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Chase Auto Finance / horrible service and rip off!

1 635 Perrie Drive Unit 305Elk Grove Village, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 847-640-7099

I have had a loan with Chase Auto Finance for almost 4 years. I originally put 25,000 dollars cash on my vehicle with only 4,000 dollars as the actual loan. I have been making very low payments since then because i was a student. For the entire 4 years I have made every single payment on time. Never once late. In July I had a very serious medical situation come up with my pregnancy which meant I would have to be hospitalized until December. I had called Chase immediately and asked for help. They said they would give me a deferment for two months. I thought it was all set up until a month later when i received mail that it had not gone through. I had then called back again and they said it didnt go through for some reason they could not say. But now it was set up. So at this point my son was born and I was still not working because he was very sick in NICU barely surviving. So I was just one month behind at that point. So I thought I would be ok with another month help. Then I got another bill saying I was 3 months late. They still had not applied the deferment. My son had passed away in November. I was still making payments when i could but i was not on time. I called again they said if i go to the bank and make a payment that it would be deferment again. I immediately went to the bank and called again while i was there with a representative from the bank. I made the payment,they said it would take one business day to post and then the deferment would be in effect. Now beginning of January I find out that my car is in collections. If I dont pay $3200 now it will be repossessed. I cannot get anyone to help me because now it is in collections and they dont care. So I then talked to a Thomas who said that if i can pay a good amount now that i can make payments. Which they are not suppose to do but because my loan is less than 4000 they can do it. So I gave them $1500 payment which i seriously did not have i have a family too. He then said I would have to pay 466.00 every month on the 29th of the month. I was to call him directly to make that arrangement and everything would be ok and my car would not be repossessed. So then I get a letter saying that I would be able to get a reduced amount on my loan if i pay in full now. So I called today (2/20/07), because thomas told me i would not be able to get it reduced because my car is worth more than the loan. so then i talk to the secretary who then tells me she will direct me to thomas or someone else who is available first. I didnt even ask for thomas she said his name to me. so she sends me to jeanie at phone number [protected]. she says there is no deal in the computer that i should not have my car right now. i was so upset so i got defensive she said there is no notes or thomas in the system. so i ask to talk to manager. She said Griffin is his name. so he gets on the phone yelling and being so disrespectful like i am so wrong and stupid. He even told me when i asked if i could talk that i couldnt "You have nothing to say". I said yes i do. He repeated to tell me that" you do not have anything to say". He also told me that they already tried to reposess my car but they couldnt get to it. Then he said i am being ridiculous and that he is "walking right over to the repossession department to pick up my car right now". Then he said i have 48 hours to pay $1900 dollars. Then I asked him his name and he wouldnt tell me at first he said you are not going to play this management ladder game with me. Then he finally told me his name is greg. I said well the lady told me it was griffin. He said no my last name is grittman. then he hung up on me. so i called back the number that i had for thomas and the lady sent me back to grittman saying he is the representative on my account now. Then when it went to him he was all nice to me saying that there is a note in the system that i talked to someone named perrie. maybe it was thomas perrie or viseaversa who knows. but that i had to deal with jeannie now because he cant give me to perrie because he didnt assign himself on my acct. which is not right if i talked to him to make the deal. so then they set up the payments for the exact amount i had before and didnt even apologize to me or anything. i want to know who his superior is and I want him fired immediately. he should not be working with people. I am a mother, a wife, a nurse, and a person and I demand respect. He had no right to speak with me in such a way. I hope it was recorded so everyone will know how he spoke to me. bottom like it shouldnt even be this situation if they would have put the deferment through in the beginning. I am highly upset and will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CHASE EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE, and believe me when i say no one that i know will do business with you either.

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  • Ja
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    I am having the same problem. I have been late due to medical problems and hours cut on my job. I tried to explained this but it was like no one was listening. My note is due on the 28th of each month. I am late on the march payment but not yet 30 days. I getting these calls from a mr. cummings. he will not give me a deferrement because I had one last december and he states will not be due one again until this december. He calls me everyday. I expalined to him that I am not 30 days late as yet and would make my march payment on the 9th of april. he states that will not due. If I write a check the money is not going to be there. It's like these people have no understanding. I never said that I was not going to pay my note I ask for more time. So I called early one morning and spoke with a different person who states that my car was not up for repo that day but there was a note on my account that it could be. These people lie so much you don't know what to believe. Monday I was on my way to work I walk out of my house to see a wrecker at the stop sign. When I pull off he pulls off going the other way. I think it was suppose to be a scare. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE HELP US WITH THESE PEOPLE?

  • Er
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    I haven't had any problems with Chase at all... In fact, I've had four auto loans and Chase has far and away been the best :P

    Just thought I'd post my own experience after reading this, sorry you had a horrible time dealing with them!

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