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Cell C / cell c makes false advertising!

1 South Africa Review updated:

Re: Cell C

I am very disappointed in Cell C as I have been a loyal customer for nearly 5 years with 2 contracts. One still active. Last year Aug 2006 I was contacted by one of your sales agents asking me to extend my contract that was expiring that year. I was not keen, until he offered me a Nokia N80 making it sound like the best, most advance phone in its range. I even took out insurance to protect this wonderful phone. Beginning Nov 2006- 3 months later the phone stops charging. I took it to a Cell C shop in the Sanlam Centre Ranburg where 2 shop assistants told me that I have to pay for the repair and it will take up to 6 weeks. I refused to believe them as I have a contract phone, and asked if I could phone head office from their phone which they also refused for me to do. Eventually I had to ask them if they scream and shout at all customers the same way. What an upsetting experience and appalling customer service. I then phone IXIA who fetched my phone from work and delivered it within a week stating that there is nothing wrong with the phone. After trying to charge the phone on 2 different charges without any luck, I sent it back on the 16 Nov 2006. It is now more than 2 months later, several phone calls with different answers every time, and no one phoning me for an update or follow up on the phone. The latest excuse is they are waiting for software as the phone needs an upgrade. Such an advance phone needs a software upgrade after 3 months of it being desperately forced unto me, making it sound like the phone of the century??? I call this false advertising and theft...

Please attend to my matter urgently or else I will have to take it further.

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  • An
      17th of May, 2007
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    I have a similar complaint. On 21 April 2007 i went into a cell c shop near my workplace to ask about an upgrade on my contract. The consultant was rude and not in a mood to help me at all. With no manners and a lazy (he kept sitting on the chair even though it looked like his back might break when he was working on the computer) attitude was even lying to me. After leaving the shop i went into a vodacom shop and wasn't helped either but what can be expected at that time of (1 o clock) in the afternoon. After that i was not to keen on going into mtn, but low and behold i was instantly helped and explained what neither cell c or vodacom consultants wanted to explain. Thank you mtn. You obviously care about your clients.

  • An
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I have never experienced such poor customer service in my life. I'm attaching a letter I sent to Cell C Customer Services for which I have not received any form of responce for. I've been trying for over a year to stop wrongful deductions to be made from my bank account. I've gone to numerous Cell C / MTN / Mobile Phone shops in South Africa to stop this insanity, I've tried their helpline but I'll have better luck communicating with a brick wall. I'm at a complete loss, every moth they take money from me for a mobile contract that has been closed for more than 1 year!!!

    My correspondence:
    My CellC contract expired year end 2006, I completed and submitted a cancellation notice to the CellC office in PE Greenacres in May 2005 as I was relocating and no could no longer keep the account.

    Deductions have continued to be made from my bank account to this day. I have attached a copy of deductions for your reference.

    I have tried repeatedly to stop this deductions, even doing so in person at CellC vendor establishments but deductions continue against my will and against contractual agreement.

    December last year 2007, I went into 3 branches and none of them were able to provide me with any help. I was referred to the internet or a helpline number which keeps me on hold for long periods of time and do not succeed in solving this helpless situation. I have received the worst customer service I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing from any service provider.

    I am extremely dissatisfied and I am considering taking legal action. This email is my last attempt to get any level of service out of your organization.

    My expectations are:
    Immediate stop deducting moneys from my bank account for a cellphone contract that has been cancelled since May 2005 stop payments effective Dec 2006. Reimburse me for the incorrect and fraudulent deductions from my account from January 2007 to date. Some communication from your organization acknowledging my complaint and providing me with fast resolution of this concern.

  • Ja
      24th of Feb, 2008
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    Hi there...Cell C is not for me thanx.I Have used it for one 2 days now,Ill neva
    go back to it again.First of all they tell you chat for free on weekends but
    they dont tell you for 60min only,and then when you try call for that 60min you
    cant get through to anybody and my girlfriend tried to phone me today (SUNDAY 24th
    Feb) and battled to get through but when she did, she was charged for 1min and
    she recharged today SUNDAY 24th Feb...I phoned customer CARE service and they
    tell me its a technicle problem that they are having and that is the reason you
    cant get through. My girlfriend phoned CELL C today and they said they are
    investigating the problem of her being charged on a weekend for a 1min call.The
    technical problem whereby you cant get through has been goin on for ages already.Cell
    C has poor service!!!If you start a company then make sure its done properly not
    half way and stick to your promises as that is false advertising. People dont
    have money and time to waste,we all work hard for what we have so we dont expect
    to be made fools of...Even my brothers girlfriend turned away from CELL C
    because she battled to phone him because of CELL C's so called tehnical problem.Its
    time someone contacted SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT & CARTE BLANCHE to get clarity on this
    matter.Disgruntled EX Cell C subscriber

  • Le
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    20 October 2008

    Open Letter About Cell C Connect

    On 15 August 2008, I was contacted by a representative from “Cell C Connect”, telling me I was considered a VIP Customer and had been preapproved to receive a free Cell Phone and a contract from them. After saying I may be interested in this offer, they took all my details and then emailed me a confirmation email telling me that the order was being processed.

    According to this email, the total monthly cost was R145.00, and insurance was free for the first month thereafter it would be R57 per month. I never accepted this insurance deal. The first four months of the contract were also meant to be free. On 30 Sept R147.03 was taken off my account, and on 15 October, R82.74 “Insurance” was deducted off my account.

    The phone arrived the following week, and was not signed for by myself, or anyone who has the right to sign on my behalf.
    The phone arrived in a sealed package, with a bright red sticker on it saying that if the phone is returned it will cost R300.00. It is impossible to examine the phone without removing this sticker.
    The phone turned out to be one of the most basic cell phones on the market, which retails for less than R1000.00. The insurance alone on this telephone over the 24 month period is more than what the phone costs does this make sense?

    Seeing that I had a prepaid account with Vodacom, I continued using my Vodacom account until today, thinking that I would make use of the number portability option and transfer it to the Cell C account today. I phoned to make the transfer, only to be told that I cannot transfer the number, number portability is not possible on this account.

    I am therefore now sitting with an account I cannot use (as all my clients know my existing Vodacom number, and I have business cards, car magnets and all advertising displaying this number), if I cannot transfer this number to Cell C, there is no point to the contract. Over and above that, I was ripped off by Cell C Connect as they have given me the most basic phone at a high contract price.

    It was only brought to my attention today that “Cell C Connect” and “Cell C” are totally different companies, as Cell C refuses to help me in any way, saying I am not their client??!!! I have tried to speak to someone in authority who could help me at “Cell C Connect”, and their call centre refuses to transfer my call. I have spoken to three different people there.

    I no longer want to have anything to do with Cell C! How do I get out of this contract?

    Leon Jacobs

  • No
      14th of Nov, 2009
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    i as well the one who had same problem as Leon. My phone was stolen, i am working as an educator. It happen in March that, while i was helping just about 6 learners in my office, everthing in my drawer, it happen of me to step out to the other side oof the office, not knowing that they managed to get hands on my phone, but it disappeared. The insurance refused to pay, cellc connet keep on deducting money from my bank account, not a cent, more than thousand.

    When i quirrey the insurance desiccion, rwquiring the transcripts of the telecommunication whe they were making the deal of selling the phone to me .They are pushing me from one station to another. I am still believe that when you by something the contract should be given to you either with the product or before you embark yourself by signing.

    They are absolute robberes if i may say. I hate them.

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