Cell C / bad management

South Africa

bad management at cell c highveld mall Witbank (highveld Mall). cell c employed a young lady (20) as a manager to run the cell c store in witbank! but she is not fit for the position she is in! she is never at work when a client needs to see her, nor she is at home or it is her day off! she is going to be the down fall for that store! i think it is it is unfair to leave her staff members alone in store to do her job for her and run the shop! as manager she must be in store by all time to help when help is needed and to be there to suport her staff members but insted she is never in when we need her and the times she is in store she desides to go home early! emails was send to cell c head office and the so called manager is stil not doing her job so i think you sould give her the boot and get a REAL manager that is willing to do the job! in fed up with the bad management of cell c in witbank


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