Carl's Jr / burgers no longer flame-broiled

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the burgers are getting lame - the whole is the "flame-broiled" burger and the last several trips I've made (and there is no longer a close location to my home) I have gotten the warmed up burger patties that sit in those trays like McDonald's uses - GROSS .. I want a FRESH FLAME-BROILED burger patty - that is why I come to Carl's Jr. !!! If you ask for it "fresh off the broiler" you get the eye-roll or worry that some nasty person making it will harm your food because they want to do what is easy and pre-cooking the meat and letting it sit there so they can slap it together without waiting for it to cook is what the staff wants

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  • Ki
      Jul 16, 2012

    That's unfortunate for you but fast food jobs suck.The people working there don't wanna be there especially for little money.It's also called fast food and it's quicker to give someone a burger already made.I'm sure a lot of customers complained after waiting longer than five minutes for a burger.I agree with you, it should be fresh but it's a fast food place and not a five star restaurant.

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  •   Jul 16, 2012

    Ask for a plain burger with condiments on the side, they'll have to make it fresh then.

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  • Li
      Jun 30, 2016

    I took my burger back because of the exact same reason- very soggy lettuce and smashed bun, it tasted like it was reheated in the microwave. When I brought the burger back to the counter to get another one, I noticed that the "cook" was taking about 12 pre-wrapped and cooked burgers out of the refrigerator! I asked if they premade and refrigerated that burgers, but she denied it. No one really spoke very good English- all Spanish speaking and were very hard to understand. The French fries were cold and very greasy. I will never go back to a Carls Jr. again. They have very low standards for a franchise. I used to really like their burgers.

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