Kuwait Airways Complaints & Reviews

Kuwait Airways / lost luggage

Aug 25, 2019

Kuwait Airwaysاعزائي الخطوط الكويتيه، لقد تواصلت معكم مرارا و تكرا من خلاص تويتر و الواتس اب و لكن يأسرني انني لم اجد اجابة لمفقوداتي و هم حقيبتان ! ، اود ان أعلمكم انني تعلقت في مطار باريس لمده ساعة ونصف او اكثر لانهم لم يسمحو لي بالدخول لشحن حقائبي إلى وجهتي الأخير الا وهي Tucson، اعزائي الخطوط الكويتيه...

Kuwait Airways / damaged property

Jul 30, 2019

As always, this time too I trusted and flew on Kuwait Airways. However, this time I have a bad experience concerning one of my baggage. On reaching home I found the TV panel damaged inside the carton due to mishandling in the airport. Kindly arrange damage compensation. Ticket No...

Kuwait Airways / damaged luggage reference # 3234/ss

Jul 29, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysFlight: [24th May 2019 KU675—KU118 AND 14TH June 2019 KU117 -KU678] I traveled from [24th May 2019 and returned on June 14th, 2019. My travel was all the way sound and fine. When I collected my luggage after arrival, I found one of my suitcases was damaged so badly. The top body of the...

Kuwait Airways / about property regulatory report. flight no. ku 381

Jul 06, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysIt is very sorrow to complain about your poor cervice regarding my baggage that I have arrived on dated 20 June 2019 at Delhi Airport. But my baggage were not availabled by your company at that time.I have given a baggage claim report.My baggage are not dispatched till date.I am waiting...

Kuwait Airways / delay / mishandling of luggage

Jun 23, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysI alongwith with my four family members travelled from london to delhi on 14. 06. 2019 by ku104/383 i checked in 10 bags at london on reaching delhi on 15th morning i couldn't get my luggage for more than two hours and nobody from kuwait airways was there to help me i lodged complaint with...

Kuwait Airways / lost baggage

Jun 22, 2019

Flight # ku102 & ku417 luggage # ku396265 ku396267 flight from lhr june 20, 2019 to mnl june 21, 2019 baggage lost when destination reached contact number given from airport personnel unreachable. 24hrs after the flight still no feedback. I must be compensated for this inconvenience as i literally have nothing to wear and important effects are there

Kuwait Airways / flight reschedule

Jun 18, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysI have booked and confirmed my flight in 9-jun-2019 (ref flight number : KU561), and just today i received email notification of my flight re-scheduled with a new flight that i will be waiting at air port for 6.5 hours, when my original flight was to wait 45 minutes. it's transit flight...

Kuwait Airways / service to passenger

Jun 16, 2019

kuwait airways provide a horrible journey since delay in riyadh we took boarding pass from kuwait to bangalore without taking passanger the left the flight since total 5 passanger 2 senior citizen 2 kids and women my mother in law shes heart patient they suffer a lot thn they provide...

Kuwait Airways / flight ticket for my infant doesn't additional with my wife

Jun 08, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysI booked the ticket for my all family(my wife, two children and one infant)ticket number.[protected] .when I check my ticket my wife last name is wrong, and I go to the kuwait airways building in avenues and from office correct the name and I spend money for this(10kd), then I print my ticket...

Kuwait Airways / missed power bank and broken trolley

May 30, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysTeam, I along with my family travelled from kochin to JFK Airport on April 7 2019. During the baggage check at Kuwait they requested to keep my 2 Power bank and mobiles in a separate bin. When i take my bin back I came to know that one of my power bank is missing. When i complaint to Kuwait...

Kuwait Airways / no response to my lost baggage complaint

May 17, 2019

Kuwait airways Service: flights - departure uk Date raised: october 4th, 2018 03:59 Booking reference and/or flight number: pnr ticket: wi9n2x ([protected]) or ku353 Passenger: cordaro elisabetta Itinerary: lhr - blr When it happened: october 1st, 2018 Where it happened: transferring...

[Resolved] Kuwait Airways / cancelling flight less than 24 hours before the predefined time.

May 09, 2019

Dears, , my family ( wife & kids & maid ) was supposed to travel from doha to cairo 7-May 9:30 AM and arrive cairo 3:35 reference ( RQVASP )...i received message 06-May 12:49PM from Kuwait airways telling me that the flight has been cancelled and the new flight will be at the...

[Resolved] Kuwait Airways / we lost our check in bag when my father traveling from usa to india

May 07, 2019

My father traveled from jfk to chennai on 6th may 2019 at 7.58 pm in ku118 flight and exchanged the flight in kuwait on ku343 to chennai on 8th may 2019 at 1.20 am. His name is purnachandrarao kasindula and his eticket number is [protected]. At chennai airport he gave a complaint and received...

Kuwait Airways / refund because I was denied boarding because of damaged passport

Apr 29, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysDear Sir/Madam, Me (Ashesh Taparia) and my wife (Surbhi Bhararia) had a flight to board on 20th April 2019 to Istanbul via Kuwait Airways flight KU-302 at 5:25am from Mumbai. At the airport we were denied to check-in by Mr. Abu Faiz Shaikh (your Airline Traffic officer). The reason of such...

Kuwait Airways / flight arrived late at kuwait

Apr 27, 2019

I boarded my flight from Delhi at 2am(IST) which was supposed to be arrive at Kuwait at around 3.30am (according to Kuwaits time) but I missed my next connecting flight to London which was scheduled at 5am (according to Kuwaits time) from Kuwait. I had made my other commitments in London...

Kuwait Airways / returning of my passport

Mar 27, 2019

I Bharathi hanumanthu travelled on KU354/ (BLR/KWI) 24/01/2019 and was sent back by Kuwait Immigration authorities. And I was surrendered my passport voluntarily and without any compulsion to the authorities. my passport no. S4319264 is with Kuwait airways after verifying the correct...

Kuwait Airways / lost of luggage while travelling from delhi to paris via kuwait

Mar 23, 2019

Travelling from Delhi to Paris via Kuwait by Flight No. KU382 on 28.02.2019 and from Kuiwait to paris by flight No. KU167 on 28.02.2019. But we have not received one bag while reaching at the paris Airport and we have been informed that the bag will come to your hotel on 2nd March, 2019...

Kuwait Airways / Delay baggage & damage baggage

Feb 15, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysI was traveling on 19th Jan from New Delhi to paris on kuwait airlines Flight no KU 382 delhi to kuwait Flight no KU 167 kuwait to paris Upon reaching paris we did not get our luggage after waiting many hours we were informed our luggage is in kuwait & will get it after 3 days on next...

Kuwait Airways / lost & found department

Jan 25, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysHello. I can't Find a phone number to call. I have a lost baggage in Kuweit. File Reference : ISTKU11384 / name : Petrica Iulian Alin Flight date: KU414/12JAN /KU155/12jan. How can I Find Any information about it? When I arrived in Tukey my baggage was missing. After a few days they told...

Kuwait Airways / lost luggage

Jan 12, 2019

Kuwait AirwaysKuwait Airlines have lost our luggage and failed to deliver with our flights to Riyadh Airport. Our journey with Kuwait Airlines was from Dhaka to Kuwait and then transit flight Kuwait to Riyadh. When we reached Riyadh the transit security confirmed our luggage's have not reached Riyadh on...

Kuwait Airways / theft from baggage and luggage damaged

Jan 11, 2019

This is Tabassum Junaid from flight KW 205 on Wednesday. I am deeply traumatised to find that my luggage was compromised. I have been asking around to register a complaint and just came across your site. All my bags locks were broken and items stolen I have a very high suspicion the people you...

Kuwait Airways / laptop claim : rfp 9696 (seized at kuwait airport cause unable to switch on due to battery drainage)

Jan 10, 2019

While Travelling from New Delhi to New York, at Kuwait Airport Security, my Macbook pro was seized as I was unable to switch on my laptop and charger was in check in baggage. On my way back I tried to collect my laptop but due to insufficient time, I could not but given the RFP number ...

Kuwait Airways / service and experience

Jan 09, 2019

There has been no response on my complaint.Reference number [protected] /.[protected]. I have not received any response on my email. It has been 27 days now.. It has been registered under reference # 6441/HB. Booking ref: PDGMGN Ticket number: 229 [protected] KU118 was one of my worse...

Kuwait Airways / baggage mishandled/lost

Jan 05, 2019

Actually me and My husband were travelling from Madina (saudi Arab) to New delhi(India) via transit in kuwait by Kuwait Airways and when we reached Delhi we found out that out of our 6 luggages 1 luggage was missing. Delhi ground service help us file a missing complaint and created a...

Kuwait Airways / missing luggage and no updates from kuwait airways

Dec 29, 2018

I travelled from Frankfurt to New Delhi via Kuwait. I left Frankfurt on 23rd Dec and reached Delhi on 24th Dec early morning. My last connecting flight was KU383 from Kuwait to Delhi. I checked in 4 baggages and all are missing. It has been more that 5 days and no updates from your side. I...

Kuwait Airways / baggage not received after reaching the destination

Dec 14, 2018

I Mini Sanchai travelled with my daughter from New York, (John F Kennedy Intl) to Thiruvananthapuram, via Kuwait airlines KU 118 and KU 331 on 11 December 2018 but on reaching Thiruvananthapuram i did not find my baggage which contains 4 bags (2 big bags & 2 small bags). Due to which I...

Kuwait Airways / flight no. ku 104

Nov 18, 2018

Flight was late arriving from London to Kuwait, the air stewards on plane said the connecting flight (same airline) would wait for us, as they knew the situation. Regrettably they didn't wait, resulting in my missing out one day of my holiday, in which I had treatments booked, therefore I...

Kuwait Airways / ku 381 flight cancellation on 16th november

Nov 16, 2018

My family is traveling from Cairo to Delhi. Flight number ku 381 got cancelled on 16th November. For last 16 hours my family is stuck in Kuwait. And still no information on the arrangements how are you sending them and what is next schedule. Please help urgent. We are losing a lot related...

Kuwait Airways / lost luggage

Sep 26, 2018

Kuwait AirwaysI travelled with Kuwiat airways on 22nd sept 2018 ( KU 118) from JFK to kuwait and further to chennai ( KU 343). I had checked in 2 American tourister bags of which I only received one at chennai. One Red color bag is missing. I have been desperately trying to contact chennai office but...

Kuwait Airways / delayed flight and on return extra costing charged.

Sep 26, 2018

Booking Reference number for e-ticket. WXWF05, date 19th June 2018 to travel to Bangladesh; Sylhet on the 30 JULY 2018 and returning on 29 August 2018. On traveling to Bangladesh; Sylhet, date 30 July 2018 with my husband and 11 year old child. Flight number KU 102 plane was delayed for 3...

Kuwait Airways / refund

Sep 25, 2018

Till date Kuwait airways has not refunded the online cancellation of PNR V9NJEX since July 2018. When enquired with their refunds team on email [protected] they claim to have processed the refund back to the K-net card bank account used for doing the booking but are unable...

Kuwait Airways / inappropriate changes in flight schedule

Sep 22, 2018

dear sir/madam, i am writing to complaint about changing flight bookings with kuwait airways without any valid reason. i booked flights for my below named children well in advance with your prestige and well recognized airline. booking ref name uk passport no. date of issue date of...

Kuwait Airways / flight delay for 19 hours

Sep 07, 2018

Flight from Paris to New Delhi India. Flight No. KU168 and connecting flight KU383 on 04/09/2018 It was schedule to reach New Delhi on 05/09/2018 at 05:00 AM But delayed for 19 hours 15 minutes It reached New Delhi on 06/09/2018 at 00:15 AM Reservation number BFR-8224881 Passengers name: Mukesh Kumar...

Kuwait Airways / flight delayed indefinitely due to negligence of kuwait airways

Sep 04, 2018

Respected Sir / Ma'am, I am Souvik Maity, a Kuwait Airways customer, on flight KU 167, for 4th September, 2018, flying from Kuwait to Paris at 7:30 AM (Kuwait time). This is to bring to your kind notice that Flight Number KU 167 from Kuwait to Paris has been delayed by more than 4 hour...

Kuwait Airways / theft from mt cabin baggage

Aug 31, 2018

Kuwait AirwaysDear sir This is the to inform you that some one has stolen a brand new IPhone 10 from my cabin baggage from flight from Kuwait to Bangalore, yesterday night. That is flight dated 30th August 2018 flight number KU 353 He has broken the latch of the zipper, opened the bag and has stolen the...

Kuwait Airways / i’m complaining about the service which is very bad

Aug 23, 2018

I was in flight number KU620 under name of Sally Ebrahim my TV screen was not working this is the first challenge I had, I have asked the Philippino flight attendance and her reply was "try to refresh it may be it will work and may be not as most of the TV's are not working" which is un...

Kuwait Airways / Baggage

Aug 23, 2018

Kuwait AirwaysI Malik Shipra travelled from New Delhi to Jeddah via Kuwait airlines KU 384 and KU 787 on 22 August, 2018 but on reaching Jeddah i did not find my bag. Due to which I suffered a huge financial loss as it contains imp docs. and other valuables.I filed complaint with file no KU16279 at...

Kuwait Airways / delay baggage & no proper arrangement for fasting people

Aug 23, 2018

Itinerary detail : · I booked 2 nos. Of kuwait airways ticket thru online for kuwait - chennai - kuwait · the pax are : 1. Abdul bari kaleel ahamed - pnr # s2eglk - e-ticket # [protected] 2. Ms janibatcha thahirabegam - pnr # vvdlnu - e-ticket # [protected] · date of travel : O kwi - maa ...

Kuwait Airways / lost baggage

Aug 20, 2018

I travelled from Kuwait to India Kerala Thiruvananthapuram airport on Kuwait Airlines and my 2 baggages was lost and it's been 5 days till now and I still do not know the status of my bag. I had to buy new clothes as the missing bag contains all my clothes costly things . The unknown...

Kuwait Airways / services - baggage lost

Aug 15, 2018

Baggage lost reference- CMBKU26052 Hello! My wife and two Childrens travel by Kuwait airline KU0102 in 12th August, unfortunately they did not get one baggage which is missing and She compliant in Colombo Srilanka office but nothing happened so far ..? Children's clothes, food and medicen in...