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Mar 1, 2018
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In December I went to Jet Store in Gugulethu Capetown. I bought a Cell C branded phone because Cell C was offering 1GB data for the next 6 months. On my part I have to simply recharge with R50 and the 1GB data will be added to my phone. I recharged on the day I got the phone and received 1GB data on 29 December. Problem started in January as I recharged with R50+ but I didn't receive the data. I contacted Cell C only to be greeted by advisors who were unaware of the promotion and were telling me that I have inaccurate information as cell c doesn't have such promotion.

I referred the Agent to the messages that Cell C continued to send to my phone and the Agent advised me to go back to Jet which I found ridiculous. The Other Agent advised me to contact TPHD. I couldn't handle it when I was advised to call an 087 number and I decided to log a complaint as Cell C was flatly refusing to own up to their mistake. A complaint was logged but I've come across this site as I feel I'm being treated so unfairly. I will attach the messages that I continuously receive from cell c and I find it appalling that I'm being made to contact external companies when the phone is a cell c phone and messages are coming from Cell c and no -one in Customer service understand. They come across very rude and made me feel as if I'm making up a story.

I'm willing to submit more information and that's the chat records I had with cell c and the proof of the recharge confirmations that I made

Cell CCell CCell C

Cell C Customer Care's Response, Mar 02, 2018
Dear Mr. Munesu

Please email us the number in question + your contact details to sm@cellc.co.za.

We'd like to address your query.

Updated by Munesu, Mar 02, 2018
Thanks very much for the feedback. I've sent an email to the email address provided.

Kind Regards

Munesu Kondo
Updated by Munesu, Mar 07, 2018

I do not know if I'm impatient but I haven't heard any feedback from the last email on 2 March

kind Regards
Cell C Customer Care's Response, Mar 07, 2018
Dear Mr. Munesu

We have still not received your email.

Please confirm your cellphone number or email address and we will follow it up.

Updated by Munesu, Mar 07, 2018

I've sent another email again today to the address sm@cellc.co.za. I've also added my contact number 0623402233 in the subject line

Kind Regards

Cell C Customer Care's Response, Mar 07, 2018
Dear Mr. Munesu

Kindly, confirm your email address.

Updated by Munesu, Mar 07, 2018

My email address is brainergun@gmail.com however I've sent the email from my work email munesu.kondo@npower.com

Kind Regards
Updated by Munesu, Mar 08, 2018

The phone that I bought is still being advertised on cell c website and with the same deal that I was offered. Maybe this maybe helpful and this may lead you to the right department that's probably running the promotion.
Please follow the link


Please find the attached images from your website this morning

Kind Regards
product product
Cell C Customer Care's Response, Mar 09, 2018
Dear Mr. Munesu

We have tried to contact you yesterday to no avail.

Please be advised that the additional 1GB of data was loaded on your account.

Updated by Munesu, Mar 12, 2018
Thanks very much for the feedback. I appreciate you taking your time to address my concern. I'm sorry I couldn't answer the phone as I work in an environment that restricts the use of phones, because of that I only have uninterrupted access to my phone before and after work.

Immediately after receiving the feedback above I phoned back but the Agent didn't give conclusive feedback. In the response you advised that an additional 1GB was added, may you kindly confirm the date when it was added and if it was added to my correct number. I'll then check and confirm

Kind Regards
Cell C Customer Care's Response, Mar 13, 2018
Dear Mr. Munesu

The data was loaded on the 02 March 2018 at 12:22PM to 062...2233 number.

Dial *147# to check your data balance.

Updated by Munesu, Mar 20, 2018
Thanks I can confirm that the data was added. I was just a bit disappointed realising that not only do I have to add Airtime of R50 but it has to be one voucher. I understand that those are your terms and I don't dispute that but I'm sure one would understand that

1. Cell C doesn't sell a R50 voucher.

If I recall in Jan I bought R50 Airtime but the vendor didn't have R50 voucher and he gave two R25 vouchers and I couldn't get the data because your vendors do not sell R50 vouchers.

Anyway its okay I guess I just have to accept that its like that. Thank you very much for your assistance

Kind Regards

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