Canadian Tire / everything, where 2 begin

I nook an appointment for my car to be serviced I booked it about 5 days earlier when my checked engine light came on. So I explain the check engine light, I was having concerns about snow tires I purchased from Canadian tire, also when they swapped out my battery they left something unhooked, check breaks, check alignment and check drivers right back tire shock as it rubs when I go over a bump and oil change. My appointment was 2:30 pm they did not start work until 3:30 pm. They then approached me at almost closing time and said ur service is finished but they wanted me to mention ur check engine light is on. I said what r u talking about that is why I am here right now. I said no it is for check engine light and I threw in the other things to work on because I was getting the other service. Well at the end of the day I was encircled by 5 employees I was security who was trying to puff his chest out like he mattered. They refused to release my car even though it was their mistake. They locked doors and blocked us in by security and said they were keeping our car so Canadian tire holds a 83 year old dementia woman and a 54 year old in heart failure and severely disabled

Nov 27, 2017

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