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Chase Auto Finance / vehicle repossession after payment arrangement was made

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I truely want to warn anyone that wants to get a chase loan. I received a call last night that scared the hell out of me. This person called my parents home looking for me and he stated his name was investigator Hawkins and he needed them to get a hold of me and reference to case number 10410. I went online and tried looking up his business...which he stated was general investigations unit...when i looked that up it said homicide, assaults, etc...detectives. Nothing about reposession. I even tried looking up his 800number nothing turned up. Also looked up by his name and found a lot of people with the same story.This man has a lot of complaints and he is only a repo guy trying to pose as a officer. He is breaking two laws that we know of so far. Do not give out your info if you receive a call like this. What is Chase doing?? Who are they hiring to do repo's? I have had it with Chase I hope with the economy plumitting Chase will go down as well!!

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  • Mj
      1st of May, 2016
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    April 15, 2016 - My car was taken from my jobs hereby the tow truck driver sped off with my car during dismissal time leaving tire marks on the cement. It scared the young students as they were loading the buses. I was shocked by this incident due to the fact I had made a payment arrangement to make a payment on the fifteenth of April. I thought they would give me at least until the close of their day on the 15th of April as agreed upon. When I called to tell Chase of my agreement Chase made with me. And to not allow me the opportunity to make the payment wasn't fair. I was told by the first Chase Redemption Dept. that to get my car was 1600. After my call was conveniently dropped after holding I was put on hold for 35 minutes. When U called right back I was told I had to pay the full amount of the loan to get my car. Which was 12, 000.00! It was as if once they knew I could come up with the 1600.00. They put me on hold and came back with me to pay more. When I asked to call pickup my personal items because I had items in the car that belongs to my job and I had a project due at work. I was told I couldn't get my personals. I began to freak out because I had medication in the car and my company's laptop. Then after speaking to a supervisor I was told I just had to wait over the weekend. I finally was able to for personal storage fees which is a joke! Because the storage or locker they claim they use to store your personals is your car. So that's a bogus fee! Their raking up fees against people who are already struggling financially. My car was taken intentionally on a Friday to collect at least two additional days of car storage fees on the tow lot cause the lot is closed on the weekends. This is another tactic to financially stress the down and trodden again and again. After finding exhausting all my options to get my car refinanced. I was told once I had a bank to refinance the payoff balance. I was told it didn't matter if Chase didn't receive payoff by deadline no matter what. The loan officer was even willing to speak to the redemption dept. The people in the redemption dept. were rude and didn't want to talk me or the loan officer. The loan officers suggested I talk to a Chase Supervisor. I spoke with a supervisor then I was told if I had a bank to refinance my auto. I was told to fax over a copy of the check and then call back to confirm the Chase Redemption receive the fax and then my car would be released to me on April 28. Then yet another hurdle! Once I thought I was getting my car after proving payment of the payoff balance. My car was held up three more days which they force me to pay for storage fees of those three additional days for my car. It isn't fair! Who has to make sure a cashiers check from a reputable bank has to wait to clear. I met all their requirements to get my car. They chose to keep my car an additional three days. I shouldn't have to pay more storage fee. I was ready to get my car on April 28. When my bank faced over a copy of the check meeting deadline and payoff requirements. The car at that point belonged to me! They would not release it until three days! My car was held against my wishes. This is yet another tactic run up the towing storage fees. This can't be done to individuals already financially hurting. I'm writing this complaint to get someone's attention to file a class action suit against Chase Bank. They are no more than a loan shark who loans money to people and make it difficult to repay or to get their property back! Please if there's an attorney or federal agency reading this that help the poor treatment of disadvantaged consumers. Someone please STOP CHASE AUTO FINANCE!

  • Sh
      28th of Feb, 2018
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    The customer service reps are always rude and then have the nerve to ask you what's going on in your personal life that caused you to be late on your payment.

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