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Carnival Cruise Lines / bad first cruise - no customer service!

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Delay of departure-late ports, lack of customer service.

We went on a Carnival Ecstasy cruise to celebrate a big milestone in our family. The previous Ecstasy return voyage was several hours late, and we were the last in priority of the three cruise ships to load potable water for the trip, the port water pressure was very low so we left over 8 hours late. I could fill a thousand milk jugs one drop at a time in the time it took them to load our ship up. We missed our first port of call (Cozumel) by 10 hours, and had only a small amount of daylight there, depending so we had most of the excursions cancelled or shortened on dock as we lined up to leave. Because of the high number of excursion cancellations ,we waited for over an hour to attempt to find another excursion and alot of passengers were hopping mad by this time. Amazingly, there was no one to assist us, as everyone had scattered when the complaints started rolling. There were also water pressure problems on the boat during the cruise, resulting in either no water (all morning) to rusty water later. Because of the need to make up for time, the boat was pushed to its max limits, causing pitching and rocking that made us sick the entire first part of the trip. There was NO compensation for the missed excursions/late port of call. The second port was also abbreviated due to "unforeseen circumstances with the port authorities waiting to approve our docking" (why do we have to wait over an hour if they know we are arriving? Whats THAT all about?). The lunch buffet was crude- vegetables , some hard tack made of masa and watered down alcohol.

We returned to the ship, and requested our money back, the lines were always long at the Shore Excursion booth, with only ONE person attending at excursion times, and during complaints. When you finally got to the head of the line, they either sent you back to the info booth to repeat the story again, and then you were told to return at a later time, wait your turn again that you had to come back when the purser was there and available to answer your questions. We were finally told we HAD we had to complain to Miami, that they were NOT authorized to reimburse any amounts to customers. Now we are being told by Miami that if we did not correct the problems and notify the purser to remedy them immediately, once we left the ship the complaints will not be resolved.

There has to be some sort of guarantee of performance these cruise lines are required to provide. If not, someone needs to put forth the effort to put them out of business until they deliver what they promise. I am certain we will never receive compensation, and the promise of 10% off our next cruise is a JOKE.

Will someone respond to our complaints? If so, I will be happy to respond with a rebuttal here that confirms THAT THEY ACTUALLY CARE. I would not hold my breath that this will actually happen.

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  • Ru
      31st of Jan, 2007
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    We could not dock at Costa Maya. After sailing 44 hours to get there there the $25.00 refund was an insult.

  • Va
      1st of Feb, 2007
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    We arrived in our room #9204 to find a bug on one of the pillows nearest to the wall. We called and called. Finally got housekeeping to come up and change the sheets and also check further with the problem. (no other rooms were available).

    The last two days before the end of the cruise were a nightmare. I got food poisoning. The nurse at the infirmary was nothing but a snot. While waiting in the infirmary, a man came in complaining of being bit by a spider. I tried to tell him about my bug problem but he left in a hurry when he found out he had to pay $60.oo to see the doctor. I was given some pills to take which did not help. I confined myself to my cabin so as not to spread germs and called for room service. There was no chicken noodle soup available even though this was offered one night on the cruise.

    By law, even if there is 0 or 1 episode, the cruise ship is supposed to report an outbreak of food poisoning and diarrhea. It is Tuesday, I am still sick and you cannot get through to guest relations.

    Previously, I had read on a cruise review of people complaining of bugs. Where these ships in New Orleans?

    Please help. I hope I am able to get to the doctor soon as to take a fecal sample.

    Regina C. Reifinger (done with carnival)

  • Mi
      22nd of Feb, 2007
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    First if you are going to complain, make sure you know what you are talking about. The ship does not take on potable water, it is generated on board. As far as getting into ports.. well that happens, you ask why they waited so long.. well dear, it is not as if the ship is some Hyundai that can be turned around at the drop of a dime. You seem to think there are not logistics involved with operating a cruise ship.. well there are..

    Maybe you should read your carriage contract, and understand what can happen on cruises before you plunk down $$$ on a anniversary that is so important to you. Hmmm, if It was important, maybe you would have done some research and realized what could happen, and been prepared!

    To the whiner that complained about sailing 44 hours and the $25 was an insult.... Well I know that they do not dock when weather does not permit them. Maybe they should have let you attempt to go ashore.. BUT you know, if you were hurt or even killed then your family would probably try to file a wrongful death suit, and all along it would have been your fault. GET A GRIP, if you want to complain about the weather, complain to mother nature or God.. !!

    Regina, get your facts straight... they don't have to report a gastro illness unless a certain percentage of the ships passengers or crew are infected. By the way.. maybe try washing your hands before and after you eat, and don't put your hands in your mouth, eyes, ears or any other opening in your body... GUESS WHAT, if you had done that you would not be sick! Since you didn't, sure why not blame the cruise line for others passengers that did not wash their hands, and in turn spread something to you. IT IS NOT FOOD POISONING, it is gastrointestinal illness.. So take responsibility for your part in it and move on to the next person or company you want to compensate your for your own lack of judgment.

  • Je
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    In response to Mike W.,

    After reading your post, one has the impression that you are a cruise line employee. I will be sailing on Carnival's Splendor this summer. It will be my first cruise. If you are a cruise line employee, then your attitude lends credence to the related experiences with regard to "rude/snotty" employees. I sincerely hope that I do not encounter one such as yourself...seemingly anal.

  • Ja
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Like the previous poster who responded to Mike W., I think he is a cruise line employee whose post lends credious to the numerous postings I've read abou the attitude of the employees. I wanted to investigate a little before using Carnival for my family reunion cruise in 2009. Mike W.'s post, more than any of the complaints, has helped me make my decision and while the others may be more expensive, I would prefer to pay more if I can avoid some of the problems posted re: Carnival. Our family time together is too important to risk.

  • Sh
      17th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Yeah I was so excited to go on our first cruise Carnival and we didn't even go to Cozumel or progreso because of the hurricane Paula. Instead we were greeted with men with gun and a nasty part of Veracruz Mexico.I didn't even stay long at all I went back to the boat.All around disappointed

  • Dn
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    There are always ways for Travel to go wrong, it is a sad fact of life however it is fair to say that the companies are particually short on understanding when it touches the profit margins. Those companies offer a good option for vacation no matter the mood or occassion. They obviously have decided there individual customers complaints and feelings are not valid as they provided a successful and complete overall experience. Sadly cruise holidays are a major growth sector and vastly under exploited compared to the American marketplace so this lack of best practice in complaints and proceedures (mostly once you have left the ship ) is likely to continue without much consumer pressure. National bodies should be formed to ensure fairness and should regulate the complaint proccedure closely. Much more sad is as usual the consumer is paying to regulate because the vendors cant be trusted. even though it would doubtless pay them well.

  • Pa
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    I went on my first Carnival cuise, and my last! it was a 5 day cruise to Mexico. The excursions were a rip off, the service was horrible, the food was worse (even formal night) The hot food was cold and the cold hot! Every chance they could an extra gratuity was charged in addition to the 50 bucks per day they tack on the first day not the last as they announce over their loud PA system! Gratuity is optional people! The show was worse than a horrible high school musical! No one tells you how very expensive everthing is on the ship! The drinks watered down. There is no kind or direction or guidance to get around the ship so you stay lost the first 3 days and its time to go by the time you can navigate! I cont even find a complaint eail address to correspond to. Does anyone have an email address for carnival?

  • Ta
      22nd of Mar, 2016
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    We was supposed to leave April 3rd out of Miami to go on our cruise my husband had a court date come up and its the same week and he can't miss it and i just wanted to change the date of our cruise even if more money was required but no one will work with me and let this happen I need someone to help me or I'm going to lose all our money
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    Someone please help me

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