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Burger King / how disgusting!

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I am not a complainer, but this year I have gotten nothing but saturated sandwiches with mayo or catsup. I travel the state of Florida all year long and like to stop at Burger King, but very discouraged I am. I do realize I am usually a drive thru, if I do not need to use the restroom, but why such sloopy sandwiches. I, as a rule order whoppers w/ cheese, chicken sandwich on the hoagie roll (whatever it's name may be), double cheese burgers. Sandwiches are always swimming in catsup, or mayo. I toss in disgust as I wish to taste my food, and not just mayo or catsup. This is your inventory too!!!! The cost of your combo's is not worth my having to toss my sandwiches and stop elsewhere. My last stop at Burger King was Saturday past off of I-75 at Hwy 90., Lake City Exit. Where I got the chicken sandwich and I kid you not, it was swimming in mayo. How disgusting!!! Loosing my business!!!! Thanks!!

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  • Ri
      21st of Nov, 2006
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    Burger King restaurant # 5225, Dover, NH. The only positive was the initial server who took our order. She was a nice young girl with a pleasant smile and demeanor who went off duty after taking our order. The person (male) who gave us our order was grossly obese, looked unclean, no smile. The sandwiches (mushroom/swiss angus & grilled chicken) were thrown together with meat hanging half out of bun. The beef taste was so poor my husband returned it. The server said, "It looks okay to me". He didn't apologize or offer recompense. My husband paid for a fish sandwich. My chicken sandwich was cold and 1/2 off the bun. I wiped the abundance of dressing off and ate only the meat. It too was cold. I went to the counter and asked for the manager, ANOTHER obese person who listened to my complaint that my husband should not have had to pay for a replacement meal. He asked, "What do you want?". I thought he meant in replacement and said that my husband had bought another meal. He repeated, "What do you want?" I then asked if he meant in compensation and he said yes. I asked, "What do you normally do?" He again said, "What do you want?". I replied, "A refund!" and he handed me $3.77 without a smile, apology or comment. The floors were littered with food, containers, condiments, etc. The drink bar was wet with containers and straws strewn about. The room was cold and the tables dirty. No wonder there were only a few customers at a normally busy time of day. We will NEVER return to this - or any other - BK. The back of our receipt offers aphone number to complete a survey (which gives on a free Whooper!). I called it with hopes of finding a live person to whom I might offer comments. No luck. I've not found a site or phone number to do so. Hopefully, you can get this information to the right department, however it is actually moot as BK is NOT in my future!

  • Cy
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I went to Poinciana FL burger king today. The girl at the window could not speak good english and she dropped my money. I had pull my car up, get out my car, find my money and then on top of that she gave me the wrong freaking order. I was pissed. I went back to the restaurant and the manager gave me the wrong number to complain. It was aweful.

  • Cy
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    That's store number 12136. They will not hire another race in this restaurant. My daughter tried. The food was aweful. The lettuce was brown on the sandwich. My fries was cold and they never gave me a reciept or my drink. I do not like being treated this way

  • Ma
      12th of Jan, 2008
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    I think I just heard a 5:00 pm commercial say "friggen" I know it is football time - but give me a break KIDS ARE WATCHING!

  • Bi
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    You are going to get VERY FAT eating at Burger King that often.

  • Ch
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    The last 8 to 10 visits to Bend, Ore. North Burger King I have had to wait close to 5 minutes before I hear we'll take your order in a minute. then 2 or 3 minutes later I finaly get to place my order. This morning I wait 6.5 minutes honked my air horns and still no voice so I drove away. As I went past the window 3 or 4 employees chit chating looked at me in suprize. I will not stop at another BK for awhile maybe a very long while.

  • Ar
      9th of Oct, 2008
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    I went last night with my kids to Burger King in Ontario Mills. CA first of all the food to my surprise was very expensive I was in shock that I order No. 1 combo witch is a whooper with fries and a soda price $6.50 shocking and I also order a single whopper price 4.00 can you believed and then a kids meal price $4.50 again shocking at the end I paid more then $16.00 with tax so you can see how expensive it was taking my kids and eat there...the people there are not friendly and to top my unsatisfaction they give me the wrong soda I ask for a coke and they give me Dr.Pepper then when I get back to talk to them to tell them that they give me the wrong soda… since I drink a little bit of that soda that lady witch her name is ERIKA did not tell me sorry and to top of that she say since I already drink some of that soda witch it was their mistake she did not fill it up she give me half of that drink CAN YOU BELIVED AMEZING. I ask her in front of people if this is the way she treed customers and she said I am giving you this as a favor if I want a full refill I need to paid check this out $1.50dlls for a refill...I confront her and I told her that this was and insult and she has no right to do this remember CUSTOMER NO. 1 But of course she didn’t care to my unsatisfaction on this burger king inside of the Ontario Mills is very poor and I will never ever get back and eat in that restaurant they don't have the quality of services of McDonalds no wonder can never compare them self’s with McDonalds this was unacceptable I recommend people not to eat there the food is not even good... negative 0

  • Ni
      2nd of Nov, 2008
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    Why dont you just order your food w. minimal mayo or ketchup? Or ask for it on the side and YOU can make it the way you like it, its quite simple to open a little packet of mayo and add it on to a burger.

  • Me
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Burger King - Disgusting food
    Burger King
    3 S. Gladiolus Suite 2
    United States
    Phone: 815-472-6000

    First off, I'd like to say "Have it your way" is complete and utter false advertisement. Let me tell you "My Way". Here's all I want...I'd like my food to be fresh(not microwaved or reheated in old grease.) I'm not sure how hard that is to comprehend, but it must be. Countless times I have went to this Burger King and left highly disappointed. My food was either cold or rubbery from being reheated in the microwave or whatever it is they use. You would think by paying all this money on usually a weekly basis that they could atleast give you the satisfaction of having something fresh to eat. I called and complained to what they claimed to be the store manager and she didn't even care at all!! I told her I was very disappointed with the quality of the food and she basically told me that's fine. I also told her I'd just take my business somewhere else and again she said, and I quote "That's fine." It's unbelievable! This economy is so terrible as it is and then businesses could care less if their customers are satisfied? How do they expect to stay in business with such poor work ethics? I'd also like to know whether they're supposed to wear gloves while handling our food? We walked in today and watched them all touching our food with no gloves! One of the employees even licked his finger to get something and continued touching our food. When we got there they were just coming in from smoking. Not one of them washed their hands. Overall I'm highly disappointed and even disgusted with this place and hope enough people complain so they'll be closed or atleast under new management where they'll enforce some kind of rules and regulations.

  • Pa
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    EWW! That is disgusting, not wearing latex gloves to make a sandwhich, and worst of all not washing your hands! Yuck I work in a fast food and I enjoy it...but I wash my hand alot even after touching a handle and I always bring hand sanitizer! How can they be so nasty???????????? If I was there I wouldve made you a nice sandwhich with gloves :D

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