Captain D'sservice I set in drive thru thirty minutes without moving two cars in front of me

I was in drive thru thirty minutes with two cars in front of me both cars complaining about how long it has I called while still sitting in drive thru an ask to talk to she got on phone she was very rude.i then ask for my meal I got to window ten minutes later.arial who said she was manager.was very disrespectful an had she gave me my meal an slammed the window.i then had to blow my horn because they didn't give me my drink.i felt at my time of my visit with Captain D's I was very rude to an not treated like a customer should have been treated.i have been an employee at Captain D's in Monroe before an I have never been disrespectful to a very unhappy with my experience with the store manager an customer service I got an I will let others know how try restaurant treated me so they won't be treated the same.thanks Christy ramey

Captain D's
Captain D's

Sep 26, 2017

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