Canada Postthey use contract courier companies that really don't care about delivering

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I am tired of canada post’s use/misuse of local courier companies to deliver parcels doing their work for them and doing it poorly.

This is about the 6th time this happens this year. This time I ordered a product within canada (Ontario) by expedited parcel and to be received today at the latest (7 days). I spoke to a customer service rep at canada post who told me a contracted courier service is supposed to deliver it today. After waiting around all day and nothing was delivered I called again to find out until what time they deliver until. They were not sure, but when canada post delivers, they stop at 5:00 pm but contract couriers can deliver later. They gave me the name of the courier company, intelcom courier canada inc.In calgary. I called them to find out when they were delivering until. They looked up my parcel and told me it would be delivered tonight by 8:00 pm. Someone named peter had it on his truck and he usually does all the business deliveries first then the residential. Well 8:00 came and peter never showed up. Not surprised.

Last year at christimas time (2005) , the local postal outlet which is privatized as well, had parcels from the floor to the ceiling in an unsecured area, within the same space that is used as a waiting area since there is another business utilizing the same common space. This went on for over a month. I asked the clerk at the postal counter what was going on. Very frustrated, she told me that the contracted courier company was not making the first attempt to deliver the parcels to the receiving customers, but dropping them off right away at the postal outlet and canada post is waiting for their contract to run out (I guess it is too much trouble for canada post to cancel such a contract). This type of & ldquo;service” delays even receiving your notification card that a parcel is waiting for you at the postal outlet by 3-5 days since the postal outlet has to mail the notification card to you after they receive the dropped off non-delivered parcels.

I think it is about time all canadians are made aware that canada post no longer delivers most of the parcels and they use contract courier companies that really don’t care about delivering on time since it does not affect them financially & ndash; until they get enough complaints that canada post finally cancels their contract or in most cases, lets it run out and don’t renew their contract. So…. If you find it takes awhile for your parcels to either get anywhere or if you get a notification card in the mail several days after you should have received anything saying a delivery attempt was made but you weren’t home but in fact you were then you know what is going on. A lousy local courier service is not even attempting to deliver your much awaited items, but dropping them off at the postal outlet instead. All one can do is complain, complain, complain to canada post and maybe, maybe they will do something about it. Probably not.

  • Updated by abbbygail · Oct 25, 2018


  • Updated by Peter Dorobantu · May 02, 2019

    Hello and Good Day,
    According to supplier the content of parcel delivered and received on Apr.22-24/2019 (Tracking number 4006318114838771) should contain two (2) items and I received only one item inside the parcel.
    Definitelly I don't want to pay for 2 items if I have received only one.
    Please advise asap next steps.
    Thank you

    Peter Dorobantu


  • Jr
    jr23 Apr 22, 2009

    the guys that take the contract jobs do not realize thay have all the expenses of the business but the payment they receive only amount to a minimum wage or usually lower after the expences
    it discourages them then they do not care they make due till they can get a regular job the only one making money is the courier company.
    also the courier co saves a lot on taxes the courier gets stuck with the majority of them too

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  • Mo
    mommy of 2 kids Jan 07, 2010

    yes i totally understand you. I am waiting for an important parcel. They are not even temtping to deliver their packages on our doorstep. They just go straight to the nearest post office. The bad part of it is that they dont leave the delivery card right away. I dont know what are they thinking. Maybe have a coffee break first or smoke break before putting the delivery notice on your mailbox. I even have final notice from my previous parcel and yet no first notice first. Isn't that something?

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  • Canada Post has been delivering unregulated illegal Cannabis Products from online dispensaries for sometime. Thats right they have been delivering weed nation wide for more then a decade. Citizens have been put in jail for the samething yet our government is quite active in the Cannabis black market.

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  • Cl
    Clee23 Aug 15, 2018

    The Canada post in bramalea city centre sells the prepaid Visa cards but whenever I go there the computers are not working to connect and sell me a Visa card. This has happened numerous times now. I need to purchase certain things online that I cannot get in stores and this makes it difficult to shop online.

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  • Ka
    Kate Chan Aug 20, 2018

    Tracking# 1022795002438720

    This package did not attempt to deliver to me. I was home. No buzzer, no phone call, no attempt at all. This kind of situation happened several times!

    So frustrated about Canada post delivery services!!!

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  • Ke
    Kendram89 Aug 20, 2018

    Today in Calgary it's snowing pretty heavy and the roads to say the least are horrible and slippy. I was driving home and one of your postal vans was driving too fast, nearly took out my vehicle and a couple others because he was driving too fast. Licence plate #BSK-3104 @ 1:15pm March 16th. Please address this issue. Really not impressed.

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  • Di
    Discouraged gramma Aug 20, 2018

    This is how I received my mail today in my mailbox .. enough said

    Bravo Canada post

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  • Ac
    A concerned citizen 325 Aug 20, 2018

    The driver of a Canada Post van ran right through the stop sign (on Ocean Ave & Beacon Ave in Sidney), and went straight to the community boxes.

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  • Ju
    JunaidKhan Aug 21, 2018

    I was home all day waiting for my package to arrive, the driver didnt even ring the bell or knocked on the door. Left a delivery notice to pick it up tomrrow. Im going out of the country tomorrow for more than 15 days and the package had important things that I needed. So i dont know what to do.

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  • Ni
    Nice Trade Aug 29, 2018

    Canada Post

    Horrible service !.. Mailman never actually delivers a package to its recipient, Mailman just always leaves the delivery notice in the mailbox & takes off..

    if a customer attempts in going to there local post office to complain, customer is then told to not even bother..

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  • Sh
    Shereese Wilson Sep 01, 2018

    I applied for my fingerprint search and was told it mail off from November 23, 2017 and I have not received it. This processed cost me almost $70 and I would really like t o be reimbursed for this, because I will have to pay a second time for this service.

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  • Pj
    Pjot Sep 01, 2018

    Its Jan5th, 2018 today, I should be receiving my parcel by jan4th, 2018 That's what It says on tracking site. It Is so annoying. I had plans which are missed now. It's the new phone which my company shipped me, now I am without phone which is really bad. It is not the Good customer service.

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  • Ke
    Kenta Seishin Sep 05, 2018

    It's Been a long time
    I was order
    two packages
    It's a Samsung
    Micro SD 16 Go
    a And
    2000mAh 3.7V
    Battery Pack
    Nintendo 3DS
    I was waiting
    the day is arrived
    but It's was not arrived
    I was waiting since
    25 October
    and 10 November
    I was never received the packages
    Please Help Me And Fix it
    Thank you

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  • De
    Deborah Dada Sep 05, 2018

    I have been scammed off a package that I sent abroad. Can the delivery be stopped. here is the tracking number LB849245045GB

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  • Sr
    sryan Sep 10, 2018

    Service ticket number 123242491
    Tracking # LX320553681US
    I do not understand why Canada Post is unable to track the mail man to see where this package was delivered. Tracking shows community mail box. The delivery address is a company with a mail room. Yet Canada Post insists the sender should contact them for them to investigate.

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  • Va
    Vatina Thompson Sep 10, 2018

    My name is Vatina Thompson, whenever I purchased anything online and the company use Canada Post, they never delivered my parcel at my door, they always leave a delivery card with my name in my mailbox. If I am not at home I can understand, but whenever they came I am always at home, I just want my parcel to deliver at my door.

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  • Vl
    Vlatko Jordanov Sep 10, 2018

    went there today to pickup parcel, at 8:45pm, staff told me it is already closed. I ask for explanation since its is open till 9pm. but very arrogant reply from male worker.

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  • Al
    Alex Chen Sep 19, 2018

    Canada post insurance requires too much personal information about the customer that most websites block from the sellers.

    The tracking show the package is lost, the customer opening and complaint is not good enough.

    Case number ST # 12067619

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  • Ma
    marlena53 Oct 14, 2018

    On October 2, 2018 I tried from 6 am until midnight to ship a parcel on the "free shipping" day. After 43 attempts I gave up. The website said some components on the site were not available. Why make an offer that you can not fulfil.

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  • Bl
    bling Oct 15, 2018

    5th Oct, Canada post did not even attempt a door delivery, they just pre-fill pick up notice for you to do their job. Talk to the customer agent, told me that they are not require to delivery to door. Eye opening, now I'm writing to all my supplier to find alternative for shipping.

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  • Wo
    Wooks99 Oct 21, 2018

    Very upset to see this driver blow past a road closed sign up onto the boulevard and past construction workers to deliver a package, when he could have drove around the block I was on the other sidewalk and glad I wasn't walking on the other side of the street. VERY UNSAFE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. This driver should be spoken with.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Coates Oct 21, 2018

    Delivery driver is very rude the last two times the same driver refused to come up to my apt door I am disabled and I was not dressed and he was very rude. I want an apology to to never send this particular driver to my address again! My name is Michelle Coates 407-284 Wonderland Rd S London On N6K 4Z4 you may reach me at 2266635640

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  • Nv
    Nvb Oct 22, 2018

    I didn't recieved my parcel. My parcel Tracking No is CR421650356IN.

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  • Ma
    Mark Clavelle Oct 22, 2018

    Canada Post refuses to track all internationally valid tracking numbers, and packages that arrive in Canada are being held for over two months before being released. Slow eBay deliveries are not the fault of Customs, but of a pensive decision of sluggishness through Canada Post.

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  • Ab
    abbbygail Oct 31, 2018

    I met a blue van today October 25 2018
    on a back rd driving to fasts I had to get off rd its a doge caravan
    its not the firsts time they drive fasts regularly

    it was on bobs lake rd tichborne ont

    can you please have them slow down

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  • Er
    Eric og c gang Nov 04, 2018

    Canada Post delivery never e mail me what's going on lately I lost interest check mail box my order resend back to China Post loop in Canada Post?

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  • Tf
    TFay Nov 04, 2018

    The mails get mixed up fairly often. I receive other peoples mail and I get my mails from neighbours. Some of my customers still sending me cheques.Also having problem receiving packages from China which I ordered over Amazon. Two orders are missing. I personally complained at the Elora post office but nothing got improved. They don't really care.

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  • Ca
    Canada post dump Nov 11, 2018

    Honestly canada post employees are acting like a bunch of babies. Paid well above the minimum wage set across the country.
    No sympathy for your problems, quit your jobs there are more competent people that would be more then happy to take your jobs.
    Let's use other means of delivery and throw this problem in the garbage.

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  • Ni
    Nitish Arora Nov 11, 2018

    8048190935514812 Not Delivered Yet I have Flight on 6th March Night even I requested to fast deliver still no response :(

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  • Ma
    martin2017 Nov 12, 2018

    the mail carrier keeps putting unsolicited mail in our mail box even when we have clearly marked on the mailbox that we don't want such mail

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  • De
    Dean Edward Nov 14, 2018

    Had an electronic device shipped to my residence in saskatoon from nova scotia. Tracking showed it arrived in saskatoon and proceeded to edmonton! I immediately contacted canada post and was told this is a rather common thing! I was not given any advice on how to resolve the matter by the phone center staffer.

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  • Ri
    Ricma Nov 19, 2018

    I live in an apartment building I had to pay for a envelop to return my passport to me from CIC. Apparently it could couldn't fit in my mailbox (it could) they decided to leave in on the ground. Someone too the package and open it,

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  • K1
    K1poncelet Dec 11, 2018

    Because of your strike, my children's gifts we ordered from Amazon will not make it on time.
    Thanks a lot Assholes!!!

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  • Mo
    mojoryb Jan 05, 2019

    Mail forwarding is a JOKE!!! I have to cancel my present service (in which you keep the balance of the contract - $70.00 in my case) Apparently, one can ONLY change it once, then you have to cancel & start a new one, LOSING ANY MONEY THAT SHOULD BE REFUNDED!!!

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  • Yo
    Yoshid2019 Jan 22, 2019

    Hi -
    I sent my parcel with kids gifts on 15 Dec. 2018 from Kyiv by airmail. Parcel left Ukraine on Dec. 21. Now is Jan. 11 2019.


    The code is CP041065160UA.

    Gjj hchhfhjnb
    DHL kjvjjvvhhvhhvvh
    Fogg jgjhvhjjhvv vhhvghjvvv ghbvhvvbbvvvvbb

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  • St
    Stephon wilson Feb 11, 2019

    My order has been held and stuck at isc Chicago for 8 days now this is unusual and unheard of I was told you guys can help me get where I gotta go with this matter please help

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  • 2d
    2disgusted2 Feb 12, 2019

    February 2 2019, do you actually expect us to use this facility, drug addicts, needles and worse, why do your people even work at this place, Chilliwack BC

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  • Le
    Learysinsight Wakefield Mar 02, 2019

    Mail was ripped open. Had to do with finances/donations. VERY unimpressed.
    Two other envelopes were also with this one in perfect condition. Are employees looking in the mail?

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  • Go
    GordieM Mar 03, 2019

    I live in a condo building. Buzzers at front door. Mailboxes in lobby. Carrier never buzzes me with packages, just leaves Delivery notice in my mailbox forcing me to go to the post office the next day.
    I tried online chat and was told carriers only have to buzz if the buzzer is attached to the mailbox. Seriously?

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  • Na
    Natalia99 Mar 09, 2019

    03 Registered mails lost.
    All 03 sent from Russia to Canada on different days.
    All 03 lost their tracking at CAYTOA, Canada Post office in February 2019.
    Please check what is going on ...

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