Caribbean Airlines / bw526 boarding time 16.25 rude staff member for caribbean airlines in guyana


Sorry we did not want to complaint but we were travelling back to New York JFK on the 11th Sept BW526 17.25 from Guyana and the customer Service Rep for Carribean Airlines was so rude to us and to the other customers who she was dealing with.I still feel really angry just thinking about it.I just want to say if this is type of person you are employing to represent your company then I will never fly with you again.I was travelling with my parents who are two seniors and were shocked by her behaviour, She issused us with our boarding passes 21A, 21b and 21c surname Esbrand.I want you to look into this matter.

I am Head of Facilities, Customer Services and Security in my job in London. I would of sacked her immediately. That kind of behaviour and attitude was totally disgraceful.

Sep 24, 2017

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