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I went to Burger King at 2pm Sunday, Jun. 2, on Millerville Pike in Lancaster, PA. As I walked toward the door, I observed a BK employee outside, talking to her friend who was parked in front of the store. As I walked into the restaurant, this employee raced past me, butted into line ahead of me, and ordered food for her friend in the parking lot. At this point, all service stopped at the front counter as her fellow employees focused on her order and abandoned the front counter. I stood there for a while, but eventually -- about 20 minutes later -- it was apparent that I was invisible to them. So I walked out and got a sandwich from a competitor next door (with better service).
The inmates run the asylum at Burger King, and this is not my first bad experience at this store on Millersville Pike In Lancaster, PA. Service takes a long time, every time. And all the burger patties are precooked and held in containers. I've watched this. When I order a Whopper, they grab a burger patty out of the holding pen, microwave it, and they call this a fresh, "flame-broiled" burger. Don't believe it? Try BK, and stand at the counter while they make your food. You''ll see!
It is time for me to end this Sunday tradition. I'm cooking on Saturday this week, and have no plans to return to BK.

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Aug 29, 2021 8:26 am

I bought French Toast and it was so soggy I had to throw it away. I also had pancakes with sauage and the pancakes were rubberized. The Chicken Nuggets we ordered were also rubberized. We could not retuern them as we were tra.velling

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Dec 31, 2019 8:26 am

i just went. to burger king on baseline road in tempe arizona it’s the one off the 10 freeway next to frys electronics and frys gas station . i am so disgusted . i have never in my life experienced such dissatisfaction in a single location i will say this is the first time they have not gotten my order details wrong . i only have returned because there is nothing else this close to where i live that’s in walking distance . honestly starving is a better feeling than i get from here so i won’t be going back . they almost always are completely incompetent . the only competent worker is the newer lady at the window this morning . The dood quality is far below acceptable. I order a burger early so the patties shouldn’t be old i think i was given one from yesterday it was rubbery in middle and the rest was so charbroiled burn that the outside of patty was turning to powder when i bit it . last week i had a chicken sand and became extremely sick and couldn’t go to work cause i was in the bathroom every 10 mins . the soda is the worst tho i bet if you remove the covers of the spouts there will be so much mold and cakes on syrup it doesn’t even taste like soda i took one sip and had to spit it out clearly they have never cleaned the fountain properly . i don’t know how they ar still operating in fact i’m calling the health dept cause they ought the be shut down / it’s a horrible location horrible people besides the window lady . the food is sickening and repulsive .

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Jul 12, 2019 8:26 am

I went to the drive thru at your store on Filmore Ave in Colorado Springs to try your new Taco, s. I got my Taco, s and went home to find 3 extremely dry, could not bite into the first inch of the shell. The shell was so dry I had to break off an inch all the way around to get to something I could bite. All 3 were that way. Your advertisement shows meat in the taco. These did not have any meat just cold refried bean. Sad to say I was extremely disappointed and will never order them again. The drive up window clerk was smirking when he handed me the bag. Also implying that he pulled one over on the old guy.
I do not normally complain but this was one of my worst fast food experiences.

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May 12, 2019 8:26 am

On 5/12/2019 at 3:31 PM I received my order of a Double Bacon Cheeseburger and small fries! I was in the drive through and continued on my way onto HWY 43. Opening my burger I noticed a hard surface on the bottom and found that the bun was hard, crumbling and inedible. Next, my fries were undercooked and limp! They were also VERY oversalted! I was too far to return and did not have time! I called later that night when I was home at 8:50 PM. I asked to talk with the manager and was passed on the phone to a woman who claimed to be the manager. I asked for her name, for this exact reason - filing a complaint, if necessary! She refused to give me her name, even after I told her about the poor quality of food that I had received! She said, "I was not on duty then!"
I would not have complained to you if she would have settled the matter right then. Instead, she escalated the problem! This is the third time that I have had poor quality food from this same BK location! One time I received refried fries that were hard and tasteless. Next time I received a Whopper Jr. that had a stale bun and was cold. The third time I again received a cold Whopper Jr.
I do not understand the problems with this location - never had any problems at other BK's! And I surely never was treated so rudely by a restaurant manager in my life!
STORE LOCATION: W4052 State Hwy 11, Unit B, Elkhorn, WI 53112
Date/Time: Sun. May 12, 2019, at 03:31 PM

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