Carnival Cruise line / got sick on carnival cruise after being served food I have an allergy too twice

FL, United States
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On March 18 through March 25th I sailed on the Carnival Glory from Miami, FL for a 7 night vacation, before departing you were notified of a food borne allergy in which I could not have certain foods, then once I boarded the ship I meet with the people in the dining room to go over my allergies once again.

The first 2 nights on the ship went out off without a problem, the third night however I became sick following eating food that had been prepared with foods that I cannot have, and having to pay extra to eat in the steakhouse. I then spent the next 2 days sick in my room feeling completely miserable. Good thing the next day we were not able to port due to weather in which I had excursions planned.

Once I was feeling well enough I tried to take care of the problem asking they just give me my money back considering what had happened. From that point one I was completely ignored by the food service director and customer service in the unwillingness to help.

On the final day of the trip my order at dinner was to be prepared based on my food allergy requirements. However this was not the case halfway through a bowl of soup I discovered the soup had been prepared with food I am allergic too. Within a matter of 30 minutes I had gotten sick prompting me to leave and go to the restroom.

Back at the table the matri'd, the chef and others were there asking what had happened. This time i was sent to the clinic in which I was given meds to counteract the allergy to some degree. I spent the next 3 days sick from this incident.

Following returning I have called, filed a report, emailed carnival. One person I contacted and filed a report told me "we will fill out a report and send it to the appropriate persons so this doesn't happen again".

Three weeks later and after calling my credit card companies, I receive an email from Carnival on the incident telling me to return as a guest and giving me 15% off my next cruise as a good will gesture.

That is not a good will gesture, not is not good customer service, that is nothing more than a blatant attempt at smacking me in the face and telling me we don't care, we're not sorry, and we have no intentions of making it right.

The severity of my allergies has the potential of sending me to the hospital and or causing dehydration due to the vomiting and diarrhea that is caused by my food borne allergy.
Carnival failed on many aspects of this as there is no excuse in this happening twice in one week. My wife and my mother both had to take time out of their vacations to ensure that I was alright and not becoming dehydrated, they had to take time to deal with customer service and the food service director who both were completely dismissive. We all have had to take time out to call and email. Three weeks after the incident telling me I can get a 15% off through email as a good will gesture is a smack in the face.
I expect better for Carnival. I expect a resolution that is fair and not just a smack in my face. This was my health, someone failed at Carnival, and to this day you still are failing to make it right.

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