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Carmax / Bad service

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Carmax started out with a vision to change the way cars were sold and repaired. Company motos like " Happy associate make happy customers and happy customers make happy stock holders" and " accept no defect, create no defect, pass on no defect" were words to live by.

Now under new management and reacting to a poor economy, Carmax has resorted to the same cost cutting tactics that give all used car lots bad reputations. Quality used cars are a thing of the past at carmax.

Please do not expect to get the best quality used vehicle. Do not expect to get a fair price for your trade in. Shop around to major new car dealerships for your next used car. With all of the dealerships building cerified used cars these days, the products they are producing are of a much higher standard then Carmax vehicles. Parts used during the recon process with be OEM vs cheapest part available.

Corporate america has destroyed an upstart company that had the potential to be something special.

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  • Va
      5th of Jun, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I purchased a Chevy Trail Blazer last summer @ a Charlotte NC location and did also purchase a 3 year extended warranty. Carmax skips hoops & jumps barrels when making the sale then something goes wrong and just try to get service! October the 'service engine light' starts up, call South Blvd local in Charlotte, was told 1200plus things could cause light and I should, "spin and click my gas cap 3 times". I'm an educated person, majored in law, 30 yrs in my field and there I am clicking my gas cap!!!

    Called again, light on & off, they can't make appointment convenient to my schedule, tried 4 times over 3 months, can not get the vehicle in. No one told me I could go to another CARMAX or the dealer...(Husband who listens to every detail also confirmed NO they did not add that in sales pitch)

    Forward to last Thurs. we realize inspection going to expire EOM, call for inspection, oil change and light my surprise once again I must wait into the following week to get it in there but finally someone with brain cells mentions I could go to another CARMAX! I contact the other location in Charlotte and can drop it off Thurs night they would look at it Friday morning. Before doing this I bring it for an oil change and inspection to mechanics we trust & know...all pass except the idiot light issue, they do diagnostic and it is the cam sensor, must go to dealer and we do and drop off vehicle.

    Service guy nice, helpful did good job thus far. Most calls I had to make and they only get a "D" on returning calls. Vehicle needs...camshaft sensor, and thermostat sensor and steering rack and 4 new stabilizer links, they were playing (as does Carmax)...well good thing I needed my inspection huh?

    Move to Monday, many calls and p.s. NEVER GOT THE LOANER/RENTAL info they promised so tough ( :grin ) on me!

    Monday night finally pick up, unfortunately it is at the same time CARMAX's computer system NATIONWIDE according to them has just crashed...I had to pay my 'co-pay' so I swipe, IT GOES THRU - SAYS APPROVED - and thank does not "talk to the Carmax computers" so 3 brain surgeons tell me it's some kind of problem on thier end, please swipe again it did not go thru. I knowing it did, hesitate and swipe, turns out the "manager" of the business office or so he posed as, keeps telling me he cancelled the transaction and continues to swipe my card 4 times and manually enters info into the 'crashed system they do not yet know has crashed!" I tell them the card went thru...lo and behold after 45 minutes I realize I have a check with me, pay and go, get home later, online to bank and there it is, 4 consecutive charges from CARMAX out of my bank!!!

    Call 7:30am yesterday on phone almost 5 hours back & forth, they claim they are still 'crashed', I fax them the bank statement, they say they will handle calls back all afternoon...

    This morning funds still out of bank, I am now in full menopausal Sicilian B*&_*% mode...the people I spoke to yesterday are conveniently not in...

    I call corporate in Richmond VA (800-519-1511) FYI>>> Director of Customer Relations is Monica Westbrook (but of course she is only a voicemail 4x's - CEO is Thomas Folliard x2000 (but he does not take consumer calls) his admin that does take his calls but is a Katherine Roll x2002 (she is also a voicemail) but now all you readers have that info if needed.

    1:45pm still on this, nothing resolved and they have my funds still tied up, they have passed the grey area of legalities, they have NOT followed the bank's instructions to resolve.

    I would not deal with them again for another vehicle, which is a shame because we will be needing a 2nd truck for my husband and 2 cars for our boys ...I'm sure at this point CARMAX could care less about losing our sales, they will just find new prey.

    Complaints are filed this morning with the state attorney general, consumer affairs, BBB, FTC and Dun & Bradstreet just to humour myself.

    CARMAX has communication and proper training failure and would be well suited in spending constructive time in those areas.

    LAST note...they low balled on the rack, used NAPA aftermarket to save money instead of Chevy rack and listed on my work order, "historically they have problems on the aftermarket and it would need to be replaced again"...aren't they bright?

  • De
      8th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I bought a 2003 Silverado at the Greensboro, NC Carmax. While talking to the salesman I find out the truck is from New York. Immediately I know it's going to have some rust so I have them put it on a lift for an undercarraige inspection. The sales manager assures me it's an acceptable amount of surface rust, so I buy it. Fast forward past the gasoline price hikes- I go to Fayetteville, NC Carmax to trade it in on a 2006 Colorado. The Fayetteville Carmax sales manager refuses to give me fair value for the Silverado because it has surface rust on the frame. I laugh it off to keep from hurting someone, but eventually buy the Colorado. I've had it less than 2 months and the service engine light comes on simultaneously as my windshield washer goes dry. {Colorados are known for the service engine light coming on for any and everything} Service staff won't give me an appointment during July 4th weekend, so I have to miss work for a 9:15am weekday appointment. Service manager tells me he won't even look at the truck until 3pm. I say that I can't miss that much work, I'll take it somewhere else on a weekend. Service manager tells me if I take it away I can't bring it back. I see red. I talk to a sales manager about cancelling my warranty, so he talks to the service manager, who agrees to uphold the appointment. [[All the truck needed was to reset the engine light]] After a two hour wait I see my truck waiting so I ask the service manager if it's ready. He say's it is, but he's waiting to see if the warranty will cover it. An hour and a half later I talk to the sales manager again. The 3 of us talk, and the service manager then say's its not ready, waiting on a part. 3pm rolls around, service manager tells me the wrong part came in, that it was the HVAC sensor switch. Thats a blatant lie and a scam, I know engines. Now I'm waiting to pick my truck up - hopefully tomorrow. I paid for the truck in full when I bought it, with the 3 year warranty. You would think there would be some service after the sale. Fayetteville is a terrible town, I guess the Carmax has to match.

  • Li
      25th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hylda - for an "educated person who majored in law", you sure write like crap and must have skipped the contract law classes where you were instructed to actually read and comprehend contracts before signing them. However, you stated you majored in law but didn't say you actually practiced it. Trying to beef up your ego a bit to the people who read your complaint, eh?

    As far as the gas cap issue - a common cause for the CEL to come on is from a loose gas cap. This usually happens from those idiots who like to keep their vehicles running while fueling, but also arises when the cap just isn't tightened enough. It was a valid suggestion to make, and will usually solve the problem.

    Defensa - you know Autozone will clear CELs for free, right? If you know engines, then you should probably know that little tidbit as well. Also, when gas prices hiked and no one was buying SUVs, why would you expect a great offer on your SUV?

    So many holes in both of your complaints...

  • Ka
      31st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Autzone will not clear CELs. It against their company policy and illegal in some states. Any Autozone employee who clears a CEL risks losing their job.

  • Pi
      21st of Apr, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Carmax sells unsafe vehicles. Technicians are honest to managers about what repairs are needed. Managers who were fry cooks a week ago now make the decision as to whether a vehicle gets safety related repairs depending on cost per vehicle reports. If the numbers are too high they throw the dice and hope the customer does not return in 30 days. SAD SAD SAD company especially Naperville IL location. Jacob Janowski is the service OPS manager and is clueless about cars just managing numbers on a report. never know what they decided not to fix to save money.

  • Br
      19th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    I agree with Pickeral. The technicians are honest, it's the greedy managers that give the techs at carmax a bad name. For example, at the Saint Peters MO location, a Ford F-250 diesel pickup truck was going through the reconditioning process when a tech pointed out that the tires had cracks in the tread and sidewalls, and the tires should be replaced. But what does management do? Tells the tech to flip the tires on the rims to hide the cracks! I feel sorry for the customer who's driving that truck right now, most likely unaware that the tires which their 7, 000 lb truck is rolling on have been flipped to hide dangerous cracks from the customer's view. The service and operations managers at location #6052 in Saint Peters need more than a curbside or a coaching, they need to be fired!

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