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On the 9th of June I called your miles office to book a round trip using my miles for both my husband and I. I booked the return first and then called back to book the departure. However when I called back the departure ticket was no longer available. As a result I asked for my husband's ticket to be canceled due to his conflicting work schedule. The customer service assistant obliged and then informed me there would be a 100 us fee attached. I then informed her that the first customer service rep who dealt with me told me I had up to 24 hrs to make changes without incurring any additional fees. However she spoke to the manager and said that they would waive the fee due to incorrect information I received. On this second call I booked my departure flight paid my taxes for all flights and received my electronic ticket via email. Four hours later I received a call from the miles department stating that I was required to pay an additional 50 us fee for expedited costs. I informed the csr that this was never mentioned not once to me during the entire transaction that took place during the day and that this was very unfair. She told me she would speak to her manager. Fifteen minutes later the csr who dealt with me initially called in a demanding tone giving me two options. She told me I have two options either a full refund or pay the 50 us. I expressed to her how unfair this was and she said she forgot to tell me and that my ticket was placed on hold until I pay the 50 us. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and she said that none was in her office. She then told me that they already waived one fee for me so how could I expect to get another reduction. I told her that i never expected any waiver from your company. I have been travellune with your company for the past six years and to insinuate that I am some type of con artist looking for freebies is very repulsive and unfair. I also proceeded to tell her that the company needs some serious customer service training and as a company being in existence for so long they should be aware that they must honor the initial price given to the customer. I gave her this example. If I go to a stationary store and purchase a pencil priced at $2.00, the store owner cannot call me back and say that the pencil I bought was in fact $5.00 and you will be considered a theif until to you pay the difference. She told me hold on and then came back on the phone and said don't bother with the fee and that it will be placed on my file. I was like what!! Then she said the same
supervisor who was not in office told her to waiver the fee AGAIN! No apology was given and she sounded very upset. I am so disgusted by what happened today. Your company need to train their staff to put customers first even if they don't feel like it.

Jun 09, 2017

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