Canadian Tiremanager of sporting goods dept. fort frances, on

Relating to Pelican Stand-Up paddle board advertised in Big Red Weekend flyer. Display picture has the Rider 100 with bungee cord and handles and states Paddle included. When I paid for the SUP board, the SG Manager told me that it came with a paddle. When I went back later to pick it up she said it didn't come with a paddle, "Corporate" made a mistake and paddle wasn't included. I reminded her that she told me that the paddle came with but she lied and said she hadn't. I Respectfully challenged the issue especially as it had been stated in flyer and she told me. She said that she did not have the power to do anything for me and to come back to talk to store owner. Today I returned to ask about the handles and the bungee cord. Nope they don't come with the SUP board either. She would not let me talk but rather scolded me for not coming in sooner to talk to Store Owner. I wanted to know why the handles didn't come with it and she said I can't tell you anything. I said but your the Sporting Goods Manager and she said I can't help you. Then she said "I'm done with you."

May 09, 2017

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