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I am a disabled person with a tracheostomy. And I went to cash a check that was drawn on their bank from National College, After charging me $6 and me giving them my driver license, they insisted on another piece of ID. They were smug, and staring at my Trache. I gave them my fishing license, travel rewards card and my WV medical insurance card. But they still refused. I went to my car and returned (all the while struggling to to breathe). I returned and gave them my Property Tax Bill, My Car registration ticket and card, My insurance ID cards, My blood donor Card, my Auto Tax bill, but still they refuse and by this time they were sniggering at me. I told them, that I knew that they were hasseling me because of my disability, the assistant manager said, "No just those forms of ID wont do". I went back to my car and got my social security card, and took that to them. They refused my Social security card, but finally said since I was disabled they could accept my travel rewards card!!! Now anyone can get a travel rewards card. Then they acted like they didnt think the check would clear the College's account, after about standing their an additional 15, huffing and puffing about ready to collapse, they finally cashed it. I have already called customer service and told them what happened, but they were not interested. How ever she did say she would have it investigated. I plan on filing a complaint with my state attorney generals office, and see if they will help me. I would advise anyone else to do the same. That was the most horrible experience I have EVER encountered at a bank. Of course they kept telling me, if I opened up an account there, I would have no problems cashing checks! This was after offering AT LEAST 10 other pieces of government issued documents, showing my mailing address (which was on the check and my drivers license). This chase bank is sick!

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  • Ro
      Apr 18, 2010

    You say you are so disabled it was extremely hard for you stand there and to go back to your car to get more id? Yet you drive, travel and fish... all according to the cards you were trying to use as ID. See, this is my complaint with you: You are claiming discrimination based on your, "trache" but that wasn't really the issue. You didn't have the required two forms of ID to cash a check at a bank where you are not their client and you are using your perceived disability as a reason they should set aside their rules. In other words, you want special treatment...Where as I, with a prosthetic leg just want to be treated normally. I seriously doubt anyone was would refuse to cash a check because the person in front of them had a, "trache."

    There are serious issues of discrimination, (of all forms) in the world. However it is those few individuals who feel so very entitled and demand something extra, ( like in your case, skating around their rules regarding ID, ) because of their disability that FORCE those in public service to be very wary of ANYONE who has some sort of protected status.

    You are fortunate that Bank Manager took the ID she did. Next time, go to your own bank to cash your check and leave claims of discrimination to those persons who have REAL problems.

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  •   Apr 23, 2010


    I agree with you that disability was not the issue in this case, it was a matter of acceptable forms of ID for check cashing purposes. And the OP doesn't have a chance at any type of complaint with the State or any other entity. However, I do not agree with your sentiment regarding being too disabled to drive, travel, and fish. I do all of these things and I am disabled. Not "perceived" to be disabled either. I fish, camp (with some small changes obviously) go see shows, go to the mall, etc. all from my Quickie Revolution.

    I do not think being disabled means getting around rules though, which is why the complaint just doesn't hold water.

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  • Ro
      Jan 07, 2011

    Closing your credit card will decrease your credit score anyway...file the dispute on the unauthorized charges and request the account to be closed due to fraud.

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