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I made a purchase of a dehumidifier on September 2, 2018 at the regular price of $379.99. My husband and I received a flyer in the mail 2 days later, September 4, showing a sales price of$199.99, the sale to start on the 6th of September. When I went to the store on September 5 to get a price adjustment I was told that she could not do it, price adjustment, that day and to come back when the flyer STARTED that's the only time she could do a price adjustment. I am extremely angry over this incident, wasting my time only to be told to come back later! This is one of a few bad experiences lately with Canadian Tire. I will be packing the product up and returning it. I have resisted shopping online until now... thanks CT for the bad experience!


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      Sep 05, 2018

    She can't do a price adjustment BEFORE the price changes.It doesnt go on sale until the 6th, so there is no price in the system to adjust. It is no different than you walking into the store the day before the sale and trying to buy an item that is in the next week's flyer. This isn't their fault, but yours.

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