Canadian Tire / administrative incompetence, assault, theft.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

On Sunday May 7th my girlfriend purchased a Valencia garden swing from the Canadian Tire on Kingsway Ave, Edmonton. We drove to the back of the store to pick this item up. I handed the receipt to the shipping manager who initialed the receipt and handed it back to me. At that point, upon retrieving the item, it became obvious that it was not going to fit in my car. I said we would return with a truck. I then borrowed my boss's truck. At that point, my girlfriend and I thought it would be better to pick the item up at the Canadian Tire in St.Albert as this one is closer to where we live. We paid for a second swing and picked this one up in St.Albert. The next day (Monday 8th) my girlfriend went back to the Kingsway CT with her receipt to get the refund for the first swing. She was told that it had already been picked up and that she was lying and to leave the store as she is now trespassing. She said she didn't want to leave without getting the $350 plus tax that she was rightfully owed. At this point, after being robbed of her $350 and accused, wrongfully, of theft, she was assaulted by a staff member who forced her into handcuffs. My girlfriend had laser eye surgery on Saturday May 7th and, was still in some discomfort when she set out to get her refund. Now, as it stands, due to gross incompetence, my girlfriend is out of pocket by $350, had the stress, discomfort and humiliation of not only being accused of theft, but being manhandled by your over-zealous and completely incorrect security. My girlfriend or myself have never stolen anything in our lives. We are both shocked, disgusted and appalled by the treatment we received and want to know exactly when we will be getting our refund and what is going to be done to make amends for our horrendous treatment and ensure nobody is treated in this vile manner again. We will be seeking legal consul if this matter is not dealt with promptly and adequately.

May 10, 2017

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