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I bring my van in to exchange the tires for winter. I get a call that I need all new brakes front and back and that they had some pricing for me. No thanks I will do myself. They show me the most expensive parts. $127 per rotor and $90 each for the pads. Come on! After stating the obvious he shows me the $50 rotors and $60 pads. I tell him that this doesnt make sense because I did the brakes last year and checked them in the spring (actually I was mistaken I had checked them in August before a long road trip). he suggests we speak to the mechanic Paul. He tells me they all needed replace. That the rears were worse than the fronts. I told him i checked them myself in the spring (actually August) and he had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. So I buy just for the rears to do myself. While I am waiting the mechanic Paul calls another customer on the phone doing a tire change and tells him they suggest "all new brakes front and back and alignment". I tell the gentleman helping me that I believe your mechanic(s) are arbitrarily telling everyone they need all new brakes and if I take off my wheels and my brakes are fine I'm coming back and I'm gonna have words. Sure enough!! My brakes are not only fine but they still look new! 1/4" on the pads barely 1/32nd wear on the rotors.Shiny and smooth with no grooves! I have 2 vehicles and my wife doesnt drive. No kids, its just me driving. I also work at home so no driving to work everyday. These brakes have less than 15000kms on them. I freaked!! Clearly they did not expect a minivan owner to actually inspect their own brakes. Likely assumed I was a soccer mom that would just take their word and pay for the premium mega overpriced brakes!
Needless to say they didn't let me speak with Paul. I returned the parts I bought earlier as my brakes are good for likely another 2 years. Shameful. Just shameful. Disgusting.

Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire
Canadian Tire

Dec 07, 2016
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      Jan 06, 2017

    Exact same thing just happened to us except they already did the work by the time we checked our old break pads. They clearly didn't think we would look at the old ones. We complained to the automotive managers and he couldn't even defend himself. All he said was "maybe you shouldn't drive a car you can't afford. Have a good day. Goodbye". We are now reaching out to corporate office.

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