my life-long savings account.

    I can't sell or refinance the home because it is now worth 25% less than what is owed.

    Well, the savings are gone and I no longer can make the mortgage. I called Chase to discuss a loan modification BEFORE I begin missing payments. My hope was to reduce the loan interest rate to the prevailing interest rate. That would be enough to make up the difference in my salary so I would not miss any mortgage payments and the bank would not end up with a house valued at a fraction of what they loaned me to buy it.

    Chase said they couldn't do anything. They are not doing 'any' loan modifications for interest rate. I asked what they were doing and they said, 'we can do nothing for you.'

    Sadly, I will begin missing payments and will very soon have to file bankruptcy.

    The government is spending $700 billion dollars to bail out banks but banks aren't doing anything in return to help their customers. Well, it's bad business to turn away a customer who is able to pay all of the principle loaned to him if he can just get the interest rate reduced to today's interest rate. Yes, they would make less money on the interest but they would make money nonetheless, and they would not end up with yet another worthless, foreclosed home.

    Chase, you don't deserve the government bailout. You don't know how to manage your business. So Government, please stop giving them money. Let their creditors reposes their properties as they will soon reposes mine.

  • Er
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    Exact same thing happened to me. I had a balance of $15k and my payment went from $300 (2%)to $750(5%)+$10 month charge) which threw my budget out of whack. The reasoning on their part was that I was not paying them enough interest. They sent me check offers evry month for years and years and then they changed the terms after I accepted an offer. Never borrow from Chase!

  • Jo
      10th of Mar, 2009
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    We've enjoyed our Chase Visa for 3 years (mainly for business expenses). We've never missed or even made a late payment. We're no-where near being maxed out. Chase even keeps raising our credit limit, although there is no need.

    Well, we too got 'the letter' from Chase that they're raising our rate. We've been considering a long time to go somewhere else anyway, because 12% seems unusually high for our high credit rating. I called, to see if they would reconsider our rate hike. The customer service rep said they are not reconsidering anyone's rates at this time. She said that the economy was to blame and that they were doing the rate increase to try to stay in business.

    Well, maybe now the good customers have to pay more for the people who are going bankrupt. I'm not blaming these people. We're quickly entering a depression. But we are not going to be paying Chase more. Reading all the reports by others, I was quickly convinced to bail. I called US Bank, which offered me 0% for 12 months or 3.9% for life of loan with no transfer fee.

  • Lu
      7th of May, 2009
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    I was with WaMu for years and as soon as this company chang to Chase my problem started. I had to sign to new chase online banking and also they ask me for sign up paperless bill and how "this is very good for environment and etc.." and also they suppose to send me email alert as well but that never happened and I end up with late fee and finance charge and increase my APR from 2.99 to 29.99 !! After be on phone so many times and talk to so many different agents they did accept internet banking error from them, but they only revers late fee and fix APR but they did not return my $164.00 finance charge, and after I said I will cancel my account they told me fine and I have to pay for them mistake .it is apparent that Chase Bank is not in it for the Customer Service.Chase should keep in mind that as they say, one unhappy customer is likely to tell people about a bad experience that they had with that company. I did cancel my card and never ever go with this company again.

  • Av
      26th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    two weeks ago i spoke to a chase rep over the phone, who notified me that i had over 7000 points and that i should reedeem them, but that he would roll them over, and send me new cards with no changes to my account.he also said the rate would not change. today, i received a change in terms, that stated my interest would go up from 7.99%, to over 19%, or that i should c all them, and notify them that i do not want to pay this. i called them, and was told, that the only thing i could do is close the account, and they will contact the credit bureau. i told them to close the account. i then asked to redeem my points, and they refused.this is very poor business practice! theyll be lucky to get my payment next month! I HAVE NEVER EVER MISSED A PAYMENT OR OAYED A PAYMENT LATE, AND IVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR 9 YEARS.

  • Br
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Stay away from Chase! I had a very similar problem. I always have paid on time and above the minimum payment. I noticed this last payment that J.P. Chase Morgan changed the terms on my Chase Credit Card from a 9.99% fixed interest rate card to a 14.00% variable rate card increasing my monthly payments from $250 a month to $350 a month. These are not the terms I agreed to when I signed up for the card. I did not want a variable interest rate card, but cannot pay the card off in full and am stuck in this situation. I called Chase's customer service department to try to get back the original terms on the credit card. I asked for to speak with a supervisor three times, but they representative would not allow me or transfer me to a supervisor and told me no one had the power to change my card back to the original terms.

  • De
      8th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My husband had almost the exact same thing happen! Chase took over the bank he had been with and then screwed up the payment process for paying on his credit card. Even though he attempted to make his payment, the payment never would process correctly with their new electronic system (although it initially appeared to go through). He was then charged a late fee and then they took his interest rate and tripled it! They're like a bunch of greedy, unpatriotic loan sharks who get to change the rules on a whim!

    This was NOT his fault. He had never been late or missed even one payment, and prior to this, he had a strong credit score. He has always paid responsibly, and they treated him like garbage. This was Chase's payment processing's fault--it had bugs. He has attempted to get help from their customer service, but it is impossible to speak with someone helpful who understands English. They are NOT helpful or fair. This is the WORST bank, and every time we see their ad on TV, we want to throw our shoes at the screen. Once we pay off this account, they will NOT see us again.

    We are deeply frustrated with the fact that these banks got bailouts and then the credit card bill of rights allowed them months and months to stick it to the consumer before it goes into effect and it did nothing about usury. President Obama/Congress are trying, but they screwed up on this one, and we sure are disappointed. How many of us are going to end up facing bankruptcy because of unscrupulous banking practices? Do the banks not care if they sink the rest of the citizens of this nation? Do they not see that if we all go down there will be no one left to use their stinking credit or save a dime in their institutions? CHASE SUCKS.

  • Po
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    Hundreds of thousands of people are having the same problems with Chase bank. I'm one too, with a mid-700's FICO, never paid a bill late and always paid more than the minimum balance on my "teaser" rate. Unlike most however, I kept the original terms and when Chase raised my minimum payment 140% or offered me a 6% (instead of the current 2.99) I promptly sent a certified letter demanding copies of my original contract. I noted that I still had mine, and a court would be comparing the terms on mine and whatever they sent me. Lo and behold! They came back and offered me a 2% with low (2%) of the balance payments, actually better than my original terms. Don't give up and let them win. File a small claims action for $20.00 (depending on the state you live in) and rather than send someone to defend your accusation, they may give in as they did with me.

    And... I will NEVER use Chase bank again, and have moved my business acount which I have had for 20 years to a different bank. I also closed my other 2 chase cards that I didn't have a revolving balance on. BOYCOTT CHASE BANK

  • Ki
      18th of Jul, 2009
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    I was offered by WaMu Bank's credit card with a low interest rate few years ago. WaMu now is taking over by Chase Bank. I lost my job last year and cause my financial difficulty. I recently just got a job. I had one time late payment in March, Chase Bank increase my interested charge to 29.99%. I called the customer service and the rep was very rude to me. She basically told me this is their new policy and she can't help me for that. She then hang up without further explanation. This is like a "Loan Shark" now. Bank with a 30% interest... This is not helping us in this tough time but ripping us as much as they can.

  • Bi
      24th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    What a troll, posting under fake names and on different boards. Bill here is also John from IN and Nick from CA this guy is a total idiot.

    880 credit rating and $9, 500 yup, believable.

    Since i have a 770 no debt and a 60, 000 limit on the same card.

  • M7
      6th of Sep, 2009
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    HOW CAN BANKS CHARGE 29.9%, car lots can only charge 18%???
    We really need this credit card reform, hopefully Obama doesn't ruin this too!

  • Ta
      14th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please read my post on unauthorized charges and fake/forged contracts under there "Payment Protection" program. I strongly suggest you file a complaint with the Atty. General's office both in your state and the state which Chase billed you from. It is easy - free and in most cases can be done online in a few moments. It is really important if we want to stop being abused by these organizations and then paying for there mistakes. These CEOs are on their Yachts or private jets while swindling funds from honest Americans to support there activities. An organization called "Criss-Cross" is being formed to assist in getting the attention of big business. Info on becoming a member should be online in approx. 3-6 months. Good luck and please don't give up without being heard and demanding a satisfactory reply, "Take-Mo-More"

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