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Burger King has had some offensive commercials before, but I think this one beats them all. Objectification and sexualization of women to sell a product is ubiquitous and disgusting and this is a particularly upsetting one. This is taking a sexist, disgusting song that they know is popular and catchy and using it to advertise a prodcut WHILE APPEALING TO A YOUNG AUDIENCE with the use of Spongebob and the squarepants/butts. This is disgusting and upsetting! If I didn't already have plenty of reasons to boycott Burger King, I do now!
It seems clear from many of their commercials that they are marketing to men and don't give a damn what the female audience members think. Well, maybe we should see how they'd do without revenues from female consumers. I know I will not be purchasing anything from them and I will encourage my friends and family not to either (of both sexes). We'll be doing ourselves a favor.

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  • Ha
      Jul 23, 2008

    I do not appreciate the "smart alec" commercials being aired by Burger King. We should be trying to teach children to be respectful of others. It is entirely unacceptable to show adults using objectional language and actions. "Arrogant punk" is by not means acceptable nor is it acceptable for a the "Burger King" to be kicked on the shin by the child posing as his child.

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  • An
      Aug 13, 2008

    It's a funny commercial. Stop complaining and teach your children what is right and wrong, and if you do a good job they will understand why this commercial is funny.
    Your parents obviously failed, try to do a better job than they did.

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  • Ke
      Oct 08, 2008

    Please...Please...Please! Get over it! The Burger King commercial is hilarious, and dude was right. "You either discover a planet or you don't"!!!

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  • Ye
      May 01, 2009

    Something else we could do is write the television stations requesting they discontinue the commericals based on the fact that they market this way to children. Not only do we not want our children eating this mess, we sure as hell don't want them attracted to it by means of continued denigration of 1/2 the population. If it were a bunch of African American men tap dancing around among white men who are eating the burger ( or slop) being revered by the black men, there would be an enormous outcry, and this company would be forced to stop. There was a Jack in the Box commercial about 2 years ago that was just as offensive. Many people, including myself, wrote to one of the stations here asking that they stop airing it. Almost immediately we never saw it again. Although that may be a coincidence considering that the companies pay for placing ads, I like to think it was the result of our work. :)

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  • Th
      Oct 03, 2009


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  • Sa
      Apr 14, 2010

    You are dumb. take responsibility for your own children. I do. I have never once blamed anything, especially a fast food chain, for something my kids have done. Get a grip, ###. If this is what is going to mold them, you have failed as a parent!!!

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