Canadian Tire / customer service

Orillia, ON, Canada

Entered Orillia, Ontario customer Service desk on Thursday June 8 at 1920 (7:20pm) to have a correction made to my receipt from a 20 minute previous purchases in Gravenhurst, Ontario. My options card did not process the 20x points offered that day. This ensued into a ridiculous cat and mouse with an uncooperative teenage employee at the desk named Megan.

First I was informed that I would have to deal with the points issue at the store I bought it from. I departed the store then thought to myself why cant they simply return the items then re ring the items back in scan my points card correctly and everyone's happy.

I returned to the store 20 min later and requested a return and was informed by Megan that the items could only be returned to the store they were purchased from. To which I replied I had returned items from other locations in the past, and that Can Tire was a corporation no different that Walmart or Best Buy.

I requested to speak to a store manager and was told very sternly she couldn't help as the items were different from store to store. I mentioned both items were in the weekend flyer and that "Certified" is Canadian Tire's national brand. She checked her computer and informed me the "Certified" product could be replaced but not the Mastercraft product. I again stated the product was in the sales flyer.
It wasn't worth my time and aggravation at the beginning of my vacation for $4.00 in points so I left. I also could tell Megan's aggravation level had increased as her face was very flush and red as well.

I returned to Gravenhurst store after my holiday and was questioned why they didn't perform a simple return and recharge in Orillia? I explained the situation and they stated that that was very poor customer service and that I should make a complaint. They also directed me to call the points center which Dianne handled the issue in a fast, courteous and very apologetic manner and corrected the balance. I wish I known it would be that easy and could of saved myself 30 min and a unhappy 2 hour drive afterwords.

I understand we all have bad days but at a customer service desk satisfying customer issues should be paramount no matter how small the issue.
Perhaps better training or more experienced employees dealing with customer services would have prevented this unpleasant situation .

I appreciate your time and anticipated action to correct this misinformed employee I certainly do not hold her fully responsible.


Jun 14, 2017

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