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I need your assistance with Carnival. I am a Travel Agent; I booked Valerie Echezuria as my first customer on a cruise that sailed on July 26th on the Legend (Record #89J4X8). She has ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and is almost totally paralyzed. This was to be her last Hoorah. When she first booked, she was getting an inside cabin and I was quoted the price with a $120/pp on board credit. She decided to take a balcony so she could smoke. I was quoted the price for a balcony cabin, I was told it was an obstructed view, and that there would still be the on-board credit. After talking to Valerie She asked about a discount for being over 55, I called Carnival and was told the senior discounts allotted for that cruise were sold out. I told Valerie that and she still decided to book the balcony.

Valerie has returned from her cruise and she was not given her on-board credit. When I called today to find out what went wrong, first the person I talked to didn't know what credit I was talking about. I talked to the people at the Special Accommodations desk that books for persons needing accessibility so I called them (at #70025). They knew what I was talking about but said this booking was not booked under this rate.

Valerie really had a great time, but was counting on that ship credit. She would like to go again (one more time) before she is totally paralyzed. Is there any assistance you can give to me? I don't know who to talk to next, or if it will make any difference. She was due that credit.

I have tried working this out with Judy Rowe CCL, but her response was --- "My suggestion is to be sure in the future that the agent is verifying what actual promotion she is booking, before finalizing the booking".

I really hate to start off my relationship with CCL this way, but Valerie was my 'Guest' and as such she is due what was offered.

My company name is AccessABILITY Travel and the market I am targeting is persons with DissAbilities I have an extensive background in this area and I am not afraid to fight for my guests/customers.

Even though Valerie was not getting an equal opportunity, on this ship. (Not being able to visit all of the ports), She would like to go again, ASAP. Each day is one more day with fewer capabilities.

We would appreciate any assistance, anyone can offer.

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