Captain D's / food/employees

We went to Captain D's in Monroe Georgia on July 24, 2018. It was at approximately 5:00 pm. There was only one cashier taking orders a young man who kept apologizing saying this was the first time he was on the register that he isn't usually out front. It took approximately 10 minutes for him to take our order then he had to get change from the woman at the window as the only thing he had in his register was coupons he did not have a money tray in the register. The woman at the window kept yelling at him and it was very hard to understand what she was saying. Finally he got our order taken as he had to keep asking what buttons to push on the register. The bill was $36.00 and some change. When our food finally came the french fries and the mac and cheese were totally cold, we did not get the hush puppies which were suppose to come with our meals, the shrimp were almost burned which made them unappealing and not eatable, the fish was also a very hard dark brown in color also not appealing or eatable, the crab shells were also almost black in color. Needless to say all we got was I'm sorry from the staff so we threw the food away left and went elsewhere for supper. Unfortunately this is the closest Captain D's and after this experience we will find somewhere else to go probably Long John Silver's. I believe we should have been given a total refund but we were not offered anything but I'm sorry.

Jul 28, 2018

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