Century Linkvacation plan

P Jan 25, 2016

We signed up for a CenturyLink account (basic phone service plus internet) because that's the ONLY reliable means of communication at the house in WI. We drive a semi cross country and are often away from home for weeks at a time. But when we're home, having phone & internet is critical.

When we signed up, no one offered or explained the Vacation Plan which would save us money we didn't need to be throwing away on service we weren't there to use. If they had offered this in the beginning, we wouldn't have ever gotten behind on our bill.

But freight was slow in the fall & winter. We fell behind on many bills, even though we were away from home from the last week in October until a week past New Year's. It was only because we asked if CL had such a program that we even found out about i it. As if it's a big secret that the company really hopes you won't find out about.

We wanted to work out a payment arrangement to get our bill caught up & so we called. We made arrangements to pay half of the the outstanding bill ( half being $202.00). And CL immediately suspended our service. We called, & it was restored, but 3 days later, the service was again suspended.

When we called again to discuss our bill, they told us that No they can't apply the plan retroactively, No, they won't apply the plan until the payments are current, and No, they can't check to see what amount of data or how many calls we had made during our absence. If Homeland Security can access records, you know Century Link can.

And why wouldn't they apply the Vacation Plan going forward while we're not home? They just want to squeeze us for all they can get. Other companies make adjustments on customers' bills for justifiable reasons. We have never asked Century Link to make any other concession, ever. You would think that as a good faith gesture, they could make an allowance even just one time.

Like I said, if we had known about this plan, we could have saved about $200-300 over the 3 months we were absent from home. Instead, for the cumulative 4 weeks we were there, we have the privilege of paying in excess of $500. And climbing, since CL refuses to apply the plan until they exact (extract) the full measure of blood.

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