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Cell C / tablet in repairs for 2 weeks and no difference

1 South Africa

To the repairer of my tablet ….. Please read this and don’t ignore!!!

The following is still wrong with my tablet that is 2 months old and was in repairs for 2 weeks

Tablet was bought : 24/01/2015

Store where tablet was bought : cell c bayside centurion mall

Tablet taken in for repair : 29/03/2015 (1st time)

Two months after i’ve bought the tablet and struggled with it until I just couldn’t take it anymore. It is a new tablet and it act like a tablet that is 10 years old.

Tablet received back from repair : 20/04/2015

* whole tablet was wiped, understand that and acceptable if there was any difference
But there is no difference, still having the same charging problem
* tablet was set in all funny and different settings, understand that and acceptable if there was any difference
But there is no difference, still having the same charging problem
* installed much faster and no restarting every 2 - 5 minutes
At least one of 3 problems was sorted out
* charging still problem
There is no difference, still having the same charging problem

What is the problem with my tablet and what is experienced ……. Charging problem ….. Sort out please!!!
When you charge the tablet with the charger that i’ve received with the tablet, it shows it is charging. It takes a whole day and a half to get to 100% without being able to use the tablet, the whole time on charge.
If I don’t do this, I cannot use the tablet at all!!!

Suddently there is a notification sound and the charging status bar show 100% and a message saying unplug to save energy.
This is not even being on charge for 30 minutes or so!!!

As soon as you start using the tablet after showing 100% charged, it shows you the battery is low and anything between 3 - 30%. I then press the side button to restart the tablet and then it shows anything from 3 - 30%. Don’t understand where the 100% then is if I didn’t even use the tablet for a minute or so.

Then you plug in the tablet again and it shows charging and the status bar goes up and so you keep on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on unable to use the tablet at all.

I even treid to charge the tablet being totally off, the status bar show it is charging and then suddenly it goes up in increments of 1% until 100% and it display a message saying unplug to save energy.

When you plug out the charger it shows again anyting between 3 - 30% charged without the ability to use the tablet as within a few minutes it say your battery is below 30% and need to be charged.
The whole process all over again and again and again and again!!!

I even tried to use the tablet with the 30% battery life left and let it completely shut down by it self and then charge it, the same story over and over and over and over and over and over again until you feel you want to through the damn tablet against the wall!!!

Please sort out the initial problem …………………………. T a b l e t n o t c h a r g I n g for once and for all, clearly the batter is either unserviceable or something wrong with the tablet’s ability to charge!!!

I bought a cellphone nokia lumina 730 from the same cell c store and the device is charging and working 100% as from 1/4/2015 ……. But this lg crap was giving me problems the 3rd week I had it and I was promised it is a good product …… not so sure!!!
The best of the whole 14 days that I was without a tablet is that I don’t even get a report back on what was actually wrong with my tablet …….. But I was given a document to sign with a lot of writing, really do I have time to read through it all ……… until now I don’t know what was wrong with the tablet, what have been repaired and what not ….. If I review the whole situation …… nothing was done because the customer can just take off from work, bring in the device, being without a device and use of the device, pay the bill without using any of the data and keep on going for 24 months until the contract expire and off course she will choose us again for an upgrade!!!

And of course after my complaint on hello peter and get closure I was promised by danielle abrahams that I will get a month free subscription because I could not use my data and she will give it in writing ……. I wonder where she is now and why she don’t answer her emails when push comes to show!!! Just as I thought empty promises from cell c …….. We promise the customer something, then we just don’t answer our emails and them the customer will stop emailing or contacting us for 24 months and she will just be quite for another 24 months and off course she will choose us again for an upgrade!!!

Please contact me if you want to assist me and spare yourself another banner on the highway and lots of attorney costs

I want my tablet that is 3 months old repaired so that I can actually use the tablet and not restart every 5 minutes and charging every 5 minutes. I am giving back 1. 5 gig of data because I cannot use the data as the tablet is more on charge and more on 1% battery life than working

Thersia krugel

Apr 25, 2015

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