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Chase Auto Finance / misrepresentation

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Chase auto finance never get a loan from them you will regret it - illegal practices
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I have a loan with chase auto finance (A huge nightmare) that I have paid faithly each month for 2 1/2 years.
Just recently I ran into a financial hardship and fell behind on my payments. I contacted chase to tell them about my hardship and they told me if I made a payment by the 20th of the month they could help me and put 2mths on the backend of my loan but I would have to make my payment first. I agreed, and thanked them for working with me.

I called back to make sure they received my payment, they said yes, and than I asked about putting the two payments on the back-end of my loan as they promised. Much to my surprised I was informed they could not do that and proceeded to tell me I was delinquent and needed to pay the past due balance immediately. After talking with 2 representatives they finally agreed to submit the paperwork to the supervisor for review and told me to call back in 2 days, worst case if I did not get approved for two months they could give me one month.

I received a call the next day from chase (After they took the money out of my account) telling me I was seriously past due and needed to make a $3, 000 payment now. I asked the girl why she was calling me I already made a payment and was suppose to call them back in 2 days to see if I was approved for a 2 month payment deferral.

She said I did not qualify and I needed to bring my account current. I preceeded to tell her that chase lied just to get me to make a payment and had no intention of helping me. I repeated that they lied and I asked for a supervisor (What a mistake)... On hold for 5mins than mr. Hunter answered and proceeded to tell me the same thing... I was seriously past due and they needed a payment of $3, 000 now. I told him they lied and trick me into believing they would put the payments on the backend of my loan and I recorded what they said which opened up another can of worms, he stated it is illegal to record anything without our authorization, they are wrong. You can take handwritten notes of the conversation.

Long story short if I do not come up with the $3, 000 payment "now" theywill take my vehicle. I am 32days past due on one payment and 5 days past due on the 2nd payment. If they would agree to one payment on the back-end that would help but they have no intention of helping at all and just want the car...In this economy a luxury will not sell for anything, oh I forgot they send you a bill for the difference.

It's unbelievable to me how I was treated and their practices should be illegal.

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      8th of May, 2009
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    I posted this on another thread but thought you might be interested. Similiar story;

    Horror Stories galore about Chase Auto Finance. Worst thing that ever happened to me was when my car loan was sent to Chase through a dealer.

    I purchased my car in 2006. I made 26 payments on time (it was due on the 1st and if the office did not have it by the second the phone started ringing and ringing and ringing). I am in the Real Estate industry and my income became reduced. At this point I was on a first name basis with the local chase office becuase they called me so many times. In September I did not have a payment to give. I asked if they would defer a couple of payments and they said no. I asked if they would take a partial payment and they said no. I got behind and was 30 days for a couple of months. By November I was 45 days and told them I could get current if they gave me a week. (I am commisioned and do not get a steady income stream)

    One day I get a call from someone saying that they are detective so and so and they are coming to get the car. I called Chase and explained to the rep that I had made an arrangement with somone in the office to become current the following week. The rep yelled at me and wanted to know where the vehicle was. I told her it was at my house she called me a liar and said I had abandoned my home. (huh?)...there was no talking to this lady and she threatened to call the sherrifs department and have me arrested. At this point I was freaked out.

    I cleared my stuff out of the car and they came and got it.

    I went into the office the next day and spoke to the manager and she calculated that I owed over 3 thousand dollars in fees. (at this point I owed $1000 which I could have payed in a couple of days. I have no idea where this 3K amount came from but I was tired of fighting with them. I ended up purchasing a used car the next week for 2000 just to get around and chalked the whole experiance up to Chase as a bad situation.

    About a month later I get a call from an attorney that stated they were looking to resolve the deficancy. They said I owed them 17K which I thought was high but I told them I could not pay and I was sorry but if Chase was interested in resolving it they could have worked with me...especially after they had recieved 25 billion in tarp money for there bailout. The attorney stated that if I did not pay up they would sue me and garnish my wages.

    I did not hear from them again for about 4 months and then 2 weeks ago I was in bed at 10:30 at night reading and someone comes to my door. I get up and answer it and it is someone from Chase serving me with a lawsuite. (lady claimed to be an officer of the court and she may have been but ironicly she knew everyone via first name at the local Chase Auto Finance office)

    The lawsuite alleges that I broke the contract (which I did becuase of my financial hardship) and that I owed 20K+ for the loan...(26 payments later and w/ my car being sold at auction on a 20K loan) They also added 6K for atty fees.

    I contacted a lawyer and he advised me to file BK. When I explained the whole story he told me that there were a plethora of banking regs that had most likely been broken but unfortunately the cost of fighting the lawsuit was not worth the risk. He also mentioned that Chase was the worst offender and has a horrid reputation within the BK circles of backing customers against the wall and not working through issues.

    I filed for BK this week.

    If Chase would have worked with me I probably could have resolved this situation. I would have had some dings on my credit but I would have worked through it. Chase would have been paid and everything could have worked out fine. Becuase Chase was so combative and inflexible all that has been accomplished in that I am in BK and they are going to lose about 15K in what I owed them.

    Meanwhile the government has given Chase 25 BILLION dollars in bailout money. Chase can not work with me and defer a couple of payments? Show a little compasion or buisness sense? Like I said...If I had a little bit of help I could have avoided this whole issue but they forced my hand on this.

    Amazing...truly amazing. I would do anything to get a class action lawsuit started against these guys.

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