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Cell C / opted for a cell-c wi-fi router offer of r299 for 20 g and debited r817.68 for 10 g instead.

1 South Africa

In September 2018 I was offered a wi-fi router for 20G for during the day and another 20G for during the night for R299 by a Cell C sales men. After discussing with my husband I called the customer centre back and spoke to another sales man to request the very same offer, in order to cut my data monthly costs. I was informed that once I had received my wi-fi router, I would have to make a once-off phone call to Cell C in order to cap the data so that I would not exceed my limit of 20 G day and 20 G night. I received the wi-fi router towards the end of September 2018.

In the duration of October I called Cell C to cap the data, however; I was informed that I had failed one of the verification questions, my home address. I was asked to state the address that was on my contract, I informed the lady that I was never sent a contract. I later found out that the address that had been used was an old address retrieved from my credit records by the sales man. At the end of October 2018 I was billed R299.

To my surprise, at the end of November I was billed R817.68 instead of the R299 I had agreed to. On the 11th of December 2018 I called the Cell C call centre and spoke to Shanay to find out what had happened. Shanay informed me that I had actually been given 10G for R817.68 I informed her that that was not what I had requested or agreed to. Shanay then informed me that she had dealt with many complaints such as mine. She informed me that I was sold the wrong package with incorrect pricing without my knowledge. She then informed me that she would lodge a dispute on my behalf and that I should expect a call from Cell C in the next two days.

On the 12th of December 2018 at 15:41 I missed a call from Cell C because I was already talking to someone else on my phone. At 15:44 I called back the number. Hlengiwe, from the Cell C call centre, answered the call. I asked her for feedback regarding the dispute lodged. She informed me that the case was closed according to her system. She then said she would e-mail Amanda Meyer, who had been allocated my case, to call me back. I requested for Ms Meyer's telephone number and e-mail address and she informed me that she was not allowed to share those details with me. After hanging up, I received an sms stating that my case was closed and another requesting me to rate the service. In a few minutes I received another sms stating that my new case no. was [protected] and that someone would get into contact with me. Nobody has called since.

On the 19th of December 2018 I called the Cell C call centre and Happiness Phiri answered my call. I gave her my case number and informed her about the dispute. She also said that she would inform Ms Meyer to contact me. I requested for Ms Meyer's contact details to which I was informed I could not have. Ms Meyer has still not contacted me.

On the 20th of December 2018 I sent an e-mail to Cell C as per advise from Happiness Phiri of Cell C regarding this dispute. I have not received a response to my e-mails or phone calls from Cell C. At the end of December 2018, my account was again debited for R817.68. This is blatant fraud and it is clear that Cell C has no desire to amend this or resolve the matter. I need Cell C to cancel this fraudulent "contract" with immediate effect.

  • Cell C Customer Care's Response, Jan 02, 2019

    Good morning Phumi

    We will get someone to investigate this matter and assist. Kindly forward your contact number, ID number and email address to, be assured that this matter will be sorted.

    Cell C | PN

Jan 1, 2019

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