Carl's Jr.needs new staff asap

2/4/2017 store #9756 19th st. Alta Loma CA Refrence # 9303142

I wasn't going to let others who have been telling me to ban Carl's jr. Because the new CEO has ties with the Trump presidency going on. But honestly over the past 7 years or more this Carl's jr. Next to my house always seems to have the worst problems!!! The fact that I just wasted a ton of gas, money and my time going to this Carl's Junior three times in a row because they couldn't get my burger order straight the first time and kept giving me chicken tenders and bacon and cheese crisscut fries instead is enough proof for me never to come back! You have employees laughing at the situation hanging out messing around not paying attention and I even caught employees on their iPhones behind the registers! The only person that seems to have some responsibility was an older gentleman in the back with a black jacket on and he had a file with him and checking off some papers I don't know if this is the manager or not but if he was he really just saved everything going around him out and did not keep those kids in line. During my time in the drive-thru I was very pleased they were nice to me and my dog and were very kind but after the mistakes happened more of them didn't want to talk to me or help me fix it and I had to end up getting upset to make something happen. The store could be so much better than it is but I guess nobody wants to take the responsibility to do a full overhaul and get this Troublesome store in line. I think it's funny how you have them say my pleasure like Chick-fil-A but maybe you should try a different saying than my pleasure because Chick-fil-A has never messed up any of my orders their employees seem to be way happier and take their job way more seriously. I'm addicted to your Burgers I love him so much it's hard to say goodbye but until things are straightened up you will never see me out another Carl's jr. Ever again!

Feb 04, 2017

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