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Burger King #4369employee stealing from consumers

I went to the drive through at Burger King #4369 in Spartanburg, SC and ordered a chicken sandwich, posted cost $3.69. I was advise to pull to the second window and did so, the cashier (#2486) said the total was $4.99 and I paid her with a $20 and she gave me $15.01 change. I thought for a moment then asked for a receipt and was given one hesitantly. The receipt total was $3.99 and I advised the cashier of the discrepancy as the manager walked up and was told by the manager I would have to come inside. I went inside and explained the situation and was reluctantly given my balance of $1.00. THIS IS EMPLOYEE THEFT AND THE MANAGER WAS TOO BUSY MAKING FRIES TO ADDRESS ME FOCUSED DIRECTLY ON THE PROBLEM! I tried to report this on the BK survey but giving detail is not an option. I went to the web site but there is no place to send an e-mail. I had to place a long distance call to reach the BK headquarters where I was able to listen to a computer and after several minuets of being told how important I was to them I was advised to leave a message for someone to call me back in several days. UNACCEPTABLE! I am frustrated that Burger King really does not want to hear from the consumer, this is why I will no longer give them my hard earned money for their poor service at this or any other location.

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    • Ka
      Karen Ward Feb 24, 2009

      I too had an issue with a Burger King and the smart mouthed manager. I was wondering if anyone from the headquarters would address the situation. I feel not after reading some of the other complaints and the one above. Poor manners and unprofessional dress and smart mouths and comments being made while I was with in hearing distance, will not see me at another Burger King store. You can bet it won't ever be # 2350 in Grand Junction, Co. Wendy's and McDonalds and even Chili's sure sound good and my money spends well there also, and without the long wait (which was not my fault) and surely not the MOUTH and lies from the "manager???"

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    • Mc
      mcany Feb 24, 2009

      Travis, I read your complaint and just want to suggest you consider the possibility that the cashier may have just made an honest mistake. It could have just as easily been in your favour and you might have received an extra dollar, which I hope you would have returned! That does not excuse the poor customer service from BK. I, too am tired of being put on hold for lengthy periods of time, after being told how important my call is to them!! And on occasion being told they cannot take my call, and to call back later! I personally do not feel it is worth the aggravation for a $1 error and would just chalk it up to "that's life" and save my anger for larger or more important issues. There is a saying "Don't sweat the small stuff" which I try to use!

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    • Co
      concerned employee Mar 18, 2009

      I am currently an employee at Burger King. And I have a problem. Well first off our Main manager and 1st assistant manager are on vacation together. And we just got a new closing manager tranfered from the Fruita store. And she just had her 1st night solo at our store in Clifton. Well I must say that last night was the most unorthodoxed night I have ever had. Almost everybody was eating, drinking, cussing, and messing around. It was the craziest night I ever witnessed. Our new "Manager" was handing free food out to all her friends and family and aquaintances "including other 1st assistant mangers from other stores" If that wasnt bad enough 3/4 of the crew were out having ciggerete breaks together while the "Manager" was fraternizing with random people through the drive thru, troughout the night! Leaving only myself and 1 other person to make the orders and hand them out. I was truly horrified! If that wasnt bad enough later that night she was jumping in and out of the drive-thru window starting what turned out to be a majoir ice fight "kinda like the food fights that you used to have in grade school" that lead into a slap boxing fight then turning into a girl on girl make out session and all in the drive-thru! And if all of this wasnt bad enough, when I brought this up to our 1st assistant manager, she told me that there was nothing she could do about it because the manager "in question" just happens to be the district managers "Favorite". I cant continue to work in these kind of conditions. I truly dont see myself being at Burger King mutch longer let alone shop there.

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    • St
      Steenetrick Feb 11, 2011

      concerned employee - if you want to hit the silly cow where it hurts, just get a few of your mates to go through drive-thru on her shift and obstruct it for as long as possible. just sit there at the window arguing and holding up all the other cars, see the manager go crackers at all the 10 minute cars you're causing.

      or perhaps you could empty a bottle of ketchup into all of her tills after they've been emptied, and just blame one of the other rampant douchebag teenagers you unfortunately have to work with...

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