Carnival Cruise Linesmissed my cruise

Dear, Carnival Cruise Line
Hello my family and I were supposed to be on your cruise ship the Magic Jan.7-14, 2017 the 7-day Western Caribbean, but unfortunately our airline ran late getting us to Orlando on time. And I am letting the airline know we missed the ship.
I called your emergency line to let them know we were running late and I called when we landed but it took a long time before anyone answered the phone both times. When I called to let them know we were in Orlando the lady on the phone stated that she had no record that I had called around 12:00ish. When I called the 2nd time to let them know that we were in Orlando and were on our way to the port, the lady was not very helpful with us, but she did try to call down to the port and stated there was no answer down there.
This trip was a Christmas gift to my kids and my mother-in-laws 1st cruise. They have been waiting to go on this vacation. We asked the lady on the phone if she would be able to help us get on another one and she stated they only had 1cabin and we needed two. And then she stated that there was nothing else she could do for us.
Here we are sitting in Orlando airport and nowhere to go, no car, no room, no air fare to get home, and the kids are so upset their Christmas gift they have be waiting for is gone.
We are asking you to please grant us another cruise so my kids could have their Christmas gift. We would like to take the same cruise next year Jan2018, do to my kids are in school and work we can’t take any more time off this year.
Please make their Christmas gift come true.
Sam& Sherry Broomell
801 Park Ave.
Kennett Sq., Pa 19348
Booking # 2GF5F4 & 2GF5R2

Jan 15, 2017

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