Cell C / cell c and vvm attorneys the worst service provider and legal firm ever.

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I have cancelled this contract in around 2006 due to poor service and Cell C that did not met their part of the contract due to poor service and over billing. Beginning of this year 2010 I received a call from VVM Attotneys to pay an account of R23000. I have requested a full break down of this account. Because the amount I am charged with is ridiculous R23000.00 for cancelling of this contract. In the first place on cancelling of this contract I was not told that I am going to pay this amount. My Legal team has also tried calling VVM Attorneys and emailed them to sort this matter out but with no luck. Their contact numbers don’t work at all they don’t reply back on their emails or faxes. But you get screwed up to pay.This is going on for 6 months.

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  • St
      Jan 17, 2011

    These people are absolutely inefficient, I have tried several times to contact them but no luck, I get emails of final demand of their client cell c's money but the banking are not matching, they have not reponded to the emails, yet my name is affected.

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  • Da
      Aug 02, 2011

    i did fail to pay my contract thats a fact. I took out a contract for my ex wife and she did not pay the monthly bill. i know i am responsible for this account but i did try to get hold of this firm for how long and after they called me once. now they keep on sending me sms with a number and ref. number but they do not reply on phone calls. this is unexceptable and poor service. MY Ref. number they gave me is 1644447

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