Cell C / defective device sold to me on contract and abusive customer service

South Africa

i have a complaint against the cell c workshop branch in durban in aliwel street. the suspervisor of the said branch sold me a defective device which i have sent for repairs with cell c for the second time with the same issues of speakers malfunctioning, battery overheating and burning my fingers and screen freezing and going on blank blue screen. i threatened the supervisior with a court claim and he said that cell c is a franchise and i cannot take cell c to court. no one is obove the law. not even a franchise. i can lodge a claim against a franchise for up to r100 000. i first sent this device at the west street cell c branch in may and last week i sent it agiaint for repairs ant the aliwel cell c branch. this is unacceptable. i did lodge a small claim at the small claims court yesterday against the cell c workshop branch to reclaim the money that i have already paid on contract for a defective device. orange south africa has admitted on their website that the sony device has issues and sony customers uploaded reviews and said that the said device is defective and malfunctions. i request that the device be exchanged. one other cell c worshop branch employee stood up towards me like he wanted to assault me. i am a disabled sydenham police member using a wheelchair and i can easily get him arrested for this.

Aug 26, 2016

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