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I had 2 contracts with cell. I lost a sim to one contract called cell c and had it blocked. this happend a year and a half before the contract expired. As cell c charges the most for a sim swop i ignored it and lost my R50 airtime in this period. I was contacted by a consultant and advised that should i upgrade i will not be charged for the sim. I agreed. The package was delivered but without a sim card. I called immediately and was told that one would be sent to me within a day. I received it almost a month later. Within this period of me receiving the phone and the sim calls were made from this sim. I almost fainted when i got the bill. After numerous calls i was told that i had found the sim card i lost all that while back and was using it. The sim card they send me is still in its packaging to this day unopened.
I have spoken to more than a 100 people and they have all come to the same conclusion based on one idiot: that i found the lost sim and inserted it into my phone. My hundreds of emails were deleted without being read. This has been happening since January last year and still no success in getting anywhere with cellc. I can't believe that they are all so stupid. I have even gone so far as to contact the CEO's office and they put me back in touch with the ###s i was dealing with in the first place.

I have now decided that I'm going to tell the whole world about how useless they are and that fraud is cool with them. I will be writing articles to our local newspapers and will tell who ever will listen to me. I destroyed my daughter's sim after i got her set up with another service provider.

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  • Ar
      17th of Aug, 2011

    this is a clause from my contract with Cell C:
    "the monthly subscription fee which is billed to you monthly in advance. Monthly in advance means that the subscription fee that you pay at the end of the month is for the next month’s services; " - Cell C contract

    My contract ended on 13 July thus the clause above states that my last subscibtion payment to them should have been end of June, for July. It is pretty clear to me. But they reckon different.
    Also this should just be pro-rata as it is just half a month.

    Lo and behold they charged me the full amount in June for July and also charged me in July for August. I gave them 30 days notice and followed all cancelation requirements to the T.

    They are adamant that their charges are paid in arrears now and will not stand down.
    How does one argue with this? Personally this is a no brainer for me. It does not get any clearer.

    Furthermore their accounts department manager is rude and keeps interupting you even after asking her a couple of times if she cold please let me finish.

    Cell C's complaints department number just rings. I phoned it 3 times until it just went dead. I called their switch board and complained about this. Ironic, eh ?

    I will be taking this matter to ICASA but just thought that I would share my experience.

    Cell C - for themselves

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  • Es
      24th of Apr, 2012

    Hi Subashni,

    Can you please send through this very same complaint via email and provide us with the contract numbers in question . We will ensure that a consultant attends to this in the manner expected . Our email address is [protected] . We will be in touch once we have a resolution.

    Cell C | TK

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  • Ra
      19th of Nov, 2012

    since June i have had unauthorised debit on my bank account for a Cell C contract i do not have, i have tried on numerous times in writing, by telephone and emailing to have this rectified. I now hold Cell C responsible for all costs accrued on my account and request full payment on this

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  • Ku
      15th of Mar, 2016

    SIM-swop fraud with Cell C an MTN: On 17 and 18 February 2016 my cell number was fraudulently ported from CellC to MTN, without my instruction, without my knowledge and without my permission, causing my Cell phone to be blocked. At the same time, on 18 February 2016, a substantial amount of money was fraudulently transferred via internet banking from three of my ABSA accounts to an unkown account at Capitec Bank. There must have been collusion between persons within MTN, CellC, ABSA and Capitec.

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