Canada Xpress Poststay away


I shipped a small parcel to Calgary from Kelowna BC using Canada post express. I was promised it would get there in two days time, it did. Express post also means I would get my money order in an additional two days. That's a total of four days there and back. Four days after I should of received my money order, I called Canada Post. They told me they didn't know where my money was and that I should launch an investigation as to where my money is. I got a phone call three days after that, saying that they need the information that I had given them three days prior (they obviously lost it). Two days after that I received a phone call telling me that I need to phone Canada post, I phoned them and asked them where my money order was. The lady told me it was in the canceled mail pile in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I asked her why this happened and she said she had no idea...(typical Canada post representative response) I told her the reason why I sent it express was because I needed the money quickly, and it has been over a week since I should have received my money now have to wait an additional week for them to process it again and send it across the country to kelowna, leaving me in a very bad position as far as money goes.

Her response to me was, well it says here that they will reimburse you the shipping...Ha! 10 dollars! I need a hell of a lot more then that to compensate for the money that was lost.

Canada Post does not care, about me, my situation or anyone else for that matter.

Good luck to anyone looking for any kind of compensation or explanation, because Canada post just "doesn't know".

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