Canadian Tirepushy credit card salespeople

Nov 28 2018

All locations have these pushy credit card/points card sales ppl why do you want that in your store horrible for the business. With aprox 9 ppl in line up at the tills on a Wednesday morning at 930am there wasn't 1 person in line that wasn't talking about it. So thats ok--The best comment was like time share guys at air port Bahahahah
They dont take no for an answer until you tell them 4 times. They convince ppl to just sign up quick and get a instant discount. Sell it as a point card but in the end its a credit card combo. Regardless piss off. They seem to target young people and elderly, they all seem confused and end up falling for it and signing up. So it does pay to be persistent.
I stood in the North Regina Sask store and watched this guy who looked like a homeless person wander around with his i-pad harassing ppl after I had to tell him 4 times Im not interested.

Just fyi please pass it on.

Nov 28, 2018

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