Buffalo Wild Wingsservice

On 1/12/2017 I tried to have dinner at the Buffalo Wild wings in tinley park, il..but was made to wait approx 1 to 3 hours because was told it was a Blackhawk game on..I noticed numerous tables being occupied by patrons watching the game but only drinking sodas..I asked the manager about this and was told as long as they were buying something they can occupy the tables eventhough it was just soda and those who actually wanted to sit and order a meal would have to wait until the game is over... these patrons occupied majority of the tables but only bought soda and beer but we told until they leave (which is when the games ends)then we may find a seat...I think this is totally unfair for those patrons who just want to sit and enjoy...this was my first time going to Buffalo Wild wings with my family and probably be my last ...we ended of leaving because of the long wait ..approximately 1 1/2 hour

Jan 14, 2017

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