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Adding insult to injury

Like many other brooklynites my rent went up. I could choose to pay the increase or move. I chose the latter since I didn't have the money. I called optimum to disconnect explaining I had to move and had no new address. The person on the phone was rude, insulting, forced me to give them my new address to which there was none because, I was essentially homeless. He then refused to pro-rate my account to my move-out date Dec 31st and forced me to pay until January 21st. Funny - how they can pro-rate your account when you open an account but, not when you close it. He also told me cablevision would not pick up the modem, cable box and I would have to haul them to Flatlands Brooklyn.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Brooklyn, NY Quite far and in the middle of nowhere. Had closing my account not been so terrible an experience I would have gladly opened a new account with them in the future now it's seem highly unlikely.

My experience with Optimum felt like a scene out of Goodfellas.
Lost your home: ### you pay me!
I won't need the service past the end of the month: #### you pay me!
Can your technicians pick up the equipment?: No, #### you pay me!

It is very easy to see why Optimum - Cablevision has one of the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of all US companies. The IRS collections people are actually easier to deal with than Optimum. I can only pray for Google to roll out fiber across NYC because Optimum customer support is horrid at best.

Jan 26, 2017

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