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Chase Auto Finance / terrible experience!

1 528 S Main Street Second FloorAkron, OH, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-488-4590

I was contacted by Chase Finance with regard to my auto loan payment which was less than 30 days late and the representative stated in the voicemail that I needed to contact him within 1 hour to arrange the pickup of my vehicle for repossession. I contacted customer service and informed them that I was waiting on my tax return and that I was not working at the time and I would have my payment made before it was 30 days delinquent, after speaking with a supervisor they informed me that I had to make a payment to bring it current or it would be repossessed, and I agreed to make payment on 2/8/08 when I received my tax return. After receiving my tax return from the federal government, I immediately went to the Chase Branch at Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH and made a payment BEFORE the end of the business day, and I seen that the payment had posted when I logged into my account online. My payment each month is $394.68 and I paid $450.00 which should have covered my payment as well as any late fees. Tonight, Monday, February 11, 2008 I was about to leave my home and when I found that my car was missing, when I contacted the police to report it stolen I was informed by the dispatcher that it had been reported to them as repossessed. My car has been taken to either Cincinnati or Cleveland, OH and my loan is paid current. Chase had no reason to repossess my vehicle; I was not in violation of my contractual agreement with them and my account was paid. When I attempted to contact Chase at the number listed on my statement I was on hold for nearly a half an hour and then was transferred to at least 4 people before being given a contact number to talk to someone to get my car back. When I called the number that I was given I was directed to another extension which then directed me to another and another, throughout this I left a voice mail message with at least 6 different people with regards to my car and have not heard anything back yet. Then I contacted a call center in Tampa, FL where I spoke with a supervisor who stated that it was even notated in the computer on my account that my car was not to be repossessed and it still was.

I received a return call this morning with regard to the car and I was told that I would not get the car back unless I paid $784.89 which is including my payment and the repossession fee, and that there is NO GRACE PERIOD on my account regardless of what is stated on my contract!!!


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  • Le
      4th of May, 2008
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    If your vehicle was repossessed that early you probably had a high risk account, I can’t see any other reason why a company would repossess a vehicle that early (unless you were being uncooperative customer…HMMMM). Keep in mind even though you felt like you were making valid arrangements with the bank, if your account is late and at risk for repossession, especially since you were told to pay it in an hour or it would be repossessed you would have gotten a cash advance or payday loan to get up to date. Its obvious that the bank wasn’t playing games with you. You mentioned telling them that you would have a payment by 2/08/08, although you happened to leave out the date this conversation took place, which could either make or break your arrangements if the conversation took place 9-14 days before, the bank might feel the time of your arrangements weren’t valid (Yes, bank’s have feelings too), moreover, if you tell them you’re waiting on a tax return check, who knows when you’ll get that. You also stated, “Chase had no reason to repossess my vehicle; I was not in violation of my contractual agreement with them”, ahh but you were in violation of the contract. You didn’t make your payment on the dates specified in that same contract agreement that you signed. People always seem to want to say a bank has violated a contract agreement, but never like to acknowledge that it can work both ways. And in actuality they weren’t in violation of the contract. Why? Because as sure as I am, I know that written in that little fine print on the contract should be something to the tune of, if you default (or are delinquent) on the loan Chase has the right to ensure the security of their collateral. READ IT AND WEEP, or just read it!

  • Ti
      30th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I am very disgusted in the way CHASE Auto Finances handled this situation. I am Shocked and appalled that I would be treated this way, when my payments were made, and you are trying to say that they were not. Now I am getting calls saying that my vehicle is going to be repossed due to nonpayment, when I made the payment. It`s a shame, that I leave for 90 day, and continue to make payments while I am caring for my dying father. When I got back into town I found out that there was a repossion of my vehicle. I hope this can be resolved, immediately.

  • Ro
      8th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I TOTALLY AGREE ! Chase Auto Finance customer service quality is VERY POOR. I am in the same boat as you are this month. I kept my communication with this company and made payment arrangement, in which THEY AGREED UPON. I kept my promise to pay the day that I'm supposed to pay and EVEN called in the reference number for MoneyGram. And guess what? Come Monday morning, when I was getting ready to go to work, my van was gone!!! .. So everything that I talked to them about and the payment to get me my account current are all useless!!! .. Chase WILL NOT WORK WITH YOU! .. I've been transferred to 4 different 800 numbers and NONE OF THEM HAVE ANSWERS. And what so bad about it --- my personal belongings are still in the van including my son's football jersery in which he has a game this coming Friday. I'm to the point now that I DO NOT CARE about the van anymore, just give me my personal belongings. If this is a stress that I have to go through with them.. forget it!! ..

  • Ma
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    I think its time for a class action lawsuit.

  • Vi
      26th of Mar, 2009
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    I became approximately one month late in paying my vehicle payments when I was forced to replace a motor in another vehicle. Because I knew that I was behind one payment, I began sending more money each month than was required by the contract, in an attempt to catch up. After three months of this, when the payment was 28 days late, my vehicle was repossessed while I was at work. In computing the amount of money I sent to Chase Auto Finance for the entire year, I had technically given the company approximately $300 more than I owed. When I contacted the company to ask why they had taken my vehicle, the first representative with whom I spoke said that she would need to look into the matter because the account showed that a payment had recently been posted. When I called back later, I was told that the vehicle was repossessed because I had not yet made the payment due 28 days earlier. I was advised that, in order to retrieve my vehicle, I would be required to submit about five pages of forms, the past-due payment, the next payment (which was not yet due), and a $390 repo fee. This occurred shortly before Christmas and I did not have the money. The company continued to send me monthly statements which listed past-due amounts, late fees and repo fees. They finally sold the vehicle at auction for substantially less than it was worth, advised me that I owed the remaining balance and made no reduction for the six years worth of interest I had agreed to pay. And I won't even begin to detail the amount of harassment and the intimidation techniques employed by the company.

  • To
      8th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I fell behind on my payments and had been dealing with VALERIE at chase. She told me the dates I had to make my payments by and I kept my word and made the agreed upon payments.
    April 29 I made another payment, called Valerie to tell her Id made the payment through Western Union. At this point I was 30 days behind, I asked her if there was any chance of my car being repossessed, she assured me there was not. The remaining balance on my $30, 000.00 car at this time is $987.00. Yesterday afternoon (5/7) it got repossessed!
    She went on to tell me that " for the last 3 months it has been in jeopardy, also that it has been through6 different repossession agencies" -all unbeknown to me. This is the same person who I talked with regularly to make arrangements, and she knew I had 2 payments left to pay off my car which I could have done immediately!
    Chase would not let me pay off my balance in full over the phone. They let my 30K car get towed an hour away on a rickety old tow truck and said I can get it back in a week. Who knows how much more Ill have to pay in extra towing and storage fees?
    Valerie is dishonest and I would advise using any finance co. besides chase!!

  • Tc
      8th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Horror Stories galore about Chase Auto Finance. Worst thing that ever happened to me was when my car loan was sent to Chase through a dealer.

    I purchased my car in 2006. I made 26 payments on time (it was due on the 1st and if the office did not have it by the second the phone started ringing and ringing and ringing). I am in the Real Estate industry and my income became reduced. At this point I was on a first name basis with the local chase office becuase they called me so many times. In September I did not have a payment to give. I asked if they would defer a couple of payments and they said no. I asked if they would take a partial payment and they said no. I got behind and was 30 days for a couple of months. By November I was 45 days and told them I could get current if they gave me a week. (I am commisioned and do not get a steady income stream)

    One day I get a call from someone saying that they are detective so and so and they are coming to get the car. I called Chase and explained to the rep that I had made an arrangement with somone in the office to become current the following week. The rep yelled at me and wanted to know where the vehicle was. I told her it was at my house she called me a liar and said I had abandoned my home. (huh?)...there was no talking to this lady and she threatened to call the sherrifs department and have me arrested. At this point I was freaked out.

    I cleared my stuff out of the car and they came and got it.

    I went into the office the next day and spoke to the manager and she calculated that I owed over 3 thousand dollars in fees. (at this point I owed $1000 which I could have payed in a couple of days. I have no idea where this 3K amount came from but I was tired of fighting with them. I ended up purchasing a used car the next week for 2000 just to get around and chalked the whole experiance up to Chase as a bad situation.

    About a month later I get a call from an attorney that stated they were looking to resolve the deficancy. They said I owed them 17K which I thought was high but I told them I could not pay and I was sorry but if Chase was interested in resolving it they could have worked with me...especially after they had recieved 25 billion in tarp money for there bailout. The attorney stated that if I did not pay up they would sue me and garnish my wages.

    I did not hear from them again for about 4 months and then 2 weeks ago I was in bed at 10:30 at night reading and someone comes to my door. I get up and answer it and it is someone from Chase serving me with a lawsuite. (lady claimed to be an officer of the court and she may have been but ironicly she knew everyone via first name at the local Chase Auto Finance office)

    The lawsuite alleges that I broke the contract (which I did becuase of my financial hardship) and that I owed 20K+ for the loan...(26 payments later and w/ my car being sold at auction on a 20K loan) They also added 6K for atty fees.

    I contacted a lawyer and he advised me to file BK. When I explained the whole story he told me that there were a plethora of banking regs that had most likely been broken but unfortunately the cost of fighting the lawsuit was not worth the risk. He also mentioned that Chase was the worst offender and has a horrid reputation within the BK circles of backing customers against the wall and not working through issues.

    I filed for BK this week.

    If Chase would have worked with me I probably could have resolved this situation. I would have had some dings on my credit but I would have worked through it. Chase would have been paid and everything could have worked out fine. Becuase Chase was so combative and inflexible all that has been accomplished in that I am in BK and they are going to lose about 15K in what I owed them.

    Meanwhile the government has given Chase 25 BILLION dollars in bailout money. Chase can not work with me and defer a couple of payments? Show a little compasion or buisness sense? Like I said...If I had a little bit of help I could have avoided this whole issue but they forced my hand on this.

    Amazing...truly amazing. I would do anything to get a class action lawsuit started against these guys.

  • Sa
      14th of May, 2009
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    My experience has been similar with customer service I had made a payment through the mail one week before the payments due date, the day after payment was due i recieve a phone call from CHASE asking me about payment on one of their vehicles. I stated that payment was made in time and that i had called and the payment i sent had been cashed by chase, the man on the phone then said that it was not posted. Then the conversation turned to him questioning me about my personal information and the vehicle information.The problem was that he was giving me someone else's information! Somehow my number and name had become attached to someone else's file. If I had not been the person I am I would of had enough information about this other person to steal their identity. I do not feel safe now about the confidetiality of my information, how many times has my information "acccidentally" been given out????!!!

  • Tt
      21st of May, 2009
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    Chase Auto Finance has contact third parties (former clients) about my auto loan debt despite having received a written cease and decist order via certified return receipt. This borders on defamation of character as these former clients now don't know what to think and it may affect my ability to find work (as my former clients are my references) At this point I have filed two compalints with the FTC as their actions constitue an attempt to get around FTC regulations regarding cease and decist orders.

    I agree about the need for a class action suit. I have set up a temporary e-mail address through Yahoo for you to express interest in this with contact information. If there are enough of us we may be able to get an attorney to file the suit.

  • Sa
      22nd of May, 2009
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    My wife lost her job, so we called chase bank and told them we were still current but would not be soon. They said just send us in your wage statements and we will rewrite contract and extend payments . It has been 3 months so we called in and they told us they can do nothing as they do not have a rewrite dep anymore. I asked them why no one had told us and they said pay your payments or we will repossess. I am so mad being treated so badly. We told them we would be turning in vehicle and they did not care . Pretty good service when our tax moneiy paid them billions . There customer service stinks and I will never have anything to do with Chase Bank.You suck Chase Bank.

  • Ja
      23rd of May, 2009
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    I hurt my back and I'm on dissability. My car payments are $600.00 a month and I tried to get Chaes to help me out and refinance my car so could keep it with lower payments. They won't accept $300.00 a month.

    I can't believe that Chase Auto Finance has no complaints with the BBB, JP Morgan must have the
    BBB in his back pocket... I want to start a Class Action Suit ... Where is our bailout ????? No refinance is possible, No rewrite is possible, No lower intrest rate possible ... Only REPO. Email me at

  • Ma
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I totally agree!!! I bought a 2008 mariner brand new and thought i was getting the deal of a lifetime. I have never been late on a payment until i was laid off from work and had to rely on my unemployment. My payment is due on the 28th of every month and on the 29th they start calling to collect a payment. Where is my grace period? I will get online to pay my account on the 29th and it has already got a late fee. When we call we have to go through at least 4 people and just today we called and asked to speak to a supervisor and they refused! I know how a business is run and the way they do it is absolutely a disgrace. I cant believe that we american people pay their salaries and they turn around and treat us like crap. We are the reason that they get to pay their bills and they make sure to not help us out in any way at all. And another thing is every time I talk to them, even only when my payment is a day late and i call to make payment arrangements, they always want to know where my vehicle is located(im assuming to come and get it). I even had one of their people tell me that they were going to come and get it and sell it in a wholesale auction. That was when i wasnt even late yet i was just calling to tell them that i sent a check and it wouldnt be there until after the 28th. They also told me that even if i am a day late then they can still come and get my car. I am not high risk, i have always paid my loans off and have a low interest rate. And like i said, we pay their bills!!!

  • Jo
      10th of Jul, 2009
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    To everyone here that wants to start a class action suit please contact me at I am sick of them playing games with people and if we all get together we can make a difference. It doesnt matter if your situation was years ago, contact me. They do not have the right to lie to people to make a payment and you do exactly what they say, then they take your vehicle. Please, Please, Please contact me, lets get this suit going.

    Jordi B.

  • Tc
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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    Jordi...I am on board with the Class Action. Once you get an attorney set up let us know via this board. I hate Chase more than I hate the Taliban and would love to bring as much bad press to Chase as humanly possible.

    Ironicly enough I know many people that have relationships with Chase and are very unhappy with how they do buisness in other aspects. Investment side (a freind of mine used to work for them as an investment advisor and had to leave becuase of the lack of integrity...putting elderly people in products that were not suited for there situations but paid the bank high profits was one of the reasons) along with clients that have had terms on credit cards changed midstream along with home equity products turned off.

    Chase believes that there name will get them through this but once the economy turns around I doubt many people will want to do buisness with them. I tell everyone my experiance if they mention they are going to bank or do a loan with Chase. They have already lost a lot of money based on my experiance.

  • Ty
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    I was absolutely dumbfounded over the lack of compassion shown by ALL the representatives from Chase Auto Finance. I currently work for the school board in the state of Florida the two sectors that have received the blunt of the recession that is wide spread over our nation. Cutbacks can’t begin to explain the struggle that is occurring in this state. Working in the school board is no exception. Over the summer is when my struggle began in making the payments to Chase Auto Finance. I was out of work due to summer vacation and unfortunately due to the cutback occurring at my husband’s job there was little money to go towards Chase Auto Finance.

    I kept in touch with all my creditors including Chase Auto Finance to let them know I’m aware of my debit and about my situation in regards to paying back on my debt. There response was always the same “we need to secure a payment today and we can’t accept partial payment over the phone.” Therefore I took it upon myself to express my situation to the representative named JESSICA (who stated she was the manager) exactly what my situation was. I told her I will be starting back to work the end of August and when my first pay check will come (the exact date). I let her know my pay schedule which was in two weeks and I mentioned to her I can set up biweekly payments to pay towards the debit. I even offered to give her my account number to step up a post dated check payment. I also went on to say that I understand my overdue balance does exist and that I am making a commitment to begin paying down my balance now that I am working.

    When I spoke to JESSICA on August 24, 2009 she told me I am 71 days past due and in order to prevent the process of repossession I need to pay the balance of three months totally $1737.03. I told her I will have two months (June/July) of payments totally $1069.20 to them on Sept. 4 (mind you my third payment is not technically past due until Sept.13.seeing as they type of loan does offer a grace period) She repeated please get the money as soon as possible and we can’t accept partial payment it must be secured funds in the total amount owed. I then called back on August 27, hoping to get a more reasonable person since I am batting zero when it comes to speaking to someone with a heart. A gentleman got on the phone and said I am 74 days past due and I CAN’T pay by phone; I CAN’T set up post dated checks; I can only send secure funds through Western Union or go to Chase Bank and make a payment. I flat out asked him just how long do I have to make this account current, he stated “tomorrow.”

    Upset and beside myself I went to bed along with the rest of my family. My husband and I were awoken to banging on our front door on August 28, 2009 at 3:00am in the morning. The repo guy was at our door requesting the key to the vehicle. I was devastated, all I kept saying was the representative said I had until today to work on getting the funds to cover my past due balance in full. Well my vehicle is gone and there office closed the same time I finished my shift at work. Now I have to wait until Monday to get any answers. I have never had an experience like this in my life and all I can say is “please take heed in NOT investing your hard earned money in a product via home or vehicle into a company named JP, Morgan Chase, Chase Auto Finance or Chase.”
    Tyshon S.

  • Tc
      2nd of Oct, 2009
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    Tyshon...thank you for sharing. I had the exact same experiance as you did. My payment was less than 60 days past due and I told them I would be able to make the payment the following week.

    They told me that I owed for 4 payments when technically I only owed for 2.

    Ironicly enough my financial situation has changed and if they would have worked with me on lowering payments for a short time and defering some interest...anything...I would be able to back on track. In the end they sold my 15K car at auction for 3K and are now suing me for 26K (My loan amount was for 17K so I have no idea where that number comes from) In the end they will get nothing. I had to declared BK based on this situation.

    Chase will bury themselves in the end and they need to learn that sometimes bad things happen to good people...Ironicly enough they had no reservations in taking a bailout and I can only wish that I was a government employee calling them for a payment. I would love to badger them they way they badger and bully there clients.

  • Gl
      10th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Well, I just had my car repossessed for two past due payments in the middle of the night, which I was making in two days. No one came to my door requesting a key. However, I could here from far away all of noise they made to make sure I experienced the complete humiliation of having it repossessed along with my neighbors. If the sleezy guy would have come to the door I would have just giving them the key. I paid on time on a sub prime loan for 18 months ahead of time at a very high interest rate.. I kept in contact with them too. I made arrangments, like all above for three months. I explained my reasons up front which would last three months of delayed payments and then be on track. I finally shut down when they started asking very personal questions, which had nothing to do with a financial loan. I moved to downsize after a lengthy custody case and I was at the end of my financial hardship with two days to go. Chase is consumer ###. To think how badly Bank of America and Citibank has been hit with terrible press, while Chase stocks are rising. JP Morgan Chase is a preditory lender.

  • Ar
      5th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am going though this now, I have never in my life ever had anyone speak to me like I am the ### of the earth. I believe I have spoken to all the same people everyone else has. I am having hard times just like everyone else. I pay every month but late, this month when I called I told them I would pay on the 18th and they told me they would take my car on the 14th. Now I feel it will go any time. I get yeld at degraded, asked questions that are no one's bussiness. I will tell you this today I had, had enough I degraded yelled was told they just could not talk to me. Hung up on me because they were not going to let me talk to them like that. Had supervisors hang up on me because she could not take the way I talk to her, and they told me this. Although they did not change their minds they will still pick up my car. And you need to know this made me feel like the ### they treat me like. I cannot take this anymore it is so sick fo them to do this, for a short time I felt what it was like to be them terrible isn't it...

  • Tl
      17th of Dec, 2009
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    My heart goes out to the chase customers that are really done wrong i.e. no late pmts and communicates when unable to pay or going to be late. To those of you with accounts with chase auto finance, i am a former employee and actually tried to help EVERY customer that i spoke with within my means. what people fail to realize is it is not always the rep. you are speaking to. Policies are setup by the company and its only so much we can do as customer service reps. we are not managers or supervisors and even they are limited (by the company). Honestly there are some problems within the dept. but everyone isn't bad. We are there to do a job to provide for our families just like everyone one else.

    When your account goes past due then its COLLECTIONS and not AUTO FINANCE CUSTOMER SERVICE calling harrassing you. So i would like to provide some general info. that might help in the future. These are things we are allowed and not allowed to do because ALL our calls are recorded.

    If you are going to be late (after grace period) and this is just a rare occurance, not i've been late for the last 3 months, call ahead of time and have account notated of when you will pay and the amount. This is called a PROMISE TO PAY. It can only be implemented if you are a within your grace period. Also, just because you have a grace period of 7-15 days depending on state does not been if payment is received during grace period you are ok. Technically if payment is not received on the due date then it is LATE. What the grace period does is keep you from getting late fees. Late fees are added once you have past the grace period. The PROMISE TO PAY will stop any calls from collections as long as you keep the arrangements made.

    COMMUNICATION is the major constant if you have an account where you are having issues with making payments.

    WE (CUSTOMER SERV. REPS) CAN NOT OFFER AN EXTENSION (putting late pmt/pmts to end of loan) to customers. You are allowed to get a total of 2 extensions for the life of the loan. It will accrue extra interest, meaning your last payment won't be the normal pmt it will usually be more if extra pmts have not been made. If you are having a hardship that will not be resolved in 30 days then you can request a 2MTH EXTENSION but you will be transferred to the collections dept. that would handle your acct. and they have to process those. CUSTOMER SERV. CAN ONLY PROCESS 30 DAY EXTENSIONS and you have to be able to make the reg. pmt on the next due date.

    Also I saw where someone said something about partial pmts. Let me explain about that. CHASE AUTO FINANCE technically doesnt take partial pmts. We do not have bi-weekly pmts. This is what happens:My car pmt is $400 and due on the 18th of the month. I send $200 on the 1st and $200 on the 15th. Chase will not actually apply this to your acct. until you send the other $200 on the 15th. So basically if you pay half or some and then pay the rest after due date/grace period then its still late. Your money basically sits there until full pmt is made.

    Now if your are several pmts behind (over 1) then partial pmts will be applied once a full pmt is received to cover late mths.

    Late fees can usually be waived if just cause or as a courtesy if only been late a couple of times. CUSTOMER SERV. can only waive up to I believe its $50.00 if it hasn't changed. Any fees over that has to be completed by a supervisor.


    REPOSSESSION personnel are contracted out usually. They will not repo a vehicle unless your are over 60 days past due. Also if previous pmt arrangements have been made but not kept then collections will not be easy on you.

    IF your pmt. is always late due to your paydates not coinciding with your due date then you do have the option to change your due date. YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO CHANGE YOUR DUE DATE ONCE FOR THE LIFE OF THE LOAN. For some customers its not that they can't pay, but its 5-10 days late due to pay day. This will keep you from getting late fees and make it more convenient.


    If you have a really high interest rate (anything over 12%) making PRINCIPAL PMTS (pmts made towards actual money borrowed none is applied to interest). You must STIPULATE princ. pmts. whether you mail in pmts. (check box on statement- this will apply any overpayment over the reg. mthly pmt. to principal), if you make pmts online you can make a separate pmt just to principal, if in the bank make sure you let teller know what part is to principal, over the phone you can only make 1 check by phone per 24 hr. period so it can either be principal or reg. mthly pmt. If you don't specify principal pmt. it will be applied to account as reg pmt, but remember partial pmts are not accepted so this sits there until you make the full pmt amt then its applied. It reduces the amt. of the next pmt due, that's why you may receive a statement saying only $350.00 is due for Jan. when your pmt is regularly $400.00 but you sent in an extra $50.00 last mth but it wasn't specified to be applied to principal, so it sits there until the other $350.00 is received and is then applied to account.

    Just remember not all customer service reps are bad or not trying to help, because I like what I do and will try to help anyone I can. It's not our fault you are late or in the financial situation you are in. COMMUNICATION and KEEPING YOUR PROMISES makes a big difference. Also telling the truth about what's going on, especially when you have had the car for 6 months and you are 3mths behind that says something in itself. Maybe you couldn't afford the pmts from the beginning. What people fail to realize is the bank doesn't want the car, they want the money. If they repo your vehicle and sale it at auction they only receive pennies on the dollar, nothing close to what you owe on your loan. So they lose.


  • Sp
      20th of Dec, 2009
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    I have to say that Chase has the most obnoxious and dis-respectful people working for them that I have ever encountered. My wife has a loan with them and has Multiple Sclerosis. she has fallen behind about 5 times in 5 years but has always caught up. She is now behind 2 payments which we are making arrangements to make plus an additional payment. She once spoke to a supervisor in the Tampa call center that threatened to "come to your home, bust the door down to get to the garage and get the car...and if you get in the way I'll bust you in the head and knock you out". My wife was so upset that she had a severe relapse of her MS and it took six months for her to stabilize. We called the police and filed a report but were told that they were powerless because they didn't hear the call. They advised us that if Chase calls just hang up when they start abusive language.

    I now handle all the calls from Chase...she can't deal with them. have you ever wondered why there is no address listed for the Tampa Call Center? They are ashamed to let anyone know where they are for fear of an angry mob showing up and starting a riot. I try to stay cool but will admit that they get under my skin sometimes.

    I think being a ### must be a pre requisite for working there.

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